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  1. Any updates on when the coin will be ready to ship?
  2. Sportsflicks I think, I used to have a bunch of them in my card collecting days.
  3. Got my coins today! These coins are SPECTACULAR!!!
  4. I got mine today, it is really a beautiful design.
  5. Got mine today and they are VERY NICE!!!
  6. I am grateful my wife cam back from Iraq safely. I am also grateful she picked up geocaching while she was out there. It has really given us something to do together. I LOVE IT!!!
  7. i'm always 5 minutes to late. lol
  8. Got my coins today and they look even better in person. Great Job DJ.J.ROCK!!!!!
  9. These coins are awesome! I have bought form you in the past and just pre-ordered these. I cannot wait to get them.
  10. Keep looking on Ebay, I see them all the time.
  11. My coins came today and they are AWESOME!!! Thanks Whitebear!
  12. Ordered mine! Beautiful coins DJ J.Rock!!!!
  13. I got mine today and I will say its a very nice coin. Thank you!
  14. I just started collecting geocoins and these are definitely my favorite. I need to have them all, mwaaaaaahhhhhh.
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