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  1. "How do you get affiliated with GC.com?" I did ask this question a few post ago and got no answer. I can only assume that nothing new can be affiliated with Geocaching.com. If it is not affiliated with Geocaching.com now then there is no way it can be.
  2. They started out as 1/2 gal. clear plastic jar with screw on lids. Just un screw the lid.
  3. Took a little camo duct tape(I'm Canadian, there is a little RedGreen in all of us) and a lot of hot glue and fake leaves from walmart. This is what I cam up with. Next summer I will have to change the leaves.
  4. Wow, that second cache has got to be the ugliest and most convincing fake person cache container I have ever seen.
  5. So than displaying the GC.com or Groundspeak logo does not necessarily mean you are affiliated with GC.com? How do you get affiliated with GC.com? I have read all about the coins on their site. The only web site they talk about is GC.com. If you do a search for coins near you it is a link to GC.com.
  6. I thought they had affiliation with Geocaching.com. They bear The gc web address and use the Groundspeak logo. I thought they were similar to Moun10Bike Coins which also have the Geocaching logo. What makes the two different?
  7. I'm not sure what the cost to the city was. I’m sure an EOD unit doesn't come cheap. I can see the next city council meeting. "Mr./Mrs. Mayor we can't afford to send the EOD to all these GGeocaching boxes. I think we should just BAN ggeocaching within our city limits.
  8. Not sure if this has been discused before. I see there are Moun10Bike Coins and US Geocoins. Is it possible to add the Canadian geocoin?
  9. Congrats! Get GSAK it will help you download *.gpx files then upload them to your GPSR. It on the download page.
  10. I, like many others are in it for the hunt not the treasure. Most caches I have been to are placed near interesting spots. A great view or a historical site etc.
  11. You can read all about Canadian Coins Here You can find US Geocoins Here
  12. ARGH Will you people frigging quit posting links to members only caches! Would "You" people cough up a few dollars to support this site. OK. Let's keep it on topic. There's probably at least 1 mod out there who would love to lock this thread at the first opportunity. Sorry I will be good from now on.
  13. ARGH Will you people frigging quit posting links to members only caches! Would "You" people cough up a few dollars to support this site.
  14. There allready is a clothing optional cache Swag Optional
  15. YJTB US Geocoin Canadian Geocoin This Cache not found yet! Now that we have your attention can we please have your Vote for Our Story
  16. My wife and I spent hours editing Our story down to 300 words. Had we known we could write a book about our adventure we would have. "Method 2) Complete the official online entry form and submit it, along with an essay of 300 words or less describing your Geocaching experience finding or planting the Jeep 4x4 Travel Bug (the “Essay entry”). Essays over 300 words will be disqualified. "
  17. Wildwoods

    Fly The Flag

    Ok found us an avatar. What do you think? Not too bad for a Canadian living in the US with an American wife and daughter.
  18. Wildwoods

    Fly The Flag

    Im a Canadian living in Iowa. We moved down here 4 years ago. My wife and daughter are American. We need a good Canadian/American avatar. Any ideas?
  19. Im a Canadian living in Iowa. I have lived down here for the last four years. Although many have tryed no one has be able to: 1) get me to take the u out of colour 2) convince me that I must know their friend, brother, uncle..whoever in Toronto 3) get me to speak french. Nothing against Quebec but I grew up in Alberta. Not all Canadians speak french! 4) convince me that Texas is bigger than Canada. I was actually asked by someone in Kansas" Do you have towns and cities up there?" I miss Canada very much. Last month I was able to go back for the first time since leaving. We loaded up with all the dollar store Canadian stuff we could carry. Almost evey cache we visit we place something Canadian in it. Sometimes it may only be a toothpick with a Canadian flag on it. Other times it may be a Looney or a tooney. I have not seen Canadian Geo coin in Iowa yet. I agree it is "koo roo koo koo koo koo koo koooooo!" not loo I found the DVD down here at Best Buy
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