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  1. Thanks for adding the "Move/Copy Waypoints" feature. It's exactly what I needed and I am loving it!
  2. Thanks. I am looking for a place to record the # of the cache find. The notes will not work for me, as I sometimes like to sort them exactly that way (not just by date). However, I don't want to go through and muck up the User Data field with my dates if I'm going to need it for something else later! Can I add my own column? Thanks again, Gayle
  3. I was successful in getting my father (Moosemeat) up and running on GSAK this weekend. He is paperless at last! I am so happy that GSAK is user-friendly and easy for everyone to use. I've only been using it for about 2 months, and know I am nowhere near using it to it's full potential. But I'm working on it! I am curious as to what the "User Data" column is for. I have seen a couple of references to it, but looked in the Help Screen and didn't find it in the index. Thanks! Gayle
  4. Thanks! Some would argue that I am indeed crazy (and I might not argue back ), but it's good to know that it's not because of this! Thanks for the tip on the work-around, I'll try it out this morning (sounds straightforward), and even MORE thanks for thinking of a fix for the next version. I have only been using GSAK for just over a month and I can't tell you how pleased I am. GSAK has allowed me to get rid of alot of extraneous programs and to streamline processes in my paperless world. This will also tun out to be great for my father who has all the hardware for going paperless, but no software yet. I'm supposed to "help" him when I visit at T'giving. This will be the perfect solution since it's one-stop shopping (it would have been WAAAAAY too confusing for him to do it the way that I used to do it before getting GSAK, and he would have given up and told me that it's easier for him to print pages and manually type in waypoints ). So I'll be registering a copy for him soon, and getting him started. I think he'll actually be able to handle it this way! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  5. OK, you're going to think I'm crazy, but I actually like to keep separate databases for "found" and "not found'. Can I copy the waypoint info from "not found" to "found" - I can't seem to figure out a way to do this. It's the only thing I have any issue with right now - otherwise, I'm loving your program - well worth the $$. Thanks, Gayle
  6. #'s 2 and 3 now here as well, #4 can't be far behind!
  7. I finally got one, so I will be able to cache tomorrow without staying up all night to print sheets!! :o I ran 2 PQ's about 4 hours ago. The first is still MIA. The second has just arrived. I made 2 new PQ's about an hour later (same criteria, different name, zipped this one just in case), they are also still MIA. Very bizarre.
  8. Can't get mine either - I posted details to the other thread.
  9. OK, I'm having the same problem. I normally run my PQ unzipped (somehow there is some setting on my computer so when I double-click the file, it automatically launches EasyGPS and I end up losing the extended info that I want for the PDA). I also have to say that I "upgraded" XP service pack yesterday. And my ISP is Comcast (via cable). Now, having said all that, I ran 2 PQ's about 1:30 and 1:45 PST. They did not make it to my computer. I read this forum, and decided to log out of the e-mail on my home computer (in case the XP "upgrade" is filtering out the PQ). I set up 2 new PQ's, which ran about 15 minutes ago. This time, I zipped them, and also am looking at my e-mail via the internet (not a mail program) on my laptop, which has not been "upgraded". This should allow me to view what's on the Comcast server (so far, my PQ has not shown up, and Comcast says there are no service issues). I was planning to save the files to my laptop (which does not have EasyGPS installed, so I should be able to unzip them without losing data), then log onto my home computer to see if the zipped files showed up. Then, was going to try to e-mail the unzipped files from the laptop to the home computer to see if the trouble was with the filetype. Needless to say, the zipped PQ's have not shown up on the Comcast server. Help! I need these PQ's for my weekend trip!
  10. Oh, sorry, I get my directions mixed up sometimes. Right click on the waypoint and select EDIT WAYPOINT. This was working for me successfully a few days ago, but now I only get the old waypoint icon list! I feel like I'm going crazy! Have double-checked that I didn't accidentally revert to some older version of EasyGPS (thankfully, I have not), but cannot figure out what the heck is going on. On a side note, took the 60CS on it's maiden voyage yesterday and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I am sure there will be much fine-tuning in the weeks to come, but thanks to this thread I think I'm off to a good start.
  11. Had the same problem with a similar micro here in MD. This was one of the first caches I ever did, and was WAY before I had a clue that magnetic containers might be/are frequently used! Was looking in the bottom of the crook, where gravity would tend to put a "normal" micro. Couldn't even stand it when I found the darned thing.
  12. And yet another name to add to the list....me! I first heard about Geocaching last year through a female friend who I know through Orienteering. Back in April (this year), my father shows up for a visit with his GPS, and announces that he's taking me Geocaching. I couldn't believe he knew about it, and he couldn't believe that I'd heard of it! We went out for 3 caches and I was hooked. He left me his Garmin Etrex Summit, since he was getting 60CS. Now I have one too, and he's coming down this week to cache with me. My husband will go along if I drag him, but I'm the primary cacher in the family and frequently go alone. Love it!
  13. Thanks Bryan! I did download 3.4, but looked unsuccessfully for a way to receive e-mail notification. Now I'm all set!
  14. Thanks Team DEMP! This is just what I needed. Looks like I was at least 2 versions behind...
  15. And worse now, I've read through the posts and discovered that my software was not the most current version. I thought I downloaded properly, but now the 60CS says "LOADER", and I cannot get off that screen or even turn the unit off. What have I done? Ummm - nevermind. I apparently was impatient and disconnected before the download was complete. I have fixed this problem.
  16. Got my 60CS in the mail today but now cannot figure out which model I need to choose on EasyGPS....I can't find 60CS as an option. Help!
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