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  1. It's a sad reality of geocaching life that travel bugs or coins go missing...it can be right away or years down the road...what I generally do is try contacting the last cacher who had it(as previously been posted) and if no response wait to see if it turns up in a cache as more often then not there is a long delay to logging travel bugs in and out of caches. Events can sometimes be the worst place to drop travel items as I've seen first hand. Usually I wait about two years before I consider my tractable gone and consider sending out a "proxy" or secondary travel bug or coin in the place of the original. Remember....when sending out your tractable items, the expectations are that you will never see it again, but the point is to see it travel on its intended path. Hope it works out for you....
  2. Upon checking a geocache of mine, I found that a geocacher logged it as a find, but no signature was on the log...alias or otherwise. I was going to attempt to notify this cacher, but upon opening this cachers page it said and I quote: " the "send message" feature is disabled because the user is currently inactive". The status is "inactive member" and their last visit was June 18th of 2013. I Checked another cache close to mine and this cacher signed this log on the same day they supposedly signed mine(4-20-14). So my question is: how is this cacher logging finds on the geocaching page and still showing inactive and not visiting since June 2013 ?
  3. That's not bad...I usually get about 10 feet accuracy with my 450 and I use a 60csx too which is better in tree cover. The weather and canopy conditions change and with it so does accuracy. Rule of thumb is when you get between 10-20 feet of the GZ start looking.
  4. Phones are ok for short trips and such because the battery dies quickly and I use c:geo for that option...the compass is garbage on this app, but the distance countdown meter works well. You can download a gps status app and use the radar option which works well. If your hiking or biking or doing lots of caches, then an actual GPS unit is best
  5. I've had cachers drop spoilers in their logs which took away from the cache design and I've had cachers wrench off a padlock on an ammo can breaking it to gain entry. Both of which were at caching events and not done by muggles. Initially your P.O'd ,but after you realize some cachers will try anything when it comes to a point and smiley, this should provide a lesson on how to make the cache better! Yes both caches got archived as soon as I heard about it and it's impossible to place blame on any one cacher because just may be it wasn't hidden well after the last cacher or may be a muggle found it and just wanted in...it stinks, but it's reality. The rules of geocaching aren't perfect but nether is this world.
  6. I would keep this going, just replace the container...it's been there for 10 years..that's a big deal! I archived a cache that didn't last and tried to list another cache near the same spot a few weeks later and was declined by the reviewer because there is a geocache time placement rule which requires a 90 day wait between cache listings. The reasoning was it keeps geocachers from placing caches for their friends and then archiving them and doing it again over and over.
  7. The leader to the treehouse category hasn't logged in since 8/2011.....does anyone want to take over.as leader?
  8. I download my coordinates on my Garmin legend HCX and then write down on a notepad the geocache info( hints, names,cache infor, container size, etc...) How do I download this info instead of always writing on a notepad? Do I have to purchase a new unit or PDA? Any help would be nice. I would like to keep it simple too. Thanks
  9. I found in a cache a red poker chip that someone has written on one side "G" and the other side "EBEE1121". What is it?
  10. New to this Geocaching, whats the better GPS compass setting, "true" or "magnetic"?
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