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  1. Making a list of citys you couldn't navigate to in a car by gps is silly, because it's not the issue at hand.I guarantee you that if tis does pass and becomes a law you could walk up to a police officer and tell them you just navigated to a historic site with a gps and they would do nothing about it. The other part of the bill is about finding containers. most tourists aren't going to be doing this.



    Unless he didn't like the looks of you for some reason and wanted to use that as an excuse to take you into custody, search your car, etc. One always hears the excuse that yes, a law may be interpreted to do something, but we're really only going to use it on that group of people over there. Then they go ahead and start applying it more broadly than they said they would, and in confirmation of the objector's fears. It happened with RICO, it happened with asset forfeiture, it'll happen with this.


    Geocachers area loosely organized group of hobbyists. Why not contact GM, On Star and GPSr manufacturers? Perhaps the AOPA (Airline Owners and Pilots Association) as well? I can definitely see the possibility of this being used to harrass general aviation pilots flying through historic areas if they're using a GPS to navigate.


    All those organizations have things that we don't. They have lawyers on retainer, and in some cases have numerous lobbyists as well. There's nothing wrong with our friends in SC trying to find allies to help them in this fight.

  2. 1. With the exception of the astonishing efforts of a very few persons (who are taking a substancial amount of time and effort and perhaps there own dollars) out of there real lives, there seems to be no organized effort to deal with the misguided efforts of what appear to be a pretty well orginzed (and funded)attempt to inact this law.

    And there's the rub. People within the government don't have to take time off work to try and inflict more laws upon us. They get paid to do it. It's much harder for regular people to stand up to the sort of insiders who try and foist off these monstrosities upon us. We have to work because we have rent or a mortgage, and bills to pay. Legislators think nothing about stringing up an unpopular or underrepresented group of people to further their goal of staying in office.


    As has been stated numerous times, if a cemetary closes at dusk and someone is in it after dark, it's trespassing. There are already laws against it. Destruction of private property and vandalism are also against the law. The last thing anyplace in this country needs are more laws. All the important stuff, murder, theft, vandalism, trespassing, etc. is already against the law.


    Good luck to the people down in SC taking their personal time to try and help prevent this from becoming law.

  3. There was one I wanted to try the other day where that happened. Too many people about. I was pointing right where some guys were fishing and I decided I could come back some other time. I didn't log a DNF because it was more like a Did Not Try.

  4. I just got a premium membership and the Palm IIIxe that I ordered just came in today. First thing I did was load the pocket query info onto the PDA and my GPSr. Now I can go to a cache, find the nearest cache to it and look up the cache info while in the field. No need to try and plan things out in advance, in case I decide to take a small detour. No more printing reams of cache descriptions. I've barely used it and still don't know how I lived without it.

  5. There was my first nemesis cache. I tried and tried to find the first waypoint, and after numerous helpful hints from the owner I finally found it right where I had been looking!


    Then there was the other day when I entered wrong coordinates and ended up in the wrong conservation area, hiking through it out onto a side road and ended up walking along the side of the road back to my car, since I was pretty sure the cache wasn't located in private property. It wasn't a bad walk, and I saw three wild turkeys while I was in the woods. I got the right coordinates plugged in and found the cache.

  6. What a day. I was all set to head out and do some caching and I went to grab my keys. I couldn't find them. Searched high, low, everywhere and they were nowhere to be found.


    Finally I found them stuck in a pants leg (Don't ask.) I got the rest of my stuff together after having been delayed a couple hours from the search and headed out. It was a nice, overcast day with iffy signal at times but that was fine. I was out of my apartment. I had fun, but ended my trip with a DNF as well. Perhaps I should have taken my key troubles as an omen and postponed my trip?

  7. I see Leprechaun after Leprechaun mentioning log after log mentioning them. :grin:


    Seriously, they're not all that bad for me, since I've found the little suckers well before they got attached to me. Early detection is key, and be aware that they may leave your clothing or backpack and hang out in your car only to surface again later, so keep a lookout not only on caching days, but for a few days after too.


