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  1. All that walking you must do I`m surprised you`ve got any feet left
  2. What, you mean he`s missed some Well done, indeed to britain`s most prolific cacher
  3. Aahhh now I see, instead of using the routes feature on the gps navigate to the waypoints one at a time. E.G. if I did a series of 4 caches I would mark each one as a waypoint at home, making sure I entered the co-ords from the cache page in the order I wanted to do them and number them 1 to 4. Then when I went out I would select waypoints, number 1 and GOTO. This would lead me to the first cache. Once I`d found the first cache I would select waypoints, select waypoint number 2 and GOTO. this then takes you off to the next in the series, and so on. Hope that`s a bit clearer.
  4. Mark a waypoint, but edit the location to that of the cache you want to find and save it as 1. same for the next in line but save it as number 2 etc. etc. then simply move along from 1 to 2 to 3. If you`re looking at a circular walk or series the order to do them should be obvious on the map screen. To the op, best thing to do is enter a few manually and just get out there and find them, worry about the ins and outs once you`ve got a few under your belts
  5. Welcome to the club I found my first 800 or so by entering the co-ords manually into my etrex h. I used to write the cache name, coordinates and the decrypted clue down in a note book and tick them off as I found them. It is a bit restrictive doing it this way as I had to sit down and plan which caches I wanted to get and in what order. I did get the cable and serial to usb converter for it but never had much success in getting the gps and the `puter to speak to each other and in the end just carried on with the notebook and the sore thumb.
  6. Look what you started Mr Johnson! Blimey, I don`t look on here for a couple of days and when I come back I seem to have opened up a whole new can of worms I didn`t realize there were the licence issues when I posted this thread, I`d just seen the designs and thought that the shiney logo`s would look really good on a coin Please feel free to carry on as you were
  7. Did anyone see the new maskots for the olympic games on the one show and think they would make a superb design for a coin to coincide with the games or was that just me?
  8. If I got an email from someone claiming to be from the police it would go straight into the same folder as the ones from the bank wanting me to "re-enter my details", the spam folder!
  9. Well done to Peter and Di on passing 2000 caches today. Superb area to do it as well
  10. Any good cycle forum sugestions? Singletrackworld.co.uk Bikemagic.co.uk
  11. Tesco Brighouse have some in at the stated 75p for 4.All packed together in plastic with 1 barcode sticker on the outside.
  12. Same here, no updates for a couple of weeks
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