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  1. Greetings from the USA. I am trying to determine what geocaches are near the British Museum. That is one place in London that I am sure to visit. Could someone either post the coordinates for the museum or tell me what geocache is closest to it? Then I can do a 'nearest caches' search. Thanks!


    - Seth!

  2. This is very helpful to me, too. I did notice, however, that the links to the list on geocacheuk returned a query error. I wonder if that can be fixed.


    Can anyone tell me of a geocache or two that are near the British Museum? I'm particularly interested in physical geocaches, although I understand that many in London are virtuals.




  3. Not allowed? Well, maybe. But I suspect that someone could take a photo like the one described by Meriadoc. I know that photos from inside MS do exist, and some even make it to the gc web site. Here's a very exciting one, for instance:




    There is a geocache VERY er...close to the MS campus. See Sawmill a.k.a. Your Browser's Cache.


    GO WSGA!


    [This message was edited by Seth! on November 08, 2003 at 09:05 PM.]

  4. I always thought it just looked like someone wearing glasses. So I've used it to represent my son, Adrian (see AdrianL user id).


    Looking at the smileys, I see that a bunch of cool ones (like the dead guy) aren't there and now we have a bunch of frogs. I can't figure out what in the heck those frogs are doing at my screen resolution! They're probably all flipping me off!



  5. Yep, I'll be there for the tail end of the state fair. I have mixed feelings about that. Normally I'd say that 1800 miles is a safe distance from it, but my son has never been to a fair so I suppose we have to go.


    I was aware that the plaque was missing. There is a work-around in the cache description for that waypoint. When I am in town, I'll have another look to see how best to revise the waypoint.



  6. Hello again, Land of Lincoln.


    I was so glad to see that wadcutter found my Lincoln Sites I geocache today. It and Paul Powell's Shoebox had been sitting around since March without finders. Hey, these are fun multi-caches, folks! Rush out and hunt for them! They aren't too hard and should be pretty interesting. I know that there are geocachers running around because my Secret Camp Site geocache gets found regularly.


    I'll be in the area in three weeks and I'm hoping to swap some Travel Bugs. There are a few in some Springfield geocaches right now. Cool! I'll be hunting some of the newer ones while I am there, like Capital City Cache. I'll also check on mine. So if you have a TB that wants to see Seattle, drop it off by the 13th or early the weekend of the 16th.


    Keep on 'caching!





  7. quote:
    Originally posted by Misguided One:

    Don't get too upset, I have 2 TB that haven't moved for a year. Unfortunately that is the nature of the TB's.


    Well, I think that you can get a little bit upset. After all, it ISN'T the nature of Travel Bugs. It's the generally the nature of thoughtless people.


    But don't despair. One of my Travel Bugs that got picked up a YEAR ago this month just got placed into another geocache. Hooray! icon_smile.gif



  8. Howdy. This isn't exactly a geocaching topic, but I suspect that someone among us knows something about metal detectors. I was watching a video of Mel Fisher and his team finding the Atocha.


    They were using a metal detector back in the 1980's that looked like the one in my drawing. The main unit is a cylinder, unlike the boxes that you typically see.


    My question is, what is the make of this metal detector? Kind of a long shot, I realize.








  9. When I saw this thread, I figured it would be a lot of posts about how awful the new icons are. I guess I may be in the minority, but I don't like them. The old ones were great!


    I agree with Prime Suspect's assessment.


    The whole point of an icon is to provide a symbol that is easy to recognize. Variations on the little blue can was a super way to go. These new ones are all so disparate and unrecognizable. I still don't know what that chip-clip/squeegee thing is all about. The smiley face that is being boiled in a glass pot is freaking me out, too.


    In response to Markwell's question, I would just add that I think that the Project Ape designations should be retained. The one in WA does not have it's P.A. icon any more and I am sad about that.


    I realize that we aren't taking a poll, but if we were, I would vote the new icons off the island and bring back the old ones. If change is a 'must-do', then let's try something else. Please!



  10. quote:
    Originally posted by Moun10Bike:

    I must be afraid of ferries or something.


    Does that mean you still have a bag of your baby teeth somewhere?


    Oh, FERRIES. Nevermind.




    - Seth!


    (The Clipper is fun and can put you up there in a couple of hours. It hardly ever sinks.)



  11. quote:
    Originally posted by lucyandrickie:



    Not to put any pressure on you, but we've been waiting for Mission Impossible II forEVER!!!


