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  1. Just browse the map :-D. Any of the series by Hunky Hamster have a bonus ( most have a bonus bonus too ), also have a look at cachez by MikeG, MrTruffles, Skaface or StevieP.

    I wouldn't concentrate too much on series where there is a bonus, just get out there and enjoy the walk, going by your finds you are on the edge of the Peaks, some fantastic countryside ripe fir exploring

  2. Don`t think I`d fancy wandering round an area like that too often. I did a series up outside Catterick a few years ago and I was so glad it was as foggy as l. What made it slightly worse was one part that went almost through the town and right past the big red sign that reminded people to report suspicious activity, and there`s me hanging round doing my best not to look suspicious. At one point 3 or 4 warrior apcs drove past and the commander of each one gave me a good stare as they passed by

  3. Welcome to the forums!


    The difficulty and terrain ratings are designed to give the players more information aiding in their selection of caches. If the information about a cache changes significantly enough to warrant a change in the ratings, then the cache should be reflected with the CORRECT rating. These Difficulty/Terrain Challenge grids that have appeared are a player-invented side-game, and in my opinion shouldn't dictate that owners cannot change the information provided.


    I'll give two examples:


    If I placed a cache on an island in the middle of a lake:


    When I place the cache, it's obviously a 5 star terrain - as you need a boat to reach it. Then a year later, the park decides to build a bridge from the main area to the island, and also builds a walking path around the edge of the island. The cache is no longer a 5 star terrain - in fact it's MAYBE a 2-star cache. It's still in the same location with the same container. As a cache owner, I should be able to change the terrain rating to reflect the new access to the cache without worrying that someone may or may not lose their statistics.


    I've developed a new fictitious challenge: find 100 caches where the last two digits of the Longitude are all of the distinct numbers (00, 01, 02...97, 98, 99). Bill's cache is the only one in your list that is with the coordinates ending in 74. Bill finds out that his coordinates are wrong for the cache, and changes the coordinates from N 59 12.879 W 098 14.074 to N 59 12.875 W 098 14.068. That would mess up your completion of the challenge.


    In my opinion, accurate information about the cache is far more important that keeping the cache data without change in order to complete a challenge.


    That`s all well and good in this example, as you say once the bridge and pathway have been built it`s an easy cache, however, what about the cachers that did it before the bridge was built? When they found it it was as you pointed out a 5/5.


    I think the point of the original post was aimed more at the point that the D/T of a cache should be fixed ON THE DAY the cacher found it using the D/T rating it was on that day.


    If you`re going to take into account seasonal changes then all caches should have an increased D/T rating when it`s been snowing (except in those countries where snow is constant all year round ;) )

  4. Thanks, found it.

    Its a bit different using a phone, I was just touching the play tab and going straight to the 'hide or seek a cache' page, I spotted you mentioned hover the mouse and had a bit of a brain wave and held my finger on it for a couple of seconds and it gave me the other options I was looking for, hope I can remember for the next time.

  5. I found a tb in a cache yeserday that wasn't showing in my pq file of the area that I'd made the night before. I thought I'd have a look online to see if it had any sort of mission but I couldn't find the page that lets you search for trackables by its code. I'm sure you used to be able to search for them from the 'play' tab on the top of the home page. I picked it up anyway but for all I know it may have been meant to stay in one area and I've just brought it out of it.

    So, how do we search for trackables we come across?


    here's an idea, let premium members have access to google maps, and non-premium members can have access to the poor-mans maps.



    no useful maps = no caching for me. Not only are they painfully slow, but the images, in my home area at least, are totally inferior.




    New maps here in the UK look terrible with very little detail and the lack of a satellite view is a big mistake.


    Oh yes I forgot to add, my membership is due for renewal, I wonder if it`s worth it now?

  7. Being a techno muppet, can I just download it and read it on the `puter or do I have to have a kindle/ electronic book thingy?

    You can read it on your PC, but you'll need a program to do it, one of these should suffice:






    Cool, thanks, this should be a good read :lol:

  8. How do you use and access field notes on the GPSmap 62s?

    As you log caches as found, and make notes etc, it saves it all to a .txt file on the GPS.

    Log into your GC account and attach your GPS to your PC.

    Go to 'Your Profile' and select 'Field Notes' from the drop down.

    Near the bottom of that page is a link 'upload my field notes'.

    From there you will find instructions specific to your make of GPS.


    Haven't worked out the photo's bit yet - look forward to hearing how to do that.

    To do the photo bit you need to do an update to at least Version 3.50, thia update added the picture viewer. Then all you need to do is add the pictures to the JPEG directory on the device. I have added a small overprint to my images so as I can identify them, I use the GC number


    I hadn`t spotted the JPEG directory, cool thanks for that, I`ll have a dabble. :laughing:

  9. I use the field notes too (especially when I'm logging 20 caches in a day and they all start to blur in to one). One or two words about each cache really helps jog my memory and write meaningful logs when I'm at home. I use an Oregon 450t.


    One of the other (much more mundane) features which I wouldn't be without is the calendar on the last screen. How many times have I opened a container, written my name then drawn a blank as to what the date is! This little thing has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.


    I also quite like the ability to store photos (should the CO include a spoiler pic on the web page) Yes, the usability is a bit clunky, but it has helped on occasions.


    How do you get the photos onto the gps? I`ve wondered on occasions why there`s a photo viewer on the Oregon.

  10. Read the cache page, it may well contain information that will help you get to the next cache. It may also stop you from pulling apart the drystone wall that`s nearby. As someone who was due to go on a drystonewall building course thanks to being made redundant I found out how expensive it is to replace / rebuild them, aprox. £75 to £100 per meter, that`s a lot of money when you consider that your gps may be off by 3metres either way. If I`m searching anywhere near a wall I ALWAYS use my eyes first and even then I feel bad about turning over stones I think the cache is under

  11. I`ve had a couple of close calls with dogs myself. The first was way before I discovered cacheing, me and 2 friends were out on our bikes alongside the canal, we headed into the nearest town for a drink and stopped outside a Co-op at the same time as a chap with a Jack russel who tied his pooch up to the wheely bin outside. Obviously the pooch took offense to the bin and set off at a run dragging the bin behind him. The owner quickly caught him up and , in my haste to try to calm down the dog that was obviously still freaked out by the whole thing I ended up with a scar down my index finger on my right hand, in my mind this was my own fault for approaching the dog since it was obviously distressed. The second time I got bitten was while riding home from work along a Sustrans route. 2 women in front of me who heard the gearchanges I used as a warning of my approach and got hold of 3 of the dogs they had with them, unfortunately the 4th dog was the one that sunk his teeth into my calf leaving me with blood running down my leg. The response of the women???? "Oh he`s never done that before!" I got the name of the owner after a lot of fuss but she wouldn`t give me any more than that so I couldn`t really take the matter any further even though I probably wouldn`t have done anyway.

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