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  1. This question is inspired by a topic about not wanting one's cache in a challenge here.


    I know how bookmarks work on my computer, but how exactly do they work on geocaching? It seems that bookmarks here are public, and anyone can see them, not just hte person who bookmarks a cache? So if someone bookmarks a cache for their own enjoyment/ to remember it, this shows up as a bookmark on the cache's "homepage", from where you can also see all the other bookmarked caches in that list? I think unless the bookmark is entitled "stupid caches" that would be kinda cool, it means someone likes the cache I hid and/ or uses it for a challenge, but also find ait a bit strange that other cachers can see my bookmarks.

  2. My ID on bookcrossing is PenguinSilja, feel free to have a look at my Available shelf (not too many right now, as I BCd over 400 before our transatlantic move 6 months ago). If anyone wants to trade books with the understanding that they'll be left in a geocache after reading, I'd be happy to do so!

  3. I just got a large ammo can from my friend the police officer, and have a place within a couple of miles from my home where I think I can hide it, so it gave me an idea to combine my love for books with my love for geocaching. I read lots, and I am active in bookcrossing, which is the practise of registering books on a website, then leaving them about in cafes, buses, park benches etc for others to pick up, who hopefully will read it and post to the bookcrossing website what they thought of the book, then pass it on to someone else- a bit like TBs I suppose.


    So I was thinking of filling the ammo can with different kind of books- I think it will fit at least 7-9. I'll call it something like "the Book cache", and encourage geocachers in the cache description to bring a book along for swag trading. I'll periodically visit the cache and register books on bookcrossing if they haven't been registered yet (leaving all books in the cache of course). Of course cachers would be free to keep the book they traded, or put it in another cache, or leave it anywhere. I can also put the books in zip lock bags, though I doubt that is needed as the ammo can is watertight, obviously.


    Has anyone here experience with book caches, with or without the bookcrossing element? What do you think of it? Any suggestions and feedback welcome!

  4. No run-ins with police (yet!), but while looking for cheap and good containers for my first hide, I asked my husband's best friend, a local police officer, if he could get me any ammo cans. This of course led to an explanation of geocaching, and him making me a deal that he'd keep me in ammo can supplies if I hid a cache in the park bordering his house, so he can have fun watching geocachers. Will be hiding my second cache soon, in that park as promised.

  5. You could buy some normal TBs, and have some laminated cards made with a photo of the two of you and a little explanation of why the Tbs are being released.


    You could hunt for geocoins with a wedding theme, or that show the area where you will be honeymooning, and buy them, then activate and release.


    You could have pathtags made (minimum is 50 coins, but much cheaper than geocoins).

  6. We are going to a wedding at the Ribault Club in Jacksonville this Memorial Day weekend, and staying at a hotel in downtown Jacksonville, on Southside Bvd. I'm a bridesmaid plus I'll have my 15 months old twins with me, so I won't have much time for geocaching, but I'd love to find a few. I see there are a lot of caches in the area, but many are micros or down one of the trails in the many parks in the area, and unfortunately, I won't have time to enjoy a hike while there.


    Can you recommend some easy caches for me which are near parking? One I'd specifically love to find is near a beach and large enough for a TB, as I made a TB in honour of my late father, who was an artist who loved sunsets and the ocean, so I'd really like to release the TB near the ocean while I am in Florida.


    Oh, we'll be coming from Arkansas and entering Florida on the I-10, going onto the I-75 if anyone has any tips on good caches along that route :(

  7. It's starting for me already, and I am new! I am telling myself this will get better once I have actually hidden a cache, but I am not so sure :ph34r:


    My other problem is, when I go somewhere like a park or hiking trail, and I see someone standing around looking at the bushes, I no longer think they want to take a leak or have lost something, I wonder if they're geocaching. All geocachers should wear some sort of sign of what they are doing, so we can give eachother the secret handshake :unsure:

  8. Think not just about the hide, but also how the cache is retrieved. One cache I found is high up in a tree, easily visible from the ground but the tree has thin branches and is definitely not climb-able. If you look closely, you will see a fishingline going from the cache to another tree. What you need to do is loosen the line to lower the cache to the ground, then throw it back in the tree after you wrote in the log.


    There is another cache around here- I have not gone to look for it yet but heard about it- that is deep in a hollow tree; you can see it but not reach it. To get it, you must get some water from the nearby lake, pour it in the tree, and it'll float to the top. Drop the cache back in the water when done, and the water will slowly seep through the tree into the ground, "hiding" the cache again for the next geocacher within a few hours.

  9. I thought the "Last Visit" date on the geocaching.com website was the date someone last visited the site, be it to log a trackable, a visit to a cache or whatever? I noticed in several cases that there is a discrepancy between the Last Vist date and the date the last activity took place.


    For example, for the user SirRoy, it shows a Last Visit date of March 9 2009, but he logged several trackables months later, on May 1. The user jazzj441 has a Last Visit of November 2 2008, but logged a Owner Maintenance on his cache Broken Block on February 24 2009. On the other hand, my own Last Visited date is correct.


    Any idea why this is so?

  10. The chain is relatively short and thin, if the TB fits into your cache, chances are the chain will too.


    It is customary to attach something to the TB (not required, but it'll make your TB more likely to move). I'd highly recommend adding a laminated card to your TB explaining its mission. Most TBs also have hitchhikers (such as a small toy, coin from the country they want to travel to or whatever), but some have just a card- for example, I have one for each of my twins, and they only have the TB, chain and a laminated card attached to the chain- photo of the twin on one side, mission statement on the other.

  11. Well, my story is a bit embarassing... I'll just give you my log:


    Found this- my first- cache without meaning to :lol: Went walking with the dog, and we went a bit off the path to avoid a family of bicyclists. I noticed a metal box; upon closer inspection, it was a ammo box! I rang my husband, as I was not sure what to do- wasn't sure if I should ring the police, should I touch it or is it liable to explode (we just moved from Ireland, where a ammo box find would mean suspected terrorists...). He told me to pick it up and see if anything was in it. As I did so, I saw a big green sticker on the other side, saying "OFFICIAL GEOCACHE" :) I had heard about geocaching before but never joined, but decided this is a sign I should- it'll give me an incentive to explore the local area a bit more. I took the little tickes keyfop, as I have 13 months old twins, and left a d10 dice and a small Irish coin.

  12. Never mind.... you can click on the photo to get the answer!


    "The images for the front page of Geocaching.com were chosen from the vast database collection of images from GPS enthusiasts around the world. Click on the links below the image to take you to various areas of the site relating to this image; from the log entry to the listing where this photo resides. Also check out the profile of the user for other images in their gallery."

  13. I am curious about the two photos at the top of the geocaching.com front page, just to the right of the geocaching logo (the photos change everytime I visit the site). How are they selected? I assume they are not random from logs, because they are all of good quality. Can anyone submit photos taken while geocaching, or do geocaching staff look for great photos in logs, or are they magazine photos, or something else?

  14. 1. I am a newbie, but it sounds fine to me, and like a fun idea. Not sure you can make it a requirement, because I know ALR are not allowed for caches, so maybe same goes for TBs.

    2. Depends... do you want people to just attach anything? Or are they supposed to attach a particular object (such as replacing a queen of hearts with a king of hearts, or a fluffy toy with another fluffy toy)? The more exact you are in what you require, the less people will be wiling to move your bug, and also remember some people do not have a digital camera or may move your TB on a long caching day and not have anything new to attach to it. Make sure you attach a laminated card explaining the mission (that will stay with the TB).

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