    Any way that you could leak out a little tiny hint as to when we can expect this? icon_rolleyes.gif


    It's great to see you back in the game. icon_cool.gif


    Yes, it has been an embarrassingly long wait. I think that many of the geocachers in the area were not involved in the sport when I did the first Misson: Impossible.


    I can tell you this: I HAVE been plotting it. I'm not sure how soon it will be executed, but I really will try to get to it soon. (Thanks for the nudge.)


    Even though I am not employed currently, my summer is going to be busy with family, getting ready for a class reunion, learning new software, and trying to get a couple of businesses off the ground. But I'll try to add that 25th hour in the day to get M:I2 off the ground.


    As an aside, is there anyone in our community who knows a lot about HTML besides BillP3rd and me? I need to tap into the expertise of another mind...






  12. Adrian and the kids are out of school for the summer. Wheee! If any Eastsiders are heading out on a kid-friendly hunt some day and would like the company of a cute little red-headed kid (and his dad), give us a shout. We've gotten a bit behind on the Kirkland/Redmond geocaches.



  13. I know that the Groundspeak guys have been working hard for months to get these changes implemented. I think it looks great.


    Is anyone else having issues with finding yourself not logged in as you go from page to page--especially using the back button? (Sorry if this is being discussed in another forum.)



  14. quote:
    Originally posted by ~erik~:

    I agree with Keystone Approver. Posting multiple finds on an event cache page is a logical way to get credit for the temporary caches placed at an event.


    Remember that it's not about the numbers...


    If it's not about the numbers, then why log an event more than once?! That doesn't make sense.


    Geocaches that aren't worthy of their own cache page shouldn't be counted. Period. Why is this so hard to understand?


    If logging events multiple times is the direction things are going, then I suggest making event caches not 'loggable' at all.


    The whole 'do whatever the event host wants' attitude is pretty stupid also. Does the home team get to decide the rules for football?



  15. Okay, I'm going to try to say this in a nice way...This has come up before and I cannot believe that people are still doing this. Possibility for abuse? It's more than a possibility.


    So I string up 100 Christmas lights in front of my house and if you come to my picnic you get to log 101 finds--one for the picnic and one for each light.


    I can't believe that people would suggest that this is a way 'around the problem of temporary caches'. Duh. That's like saying, I'll just drive through this guy's yard to avoid the problem of that stop sign.


    Hmmm...this probably didn't come off as nice as I intened. Oh well. Logging multiple finds for temporary caches at an event is just lame.



  16. Many, many months ago I began using MobiPocket on my PDA to view cache pages. I need to reinstall it now, but looking at the MobiPocket site, I cannot find a place to download the free viewer. Even the link to "free software" takes you to their 4.6 Pro which costs 20 bucks. The only 'free' stuff I see are trial copies that expire. Does anyone see something that I missed?







  17. TravisL: "3) One person of a group of x people finds it with you near by (where x is a finite number)"


    This is one 'category'? So you make no distinction between x=2 and x=50 and x=7362? Neato.


    TravisL again: "...if a cache owner doesn't want the cache machine hunting their cache for personal, environmental, or logistical reasons, let me know"


    Yeah, you keep saying that. So the onus is on the cache owner to not be apathetic about destroying our sport? That makes it easy! Great!


    By the way, Kodak's4, we can really streamline this UCM by just posting the UCM, then bringing in 1,000 logbooks. For each one that people sign, they get to log another smilie on the event cache. This saves geocaching.com resources and people don't have to actually hide a geocache. Note that this has already been done successfully in Wisconsin. Or something equally distasteful.


    I'm getting pretty fired up. As long as you are willing to discredit and discount and disregard everything that was ever an integral part of geocaching, this CM idea is pretty cool! Tell me more!



  18. Big Eddy: "Pay attention to the perception of these events by land managers..."


    That was my point. That would imply NOT HAVING this type of event.


    TravisL: "I agree with the cache saturation guidelines in most cases."


    It's a moot point if you just archive the caches immediately after the event. I mean, who cares about geocachers that don't attend?


    oregone: "...i don't think that the concept of CMs are any more against the spirit of geocaching than virts, locationless, last-minute event caches, et.al."


    And those have contributed SO MUCH to the quality of our sport. <barfing emoticon>


    oregone again: "Seth!, meet me at the rooftop volleyball court at the Strathmore..."


    As much as I'd love to see you--or many other geocachers--you won't see me at this or any CM.


    Kodak's4: "Done this way, 100 participants each would get 2000 finds."


    I'm sure most people are thinking that this proposal is crazy. But that's precisely the direction CM's lead us. It's called a Pandora's Box. Good luck with that.



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