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  1. I travel a lot useing my laptop and GPS receiver and software called Co-Pilot 2003 (by ALK Technology.com). This is usb supported and has talking/listening feature that lets you ask itn several questions and it answers you! It is around 300.00$ US but after that upgrades are $99. It has all the features you are looking for and more. In Oct. they are comming out w/Co-pilot Laptop 8 which will accept 3rd party GPS receivers (Garmin, Magillian etc.). I never leave home w/o mine. Hope this helps
  2. I have a 60C and am useing MetroGuide v4 upgraded w/free dl to V5 and it works fine (auto routeing and all). I have the 60C mounted with a $1.09 CB Mic holder superglued to the plastic trim of the radio/ac panel (98 Ranger), I wrap the wrist strap around the cigg. ltr to stop it from swinging and it works great for me. Wiley&Sunset
  3. I too do a lot of trav. w/laptop & GPS! I use my Garmen GPS60c for both offroad and on road along w/Mapsource Metroguide. I also use Copilot 2003 for trp. planning and guidance. Never leave home w/o oneor the other. Both are USB operated! Wiley&Sunset
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