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  1. I am fairly new too, from Rogers, NW Arkansas! Because I am new, and usually have my 14 months old twins with me, I am going for the easy terrain/ difficulty caches so can;t suggest specific caches to you, but I'd say if you look for caches with a terrain rating of 4 or 5, some of those will be what you are looking for.

  2. I carry some foreign coins (mostly Irish, where I am from), and I also look at garage sale for inexpensive unusual swag I have my fist pathtag in production now, so that will become my signature item to use as swag or simply leave in caches I like.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I found my fist cache due to my dog, before being a geocacher! We were walking along our usual trail when a family of cyclists came along. The kids were obviously a bit afraid of the dog (and the dog in turn is afraid of bycicles, but they didn't know that!). So I went off the trail and into the overgrowth a bit, and stumbled upon an ammo can. I had heard about geocaching, just never joined.... that was the incentive I needed! I usually bring the dog with me now (most of my trips so far have been my "hour off being mommy" when my husband takes over caring for the twins, though we had a couple of family trips too). The dog, a Scotty mix from the Humane Society named Dougal (after a character in the TV comedy Father Ted), is a great decoy for poking around in the undergrowth and by trees. Here is a photo of us from a few months ago, shortly before starting geocaching:



  4. I understand what you mean, but it is not important to me; I might read the log histories on a TB or a cache, but I see no need to be able to read the TB logs within a cache in the chronological order you mention.

  5. Chris: those are good things to have in a cache; I have started looking for nice swag in the supercenters and at yard sales. My question is more how to encourage people to "keep up the quality" of the swag once placed.


    TwoSox: Great minds think alike :unsure: One thing I am probably going to do if I go ahead with such a cache is to place it near where I live- maybe on the way to the kids' playschool or something, so that I can check on it weekly and supplement the swag if necessary.

  6. I am starting to think about hiding my first cache. It'll be a while yet, but I am thinking about themes, different hides etc. One thing I'd love is to have a "good swag" cache, ie a cache with more than a few plastic toys and stickers, one where much of the swag is of interest to adults too.


    I'd of course start the cache off with lots of good stuff, and I know the rule is to trade even or up, but we all know that doesn't always happen; I've seen several cache pages that list what swag was there in the beginning, and a few months later, when I find the cache, it is all plastic toys. So does anyone have any tips on how to keep good swag in a cache? Maybe mentioning something on the cache listing, so geocachers go searching prepared with good swag to trade?

  7. I have a TB which I posted to Switzerland and another which I posted to Ireland, with the mission to visit each county in their respective countries. Both of them I dipped in the cache nearest to my home so they could start gaining mileage, that is perfectly acceptable. I just did that with a note in that cache, and then deleted the note so cachers don't go out to find this cache near my home thinking there is a TB in it.


    I am new to this myself but just wanted to mention, I believe webkinz are very collectible. By releasing just a cute cuddly toy which also has value, the risks of it going "missing" once it is in the wild are high.

  8. I have been wondering about reviewers: how are they chosen? How is it decided how many reviewers an area needs (I read somewhere on here that all of Texas only has one?!?)? Can a reviewer go "find" the caches they publish or does being a reviewer mean you cannot cache in your own State? I know they are volunteers, but do they get anything for their trouble, such as free geocoins, premium membership or stuff?

  9. I was watching an old episode of the US version of The Office today (the episode where the boss takes an evening job at a telesales company), and noticed on Dwights and later on the HR guy's cubicle wall a large sticker with a frog that looks like the geocaching frog, and saying "Froggy 101". Does that have something to do with geocaching?

  10. I remember my first cache, a pill bottle with no baggie just the log book. One day after it poured down rain. I checked on my cache and it was soaked. I know now always put log in a baggie.


    I agree with this! Here in NW Arkansas, we can have really bad rain storms. I found a film canister hung in a tree, the inside was quite wet, but fortunately, the log was in a baggie so was ok.


    Maybe not quite what you are looking for in comments, but choose containers where the log can be easily gotten (unless puzzle cache or something!). I heard a story at a cache meeting I went to of a plastic soda bottle being used, and the log was a rolled up paper, which was very difficult to get out of the cache and got torn into pieces. Also, if a muggle finds a bottle with a piece of paper in it, they may dispose of it, thinking it is trash.

  11. I am trying to get a friend into geocaching, and she home-schools (something we are also considering for the twins- now 14 months- when they are older). She was wondering if there are any parents who use geocaching as part of their home-schooling curriculum, such as to help teach geography, local history, biology, or whatever? I would love to hear your stories!

  12. I wouldn't have a problem with a TB attaching itself to mine, for one hop or longer, as long as however it is attached doesn't damage my TB or hitchhiker. Of course, some Tbs would lend themselves more to giving a "piggy back"; for example, I just released two TBs, one for each of my twins. It would be great if they could give a "piggy back" to a child's toy or similar!

  13. In regards to copyright: the coins with Rembrandt/ Van Gogh etc are probably out of copyright due to age?


    With newer art, if you cannot find an address for the painter him/ herself, try contacting a gallery where the artist exhibits, or the publisher of a book of theirs, they should be able to pass on a message to the artist or his/her estate.

  14. somewhere I remember seeing a coin based on the clock in St. Mark's Square (venice..a little help with the name please, and if anyone has one for trade or sale, please let me know...my wife and I toasted our 10 year anniversay in front of that clock...I'd love to get one.)


    Thanks for your reply! I had a google for the coin you are looking for and I think it is this one:


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