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  1. The Washington State Geocaching Association is developing chapters. This allows us to have a statewide organization (strength in numbers) and still provide meetings and other opportunities throughout the state. It's all still new, but I'm optimistic. I'd suggest a similar path for Oregon.



    President, WSGA



  2. I just looked at the two examples mentioned above. Very cool. If anyone wants to volunteer to help get one of these set up, please step forward!


    Feel free to e-mail me off the list. Snazz, if you want to share your experience with your BB with me, I'd be interested to know how it works for you.





  3. Here are some things that I am resolving to do this year. It's just my geocaching list; I have others that are personal. (In case you thought that this IS my life.)


    • Do much more Trash Out.
    • Write more in the log books.
    • Choose a signature item soon and start using it.
    • Post the next "Mission: Impossible" geocache ASAP.
    • Think twice, then once again, before posting a reply in the forums.


    Feel free to post your own! Happy New Year to all. Let's have a great one!


    - Seth!



  4. Team Shrek,


    The pages are designed to print on two pages, as you can tell. Run the first one through then back through your printer to put the backside on. But, that isn't working for you.


    In order to fix your problem, I'd suggest going to "page setup" and adjust your top and bottom margins. Perhaps you have them set at .5 and need to change them to .75 inches. Experiment with that and look at it in "Print Preview". Adjust the numbers until it looks like it will print okay.


    RSVP if that works or not!


    - Seth!



  5. Wow, this thread really veered off course. I wish I'd chimed in earlier.


    I, too, have often wished that you could add a note or at least edit your log entry on a TB page. That said, here are two thoughts:


    1) Write down the TB number so that you can post a note later, even after you've dropped it off.


    2) Take a photo and then post it when you are ready to add your note. Posting a photo allows you to add a caption (additional text) at the same time. It's come in handy for me.


    - Seth!



  6. quote:
    Originally posted by vds:


    What if the web site treated locationless/virtual caches as a separate class of items (ala benchmarks), with separate counters and searches on the web site ?


    You can expect that to happen. It has been discussed quite a bit and, at least for LCs, is inevitable. Personally, I'd like to see that for VCs as well, but I don't know if that will happen. But it is a very good idea, especially as the number of them grows.


    I hope that this thread is about to wind down. I think that we should all just read Sluggo's post above and call it good.


    - Seth!



  7. Kicking a ball is great, but not appropriate during a basketball game. That's for soccer or football.


    The focus of this site is a game called "geocaching". A cache is a container, intentionally placed for others to find it. (Or to find it yourself, if it's fresh water, etc.) Just because you can record a waypoint for it does not make it a geocache.


    There are places where one can post Points of Interest, which many VCs are. At the risk of repeating myself, there are occasions where posting a Virtual Geocache makes sense. National Parks, for instance, since we are currently not allowed to place geocaches there. Even then, I would excercise good and cautious judgement.


    I'm sorry that this thread digressed for a bit. My purpose for posting it here was that VCs seem to be getting out of hand in our region. This has happened elsewhere, but I haven't paid as much attention to it. I just don't want to see our "population" of geocaches watered down by lame VCs.


    One admin uses this example: If you were going to take a reporter on his or her first geocache hunt, what would you want them to see to represent our sport?


    Anyway, we don't need to beat this to death. I just wanted to call attention to it. Hopefully we'll see some results in the coming weeks.


    - Seth!



  8. Hi! In the spirit of the holidays, I have a gripe. Actually, two. Neither are aimed at YOU. But I thought you might want to read them so that you can nod your head in agreement. icon_wink.gif


    The first is holiday themed geocaches. I think that, in June, when every third geocache is a Christmas-themed geocache, we're going to collectively puke. icon_eek.gif


    Temporary geocaches just aren't cool (except in very limited quantities) because the whole point is for a geocache to stay there for a long time while people visit it over the months and years.


