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  1. Actually, necrophilia and pot smoking aren't a good comparison at all. A dead body is the property of the deceased's family, the vast majority of whom would object to having it used for such purposes. Necrophilia violates the property rights of others, whereas pot smoking doesn't.
  2. It's definitely about the experience. That's not to say I don't like counting my finds, but each of those is an experience I had and I try to reflect that in my logs.
  3. I'm sorry, I just find that a bit offensive. I don't smoke pot, nor have I ever, yet due to the fact that prohibition causes huge profit incentives and creates a black market that fosters the violence that so many associate with illegal drugs, and also due to a firm belief in personal responsibility and self-ownership, I don't believe it should be illegal. Anyway, I actually find it pretty hard to believe that someone would casually mention something like that to a passing stranger. Of course I deal with the public in my job and no level of stupidity should surprise me. Whether or not I ran to report such things to the local drug warriors would depend entirely on whether or not there were any violence, actual or threatened. That's just me personally. Obviously, regardless if you believe it should be reported or not, caches near marijuana fields are probably not a good idea.
  4. I really can't understand people who seem to want caches to be stocked with high value items. If all items were going to be around $5 and I traded even, a four find day would cost me $20. It's not really about the trading for me anyway, and when I do trade I try to do it with something that people might actually find a bit useful. Dollar store toys and stuff don't really annoy me though. I like the hunt, the exploring and the discovery more than anything. If I see something cool, like a little realistic plastic frog (I love those), I'll pick it up and trade for it. If I take a travel bug, I'll usually put something in. I'll also try to leave something if the stuff in the cache seems to be in need of replenishment. Here are some things I like to leave in caches: Mini biners Boot laces Ponchos Whistles Playing Cards Don't sweat the swag, just go out and have fun. It's pretty unrealistic to find something of real, intrinsic value in an ammo can or Tuperware container stuck in the middle of the woods.
  5. I'm looking to either procure or make a miniature waterfall, painted not real water obviously, to use as a TB. I don't want to spend too much, and I could probably find a Hunk O' Granite that's craggy enough to paint one on myself if need be. Any thoughts?
  6. I don't really need an excuse to go home after work, since I have to work and can't really geocache today, and have a glass or two of homebrew. I hope it's not against the rules to drink an Ordinary Bitter today.
  7. Ironic that someone mentioned a metal detector would be one of several useful pieces of equipment for finding my new cache.
  8. DC is part of it, and it looks like FL isn't eligible. That's probably due to state laws or something. At least instead of just telling you "void where prohibited," they're actually saying where it is prohibited.
  9. I have a Sport Trak Map, and it has settings for a primary and secondary datum. Primary is set to WGS84, does the secondary setting matter at all?
  10. The way I see it, I'm part of the environment, not seperate from it. I do tend to be pretty tolerant and kind to other creatures though, aside from pests that invade my home, biting and bloodsucking insects and arachnids, or anything that sees fit to attack me. I don't wish extinction upon endangered species. I wouldn't kick a spotted owl out of its nest to put an ammo can in it or anything. Of course, that's not saying much since I don't live in an area where they're an indiginous species. I picked up a little frog from the pavement in the parking lot the other night so it wouldn't get run over. I do think I have a right to use the world for my survival and enjoyment, and if a large, common, carrion eating bird doesn't like my doing so, I don't particularly care. I also find it ironic that a bird that's listed as a protected species turns into what some are considering a pest species.
  11. Yeah, silly rules. That's what the government's good at though. Hike through here all you want, but don't you dare hike through here and look for any sort of containers.
  12. Because I would hug it and hold it and pet it and pat it and kiss it and caress it and call it George.
  13. I suck at puzzles, so it's not suprising that this one has me utterly stumped. I don't know where to start... so I never have. I got that one in 5 minutes. Of course, I'm not driving all the way to FL to find it now. Too bad most of the puzzle ones that are close by aren't as easy for me. Some of these things just hurt my brain. I'm not going to get mad, though. I'm going to get even! I have a pretty twisted idea to inflict on others, once I find a place to locate it.
  14. On the other hand, but OTOH it could also mean obese tortoises observe humans.
  15. I'm sorry, but this topic has already been discussed before.
  16. Skip_

    Bookmark Limit?

    I'm a premium member and got the following message. Is there a limit to these or is this a bug?
  17. Right click on the hotsync manager and make sure it's not looking for it on the USB port as well as serial. When I initially installed the software both USB and Local Serial were checked. Make sure just Local Serial is checked.
  18. With 11 finds and 2 hides, I think someone was reading the practical joke thread.
  19. Kind of reminds me of this time. Maybe we need to start a broken, abandoned toilet outside its natural environment thread.
  20. I just took a couple weeks of vacation, otherwise I'd jump on the first flight to Micronesia to get this one.
  21. I'm going to take some of this data and see if I can correlate it to market fluctuations in stocks and commodities. If I can get a positive correlation, I'll see about making money in the market, then write a book about my investing system and make even more money on that and retire at an early age, caching almost every day!
  22. I came across this. The price definitely is attractive, it looks like it should do what I need it to do (mostly fairly simple day hiking for caching) and it has more room for extra layers than what I'm using now (a definite plus in New England). I also wouldn't have to take off my pack and whip out a water bottle anymore. I've never heard of the brand before. Any thoughts from anyone with more experience buying this stuff?
  23. I've been thinking about picking one of these up when I have a few extra bucks floating around. Any recommendations?
  24. I've got a Palm IIIxe that gets the job done. They can be had for not a terribly expensive amount of money. If I need to take pictures I have my cell phone or my dedicated digital camera.
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