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  1. Most of the above also Food ( to feed husband he gets grumpy when not feed ) ponchos they fold up small tick killing tool Clear plastic bag to put map in if it rains so we can still read it But do not forget to tell someone were you are going just in case. If like us there is nobody at home to notice us missing.you can not rely on your phone working.
  2. Where do all the 35ml film cases come from. I have not used 35ml for years is there a stock pile the goverment keep. The clue the other week in in a tree root ok but there are 1500 trees and my gps can not get a signal whymaybe becuse there are 1500 trees. The cache in weymouth in the train station car park next to the taxi rank by the seats and right next to the busy road in holiday seasons whilr they are doing road works for 2012 games stealth needed we would have to be invisable
  3. caches that say reg and when you find it its a micro and ticks as they make a b line for me i had over 50 last summer. Oil seed rape when the farmer has not left footpath clear. Its not hard my better half can do it (he works on a farm .
  4. Can i get alerts to my mobile phone of new caches.We keep finding that when we are out caching that new caches are released in the area we are and we miss them. Also that our web mail is not giving us updates at same time as others ie email showed caches as being released at 7.03 am and when we sign logs they have been done at 6.30 am ? we do not have iphone
  5. We have a etrex H i downloaded all drivers and updates from garmin site not had a problem with it. We use it on vista and windows 7.
  6. hi you could just spray trainers with a waterproofing spray which you can get from most outdoor stores or WD40 works to smells a bit. I have a pair off nike walking boots cost about 25 pounds at that price they last a year i'am happy i waterproof them too happy caching
  7. thanks i did wonder if they were fair weather cachers i forget that not everyone caches like rain or shine and i will put a note on tb page thanks all and have a happy new year
  8. My first TB TINY TED has been in the hands of beaus buddies for nearly 3 mts now. I have email them a few times and have had no email back. Getting worried about him now. So how long do u wait intell you mark it as missing. There maybe a good reason they have not moved him on. If anyone knows them could they plz ask if he is fine
  9. I love marmite and i love some micro's. But i hate ones that are hidden bad or in silly places like the one i found and put my arm in to get and sliced a 6 inch cut in my arm of some old barbed wire and in the middle of nowhere with only a plaster to stem the flow of blood ( My first caching wound ) but they are great when you only have an hour or so spare
  10. i don't think it matters as we always find that mice love to chew them. We have found a few micros which are unsed we hope sample bottles from drs ect
  11. we have a TB missing our first one tiny ted he was picked up in oct have email cachers but they not got back. Getting worried about him if they lost him they can just tell me stuff happens. If anyone finds TINY TED plz let me know don't want him to be homless for xmas
  12. Whiltshire there are loads of ring caches and they are a good mix of micros and traditional caches a new one in groveley woods to there is one series that is about 40ish caches some have bonus caches to have great time where ever you go
  13. Great will try that. Got new phone so will have to fiddle with it a bit.Thank you The Klever Boys that would be great CHEERS ALL
  14. We have been looking into 3G dongel from vodafone for home pc but 3G has yet to reach us so has normal broadband.We want a laptop but to many out goings at moment just can not find the cash.I Proberly did not say it well we were wondering if there are internet cafes. people log from phone not worked that one out.May see you over there Stokesy we going in late sept to.
  15. HI we are going caching on Isle of Wight in september can anyone tell me the best place for internet access. We do not have a laptop yet and would like to log and get cache details as we go.
  16. We were on canford heath Poole 4 weeks ago and saw 2 adders, and what i think was a grass snake swimming in and small pond.We had adders in our garden as kids. My mother used to tip water over the to make them go away. Small kids and adders not a good mix
  17. Been out today and no tick's. Don't think marmite works's i eat it all the time yum yum. That truck looks scary how many tick's do they get are they that bad kill them all.
  18. What is the point to a tick? What do they Contribute the the life cycle apart from food for bird's ect. If i'am right they are related to spider's.Where do you get those wrist/leg bands from.I made some gators out of my old walking sock's i cut the foot part out and i keep them in our bag, they can be pulled over my boot's and around my ankle's when needed.Going caching now it is raining so it may be beastie free today.
  19. Just been reading you advice and have just looked at link about lyme disease. I have removed tick's with tweezer's wrongly i must add.Just the other week we were out caching in woods. I went to get the cache and to my horror i was covered in tick's.My husband was in fits as i looked like a mad women, i have felt unwell but that just could be having a 14 year old staying with us will order some spray and a little ryme my nephew told me' Tick tick stay away spare me for another day' it is worth a try .My mum thinks it could be down to blood type as my dad was bad for tick's, do they like a blood group over other ones.
  20. Thanks i will check them out. Just hate the things even the dog does not get them just found yet another one thanks muchly
  21. Can someone tell me what the best thing is to keep ticks away from me. Whenever we go caching they always bite me but not my husband.In the past few weeks i have had 7 or 8.
  22. Upload 3 or 4 pics i wish i can not get even get broadband here.We are still on dail up and that is rubbish.Most of the time i'am lucky to upload one a simple uploader would be great. God i wan't broadband fed up with living in the twilight zone.
  23. We have just done a series of caches with a bonus cache at the end. We found all but one the coordinates were at least 50ft out. The owner emailed us and we had the right coordinates and gps still said 50ft away, so we went back and searched for over half an hour. Just as we leaving i found. I wish owners would check to see if there coordinates were right or that a cacher had not moved it.
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