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  1. When I first saw that clip I thought it was quite humorous, now, I don't.

    Two potentially dreadful outcomes....

    1) Should the Gamekeeper have been around, I think I am right in saying he would've been within his rights to shoot Benton/Fenton for worrying the deer. I know this rule applies with farmers & livestock but I'm not 100% about this instance.

    2) Benton/Fenton was not only chasing the deer, he was heading toward (what looked to be) fast moving traffic.


    After the initial laugh, I listened more carefully to the sheer panic in the mans voice as he attempted to get his dog back and thereafter, looked on this clip with very different eyes.


    I always walk my dog on one of those long leads when there are cattle, sheep etc around. Because I know Broxi will always take chase.


    Last year my Son 'Blue' was adamnt that he wanted to teach Broxi to walk at his heel (which she does quite well when on the street)

    So off we went for a walk (with a normal lead) along the river in St Asath.


    We climbed a stile and were confronted with a field of sheep and their young, 'Hold tight' I said to 'Blue'

    Then all of a sudden she yanked at the lead, the lead flew out his hand, and Broxi was off...


    She managed to catch up with one young lamb (oh my God ... was I screaming!) and tossed the poor thing up in the air.


    Thank God the lamb was ok, thank God Blue ran so fast to catch her before she could do any damage.


    I was crying like a baby (and I don't cry often) and so angry at my son.

    The retractable lead has a handle, this stops any chance of Broxi pulling away from me and it works!


    But even more scarey (For me) was; the farmer was working in the field on his tractor at the time.

    Lucky for Broxi he had his back to the incident and couldn't hear my scream over the noise of his tractor.

    We are all lucky the farmer didn't shoot her ... but if he had? ... we had only ourselves to blame.


    She is not so bad now that she has passed the terrible two's, but there is still NO WAY I would ever let her off her lead unless we are on the deserted beach at the end of our road.


    We should all know our dog's limitations.... and breed is a great factor.

    We have a breed that is harder to train (Shar Pei) and although in most respects she is a good dog and has great recall, when animals are around she becomes deaf and only see's the chase.

  2. Hi,


    That looks OK, on that page click on the box "Edit Payment Details", put in the recipients username, your message and click continue.


    I take it that the credit/debit card you have registered with paypal is current, not expired.


    Regards Bernard


    That`s the problem, I`m taken to the page I linked to AFTER clicking pay now in paypal, editing the details starts the whole thing off again, i.e. sign in to paypal, confirm details etc.

    The card is due to run out in just over a month but as yet I haven`t got it`s replacement.


    Just tried while logged into her account and that does exactly the same, sign in to paypal, confirm payment, pay now and then back to the same screen (edit details) as linked to above.

  3. Hi,


    That looks OK, on that page click on the box "Edit Payment Details", put in the recipients username, your message and click continue.


    I take it that the credit/debit card you have registered with paypal is current, not expired.


    Regards Bernard


    That`s the problem, I`m taken to the page I linked to AFTER clicking pay now in paypal, editing the details starts the whole thing off again, i.e. sign in to paypal, confirm details etc.

    The card is due to run out in just over a month but as yet I haven`t got it`s replacement.

  4. Hi guys and gals. I`ve been trying to renew my daughters premium membership for the last couple of days using Paypal but the proccess never seems to complete and it just seems to want to take me round in circles. I`ve sent an email to Groundspeak, and got a reply back about incorrect expiry dates, which I`ve replyed to, but I was just wondering if anyone else had had the same problem.


    I`ve tried in both Firefox and Internet explorer and both have the same conclusion, on pressing pay now I`m taken to this page:-


  5. I don't usually respond to update "stuff" as I figure it won't make any difference, but add me to the folks who don't like the huge new logs on the cache pages. Don't need/want the avatar or the relative date - now have to scroll much more to get what I want. Also, for those of us who load the last 5 logs with our GPX file, I assume all those avatars are going to take up a chunk of memory, right? What in the world was wrong with the logs the way they were? Many site changes leave me wondering why???. Maybe you could add a brief reason to the changes?