    It's probably too late to bring this up for Christmas, but how about we all take a pass on the "Easter Bunny Geocache" ideas that are brewing. icon_biggrin.gif


    Gripe number two: Virtual "geocaches". I'm noticing that more and more of these are showing up on the geocache list, waiting for approval. Now, if it's in a National Park and a physical geocache is off limits, that's cool. But often it seems that people are just too lazy to bother planting a geocache container. So please, don't be lazy. If the neato statue you found won't be a good hiding spot, then use it in an offset or multi-cache. icon_cool.gif


    It's not like we have a shortage of geocaches in the Northwest. If you haven't found a great hiding spot or had a great idea for a hunt, then wait for inspiration to strike. There are still plenty of others to go out and find. icon_wink.gif


    (end gripe)


    On that note, Happy Holidays! Whee! icon_smile.gif


    - Seth! <--if you agree

    - Anonymous <--if you think I'm being harsh



  9. We were there at 8 AM on a Sunday and everyone and his sister came by. (I thought that geomuggles slept in on Sunday or went to church.) Nearly all of them stopped to talk to us. One guy was there for probably an hour or more. We threatened to send him up the tree for us. (Heck, he looked light.)


    Possible explanations for our actions, as told to us by passersby: Keeping our food away from bears; trimming tree limbs; picking up trash that someone left 45' in the air.


    - Seth!



  10. I hope that you guys will consider being a Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA) chapter. The meetings that we've been having in my neck of the woods are now the "WSGA Puget Sound (PS) Chapter". More information on chapters will be coming to the WSGA web site soon.


    We already have many members from the East but we need more. Strength in numbers!





  11. quote:
    Originally posted by yumitori:

    Heh. Well, maybe. 'SCA' stands for lots of things, including ones that make most folks uncomfortable. What Boojum and I are making reference to is a group called the Society for Creative Anachronism ...


    Hee hee. That's pretty funny, because I assumed the Trafcon was referring to the Society for Creative Anachronism when he said "out of my comfort zone"!


    "Look, Daddy! That ammo can got up and walked away!"


    "No dear, that's an SCA fellow. He's lost his other knights. Perhaps we should offer to help. I see he doesn't have a GPS receiver."




    - Seth!


    (That was an attempt at humor. As in, laugh with, not at.)



  12. ..it looks like I'm the only one who took longer than 48 hours to get the TB logged into a new location. It's actually moving pretty fast for a TB.


    I had a good reason for holding onto it for an extra day, so I'm not going to lose sleep. (See my log entry.)


    I did notice that my move is the closest to five miles so far, at 4.94 miles. icon_biggrin.gif Now I just hope that someone from North can make that next jump into South territory.


    This is a pretty fun game. The things that are the biggest drawbacks for me are (a) I'm having less time to geocache these days and (:D I'd rather not revisit a geocache unless it's one of mine (then it's a maintenance visit, also).


    Maybe we should start a second thread since this one has gone to a second page. (That annoys me...)


    - Seth!



  13. Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone in our area (Seattle and beyond) is using a Rino. How about, is anyone thinking about it? Have it on your Christmas list?


    I'd like to know what people think of them and if there will be others using them. I don't know if I'll be getting one any time soon myself, but this discussion could affect my decision.


    (Yes, I've seen the threads in the GPS receivers forum.)





  14. Dr. Isotope remains an enigma. The geocaching CSI lab processed his e-mail address and the IP addresses from which he operates. Unfortunately, all are dead ends. I would suggest keeping your eyes peeled if you are near a public library computer in western Oregon. That's all I can say other than this guy covers his tracks well. Mister Big gave us similar trouble for some time, but Jeremy was able to determine his true identity. I, of course, am sworn to secrecy on THAT matter.


    - Seth!



  15. This is an odd request. If you know of a geocache page where the owner went crazy on the HTML, please send me the URL.


    I'm going to do a lesson adding HTML to geocache pages and I'd like an example (that's not from my region) of overkill. I'd like to see a page where the person used several of the following:


    Too many fonts/colors/photos

    Scrolling text/marquee

    Text that changes color

    Oodles of font sizes

    Gobs of tables

    Goofy background


    Please don't post it here! Just send me a note!








  16. Thanks for including our link, Cannonlaw. The TB Sheet is on our WSGA web site. I've designed two different sizes. One is for a 1 qt. baggie, the other will fit in a sandwhich baggie. The idea was to put it in a ziplock bag with the Travel Bug.


    I could make an even smaller one, but it would not have the photo and the writing would get pretty small. Editing the text really defeats the purpose. The idea is to give people ALL of the information that they will need to successfully log a Travel Bug.


    But I am wondering how much demand there is for a smaller size. If enough people want one, I'll work on it. (I just remembered that I'm supposed to post one in French, too. I'll do that soon.)


    - Seth!



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