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  1. It is most likely because I am fairly new, but I don’t see any log indicating “ needs maintenance “. The last log was 10.01.17 with a find. Then I see the note, then the disabled
  2. Oh yes I see that now. I have seen that write note before but didn’t realize there was a issue with an advertisement. So that is why the caches are disabled. Thank you for pointing that out !
  3. Yes I read the reviewers note. It is the standard “ needs owner intervention “ note. Unless I am missing something there. My question is.... what gives the reviewer the idea that the cache needs intervention?
  4. Would someone please explain this to me? I understand when caches are temporarily disabled due to a few DNFs, owner maintenance issues, etc. I am seeing several caches that I had previously found, are now temporarily disabled. Each say the standard “ your cache has been under the weather....and may need owner intervention “. The ones I looked up have all been recently found, no maintenance issues, no recent DNF. Why do these caches become disabled with no obvious issues? This one is an example: GC15GTE
  5. Thank you so much for that suggestion! Are you one of those that can offer the free month as I would love to try it !
  6. Thank you so much for the information regarding size and map orientation! The black one was indicated as the biggest "dot" on the scale. Was pretty big but not sure 5 gallon size. The ones I thought were medium( ish) were probably 4-5" in size. Tried to attach pics but they were too big.
  7. Thank you everyone for all the information! Regarding the cache size, my free basic membership does seem to show many more small, XS in my area. I was trying to avoid those just due to being new to this. With that said, three of the ones I have found so far were rather small. There was a pill container, a magnetic flat box , and a small rock hide-a-key type. Each one of those was obviously too small for anything except the log. The rest that I have found were the lock and lock containers which still seem smallish, but I believe were considered medium. Then one very large black twist off container, which was definitely a large. Also being rather directionally challenged, I am learning quite a bit. The only confusing thing so far is that the maps located in either the Geocaching or the Cachly app, seem to be upside down to me. My location is always at the top and wherever the cache location is, it is below me on the map. I walk forward, the map shows me moving down . This always caused the cache location to be on the opposite side of where I think it should be . Hoping the makes sense. Possibly there is a way to rotate the map so my location is at the bottom, and moving in the same direction as I am? I apologize as I am quite sure that is a silly question. I am going to take the suggestions and purchase the premium so that I will have access to the many more I can see in my area. I do have two apps in my iPhone.... Geocaching and Cachly. They seem to be linked together, but only the Geocaching app seems to have the option to upgrade to a premium membership. Would I be correct that I merely press the upgrade button, then confirm the $29.99 purchase through iTunes? I just want to be sure I am actually purchasing the premium correctly?
  8. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this! I just find myself moving so quickly to retrieve and sign the log that I miss some of the experience of sitting and reading through the log and looking through the cache.
  9. I am brand new as of 09/23/17 and absolutely enjoying myself. I am doing this on my own and love the solitude of walking through the woods alone. Once I have a better routine, I may bring one of my dogs along for the company. I generally go out on the weekends so I try to plan a route for the day. Yesterday my plan didn't go as well as the weather wasn't cooperating, but I was still able to find two of four I set out for. I am up to 9 finds of caches ranging in size. I have a couple of questions relating to size of a cache and how long spent at each cache. Size- being new I have been trying to stick with ones that are of a small or larger size, but I am finding that many in my area are sized as XS. I have found that although there is a size guideline, there is quite a range. I am wondering if I should possibly pay to be a premium member so that I will have a bit more access to what is available in my area? I am not skilled enough yet to be looking for XS. I was out searching for one yesterday and passed a stealth couple in the woods who were clearly searching as well. I looked at the app and could see they were at a " greyed out " cache for premium members so I didn't know what was there. Premium membership seemed to be $29.99 for the year I believe. Time spent at cache - I am trying to operate in some sort of stealth mode. I am looking over my shoulder before heading off the trails into the woods. I am finding the cache and peeking around before I actually approach. Then I am hiding while I open the cache, sign the log, and possibly trade items. I definitely look like I am up to no good as I carefully place the cache and head off on the trail. I am reading many logs and posts about bags being changed, cache cleaned up, new log paper added, etc. How much time do some of you spend at a cache? Does it depend on how heavily traveled the area is? A couple of the caches I have found could definitely have used a little clean up. Not enough to indicate " needs maintenance " but I have found torn open sugar packets, flip tops from cans, etc. Should I be spending more time " enjoying the moment" instead of feeling I need to get in and out before anyone sees me? Thank you all for any assistance you can offer. I am really having the time of my life! Just wish I didn't have to limit it to weekends , but definitely not ready for any nighttime searching just yet.
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