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  1. I had to replace the html tables I was using on my Archangel (http://coord.info/GC1AATC) cache. Forcing all tables to 100% width is not a good idea as it completely destroyed the formatting which was essential in defining the type of puzzle. I had to replace the html with an image as it didn't matter what I tried the html parser just overwrote every style I applied with the pre-defined styles. Not good.
  2. Hi davy boy, You friends appear to have picked up an aussie tb, we call them swaggies. Info/logging on this swaggie can be found at: http://geocaching.com.au/swaggie/sw0010 Info on swaggies in general here: http://wiki.geocaching.com.au/wiki/Main_Page Hope this helps, GammaPiSigma
  3. Came across this Echidna, while doing this cache, who had decided to park himself right in front of the cache. Had to forfeit the find.
  4. A Russian guy I use to work with showed me this site some years ago. It was interesting to get his perspective on Chernobyl. He translated the Russian words on the signs which was helpful. Interesting but frightening site.
  5. I am very happy with my Meri Colour. Yes the screen can be hard to see in direct sunlight and does washout a bit but it is magic in the car with the power adapter plugged in. I tend not to spend a lot of time staring at the screen so you can use the timer function to turn the backlight off after a short period of time. This is a useful function as the backlight does drain the batteries heavily. The explorist screens are much better so if this is your main issue you should consider the explorist instead of the Meri Colour. Like anything else both units have their pluses and minuses. Mike.
  6. This hasn't happened to me but this log from a local cacher makes for interesting reading. Mike.
  7. Check out this cache container: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...ab-e0fc84bf7140photo Mike
  8. Hi -e^ip, Welcome to caching, the worlds fastest growing addiction. There are a number of reasons why you could be having problems. A very common problem is not having the datum on your GPS set to WGS84. I would suggest that you go to the Geocaching Australia site and join the forum. Post your problem there and I am sure you will get help from some local cachers. And the Oz site has links to maps that do make the job a lot easier. Hope this helps. Mike.
  9. Meridian Colour - one hand, no problem. OK, so it takes a bit of practice but I can work it now one handed quite effectively.
  10. I use a Sandisk 256mb sd card in my meridian colour at it works fine.
  11. Article in Silicon Chip, an Australian electronics magazine, about GPS and Geocaching. Next day started hunt for GPSr, got a Mag Meridian Colour and away I went. Mike.
  12. You might want to take a look at this cache:Play it Again Sam. The odlids have put the clues in a midi file as morse code. Mike.
  13. You may have formatted it with the wrong file system. The SD card in my Meridian Colour is FAT16 file system and it works fine, and I have never formatted it. Alternatively, I have heard of people experiencing problems with cheap memory cards. Just a couple of possibilities. Mike.
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