    Just my $.02......


    Mrs. Car54


    +1. I guess I`ll find out what happens when I`ve decided where I`m going at the weekend and upload a PQ of the area.

    Also agree with the `about a week ago` comments, far too vague, bring back the last found on XX/XX/XXXX

  6. With regard to the original finder, could they have been charged with littering? Seems a bit feeble but it would fit in (kind of) with any naughty doings.


    All this seems to enhance the need to bring in a new cache size for the nanos and fake bolts, even if it`s just for the UK. Film cans and key safes become micros.


    Personally, no matter where I am I always look before I start hunting, meaning that I check for obvious signs that don`t appear in nature, piles of stones/twigs, screws on top of roadside sign posts, obvious trails into areas of what look like no interest to others (otherwise known as Geotrails).


    I agree that how you search can give away how dodgy you look, eg. I was with my family not too long ago in York on a shopping trip and we happened to be walking towards a very well hidden cache on a bridge when we spotted a group of people looking for the cache on said bridge, now, admittedly I knew there was a cache there but, the fact that 3 or 4 people seemed to be taking an unusual interest in a lamppost seemed odd as we approached. The fact that they all walked off when I stopped by the post enhanced my idea of what they where doing, in fact they only made it know what they where up to when I pointed to the cache, but the fact remains that I spotted them from at least 50ft away looking dodgy. I suppose anothe example could be one I experienced a few years ago walking through the local town centre. I passed a lad who looked nervous hanging around outside a jewellers in the centre of the town, 5 minutes later the same lad went past me at a speed Linford Christie would have been proud of followed by a couple of other lads who were asking if we`d seen anybody running past. It turns out the lad I`d seen had tried to rob said jewellers, I guess that what I`m trying to say is that if you think you look dodgy you probably do and that, once you`ve spotted what you think is the hiding spot you should be confident and quick in grabbing the cache. In urban areas having some sort of a bag can help greatly in concealing your movements from the GP but I find that a walk by looking for the cache , returning 10 minutes later is much better.


    Is it possible to give the police the same access to cache co-ords as the reviewers have so that, in the event of a bomb threat they can sign on and see exactly where all parts of any caches in the area are, much the same as I believe the reviewers can, although this relies on knowledge of geocaching on behalf of the police service.

  7. There was a new cacher started putting out caches around the town where I grew up which I hoped would have been a good series however the first 4 or 5 were very simple finds, tucked in nondescript corners that were generally below par and didn`t take you anywhere interesting. Then 1 came out that was almost on someones doorstep in a corner of a path, that, when I got there looked to be where all the dog poop bags seemed to hang around together in a gang. Needless to say I didn`t even look for the cache, and when I logged online it was only as a note that said that I didn`t fancy furtling through the poop bags for a film can. The way I see it if no-one points out the problems the new cacher just carries on putting out geolitter and calling it a cache.

    Another vote for the find xxx amount of caches before you can put your own out.

  8. I have an eTrex Legend and found a Garmin to USB cable on ebay. Win7 has problems with the PL2303 driver needed but I eventually found one that worked. The adaptor method doesn't work with Win7 but as I say, there is a driver out there for the Garmin to USB. You can find it here http://www.usglobalsat.com/download/546/win_drivers.zip


    It only downloads co ords and the GC name though and labels it as a cache.


    Never had much success getting pc and etrex to talk to each other before but I`ve just tried using this driver and it worked straight away :D Thanks for the link :lol:

  9. Anyone found a GPS in the Warrington area last week? I think we lost it last Sunday in the Stretton area of Warrington.




    Try asking on the NW Caching forum, I seem to remember someone on there mentioning they`d found a gps not so long since.

  10. Just had this myself while logging yeserdays finds, moved the map slightly and all of a sudden all the caches I`d found in the area previously are now unfound :D Sorted out by going back to my profile than moving the map back to the right area and hey presto, lots of smileys again :)

    Just noticed that if you click on the reply button it puts a quote of the previous post into the reply box but the reply button doesn`t seem to do anything, didn`t think this forum was linked to the main site for the updates?

