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  1. Love Koi just never had space for a pond on massive tank i can see some fish keepers in here im sure too I used to breed stunning little pleco's they are the L046 Zebra Pleco, quite rare now and pretty hard to make spawn, but after about 3 years i finally made it Here is a pic of some of my Zebs
  2. I picked up 2 60csx units for a really really good price, sold one on ebay and still have a new one in the box Never used it, i always use my Vista HCx, should i look into using the 60CSx instead? i had considered selling the 60CSx and getting an oregon 400 but after reading this post i am not so sure
  3. stunning coin, nice to see it making so many people happy
  4. may i have an invite please? (neo@neocult.com) is my email address thank you
  5. I hav e many friends in the netherlands and it is a place i will one day visit to see them all and the history the netherlands offers I can tell you that your language is derived from old dutch and is very cool lol always enjoy talking to my netherland friends on skype I would also like to share with you this link rather than paste it all in here where you can see some old history of the netherlands that my friend found from his dad http://www.scribd.com/doc/13979073/History...an-Old-Document your coin is awesome by the way thanks for the cointest!!!
  6. it was a hard choice of two by this band for now i will say, Raining in baltimore by Counting Crows as i can find a video for it for you Awesome song
  7. Hi Geo-Gophers hope you are all well i have a wee book of local fairy tales from all over our area, will need to look it out and give you a wee read of it
  8. wow thats a stunning coin The Highland Geofairy sent me a mail for my address to my msn email address, i should really change my mail on my profile as it was about 2 weeks later before i saw the email Cant wait to get the coin Have a fairy knowe cache planned
  9. I will try and find them tomorrow, thanks again for all your help, without it i would still be stuck
  10. Thank you for your help, i really appreciate it think i may understand it now and if 3 digits, eg NGR NS 854 881 it would be NS 85400 88100 etc?
  11. Hi guys im having a little problem with my etrex venture hc I have for a while now wanted to visit some cup and ring marked rocks on some land owned by family, problem is i dont know how to set my gps device up so i may put in the co ordinates i can find online for these Example NS 8587 8840 The info i can find Alternative Names Castleton 1 Site type CUP AND RING MARKED ROCK Canmore ID 46839 Site Number NS88NE 3 NGR NS 8587 8840 Council STIRLING Parish ST NINIANS Former Region CENTRAL Former District STIRLING Former County STIRLINGSHIRE Currently my garmin venture hc is set up on units hddd mm.mmm as used on geocaching.com, can anyone please tell me what settings to use? or what to do so i may enter these and find these stones? Many thanks!
  12. I have received one of the Highland Geofairy Coin's in one of my cache's and she mailed me to say she is sending me a trackable one I feel very lucky to have been given two coins from them
  13. what a nice coin!! well done and thank you for the cointest For earthday this year i am planning a big activity filled birthday surprise for a friend and fellow geocacher
  14. your links dont work mate :s
  15. Have done and email has been sent to Groundspeak thanks
  16. Yep was bored tonight, heard my little brother ask if we were going neocaching so as sad as it sounds i made it happen and built a little website lol NeoCaching i have a few things still to do like make a decent header image, code a gallery etc etc but thought i would share to see what you peeps think if you also have a geo caching related site please share edit: my spelling is really bad at 5am
  17. KD1EJ & OPALSNS thank you so much!!! not sure you saw my post so i will post it in here you guys really made my day when this turned up in the post!!! I will treasure this for ever, its got a nice placement in my new coin album
  18. i have the same unit and it works great for me with no problems, make sure you use what StarBrand said The HC is a really good machine
  19. KD1EJ & OPALSNS thank you so much!!! you guys really made my day today when this turned up in the post!!! I will treasure this for ever, its got a nice placement in my new coin album Thank you!!!
  20. Alert today. Alive tomorrow Apply your good intention to accident prevention Avoid the worst. Put safety first
  21. will keep my eyes open for a Vista hcx, thanks for the advice
  22. I currently have a garmin etrex venture hc and think its time to upgrade a little I am looking at 3 others on ebay but aint sure which is the best to buy, can anyone help and tell me which is better from these three Venture HCx, Vista HXc or Legend HCx thanks
  23. i am waiting on an order from them too, my 1st one with them, if you are in the UK as i am im sure we do not pay import tax etc as were all part of the European union nonsense lol
  24. please may i have #11 Denny Hamlin
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