    When I was 13 and in scouts, ticks didn't bug me much either, but I took a childish enjoyment in burning or cutting them up to kill them. Of course that's back when people trusted 13 year olds with matches and knives and expected them not to do anything too mind numbingly stupid with them.

  8. It seems to me like these little buggers are coming up with a new strategy. We all know enough to check thoroughly for ticks after venturing forth into the woods in search of a cache, but both my tick encounters so far have lead me to believe they have a new strategy. No, it's not jumping from trees and yelling "Spoon!" either.


    My first encounter was a couple weeks ago. As I pulled into my parking space after a day of caching there was something crawling on the inside of my windshield that looked suspiciously like a tick. I took out my knife and let it crawl on and confirmed its identity, then cleaved it in twain on my dashboard. Nigh invulnerable, perhaps, but not completely so! Score: Me 1, Ticks 0.


    Then today after getting back from a mandatory meeting at work on my day off, I got home and found one of them crawling on me. I put it on my desk, retrieved me knive and cut it into multiple tick bits. Hey, that might not be a bad name for a cereal. Anyway, I haven't been in the woods all day, so the only explanation is they've started to lurk in cars to wait until you haven't been in the woods and then pounce on you unawares. The first one was obviously trying to get to cover, but was discovered first. The second one tried it and would have succeeded were it not for my early tick warning system. Since these ticks likely came from far apart, one from Massachusetts and one from Maine, it only stands to reason that there's some sort of ÜberTick acting as a kind of mastermind. Beware this new tick strategy, and maybe the ÜberTick is like the Master Vampire. Kill it and they all die.

  9. I had to spend a week without caching due to the removal of my wisdom teeth, so now that I have a day off where I'm not in pain and forced to eat soft food, I'm off to log a couple finds.


    I have the waypoints programmed in and a TB that's going to meet its goal, and I'm ready to go!  So, no offense, but I'm hitting the post button and getting out of here.


    And no, I'm not addicted or anything.  Really.  :blink:

    all this, and you only have 4 posts? What's wrong with you? Don't you know it's all about the numbers???



    Oh, sorry...wrong thread :rolleyes:

    Well, I tried posting the day after when I was doped up on painkillers, but I didn't read everything said in the thread and it was all downhill from there. One more day like that, and it was back to work. Now, to log everything. :lol:

  10. I had to spend a week without caching due to the removal of my wisdom teeth, so now that I have a day off where I'm not in pain and forced to eat soft food, I'm off to log a couple finds.


    I have the waypoints programmed in and a TB that's going to meet its goal, and I'm ready to go! So, no offense, but I'm hitting the post button and getting out of here.


    And no, I'm not addicted or anything. Really. :D

  11. So far I've taken to leaving boot laces. It seems kind of silly, but they're really practical. I'm sure some people who have been doing this longer than I have have worn out many pairs of boot laces, and probably a few pairs of boots to well... boot. :(


    I've come across a couple really cool plastic frogs, very realistic looking, so far. Also, the last cache I found had some dice. Since it was my third try at it and the first two times were "no dice", I just had to take the dice.

  12. I'm fairly new around here, but I can't seem to understand people getting all bent out of shape over padding numbers. I don't pad numbers, nor do I want to, but if others do it, they're only cheating themselves. It's kind of like golf. Scoring here's on the honor system. Some people play golf and use mulligans and gimmes. They may say they shot one thing, but they were in essence getting do overs and not having to make that final putt on some holes. Whatever makes them happy. If they weren't doing it in a tournament, no one loses out except maybe them.


    Here, it seems even more pointless to worry about cheating. After all, how many caches you find won't win you money or anything. Personally, I feel like I win every time I find one, and I enjoy knowing how many I found, but that's all the numbers really are for me.

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