  11. I`ve done 101 in a day. I started with BarryandShirley`s York Mega Series ( now sadly much reduced ) and got the urge to carry on just to see if I could do it. It wasn`t that difficult either as all I had to do was a handful of driveby`s on the outskirts of York itself.

    I think the closest to the American power trails over here is probably the Skegg to Ness series of 234 ( I think ), and I know a couple of guys that have done that in one go.

  12. Sealskinz make mountain bike gloves which have had very good reviews in the bike mags however Ive never tried them,myself. Have a look at their competitors, Porelle, I believe they make good gloves too. Only time I wear gloves is for the nettle hidden caches, and even then it`s only a pair of mountain bike gloves, guess I must have warm hands.

    Neoprene isn`t waterproof, as far as I know, I think it`s just an insulating layer, i.e. it lets in water but your body heat warms up said water and keeps you warm.

    I may be wrong on the last bit, but, that`s the way I understand it.



    I've also noticed that some caches that I've done that have since been archived don`t show up at all

    Don't show up where?

    You should see the logs you made for a cache since Archived.


    Ooops, found `em, it was the funny order they`re in that threw me.


    The reason I ask is because my daughter follows the order I log them in for her finds and there`s been times when she`s asked why they`re different to the map or that they jump around from one to another.

  14. I always log my finds in the order that I`ve found them, and so would expect them to show up on my profile in the same order, keeping milestones in the same place, however I`ve just noticed that they don`t show up that way. Is this going to affect my milestone caches, i.e. if I do a milestone cache first of the day and log it as such but it shows up as the last one I did, is it still a biggie?

    I`ve also noticed that some caches that I`ve done that have since been archived don`t show up at all while others show up in red writing and crossed out?

  15. Should we put a needs maintenance log, since it obviously does?

    If no one else has put on a Needs Maintenance on it yet -Yes.

    Just done that but I`ve noted a couple of others have done the same. Hope it doesn`t cause a problem for the owner, not that a new nano cache costs a lot.

  16. Obviously if part of the challenge is to open the container then I wouldn't claim a find unless I had opened the container and could prove it.



    We found a cache in Newquay while on holiday, straightforward nano cache but it`s had a few problems lately and is very difficult to open, in fact going by the logs the last finders had used pliers to open it and again to close it, there was no way I could get it open. We logged it as a find, we had it in hand, we have a photo of it in hand and we can describe exactlly where it was hidden. It had been mentioned about the problems opening the cache in a few logs prior to our visit so we would be upset if our logs were removed because we didn`t sign the log, it`s not our fault we couldn`t open the cache to sign it. Should we put a needs maintainance log, since it obviously does?

  17. I dropped a coin off a couple of weeks ago to finish it`s mission. Since it was such a nice coin I e-mailed the owner to make sure the person it was supposed to meet was ready to get it but I didn`t get a reply. E-mailed again a couple of weeks after I`d picked it up and got a reply that all was good to drop the coin off in one of the 3 caches in the wood it was to reach. So far, after 3 weeks the cache the coin is in has been visited 3 or 4 times but not by the person it was supposed to be collected by. Should I go back and re-collect the coin and drop it off miles away in the hope it makes it`s way back again or simply leave it where it is? I should add that the owners of the coin seem to have stopped caching as they hadn`t logged on to the site for 3 or 4 months when I got in touch with them.

  18. ...is this Groundspeak policy or personal opinion? If so, when can we expect to see it specifically mentioned under 'guidelines that apply to all cache types' that seed caches are now verboten?



    From the Knowledge Book (clicky linky)


    "Cache pages cannot require, and should not strongly encourage, the placement of new caches, particularly chain-letter type series (find this, then plant another in the series). This is an agenda."


    Hope this helps,




    Where did you find that page, as it`s not immediatly visible when you click on the Hide or seek a cache link from the home page?

    By the by, when did the dictionary definition of a guideline change to become a rule?

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