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  1. I'm having issues with Vantage Point right now, but if you want to enter the coordinates manually into your triton...you can do it ... MENU...CREATE...WAYPOINT or GEOCACHE...You'll be given the choices of...CURRENT LOCATION (this will make a waypoint/geocache at your location) POINT ON MAP (this will open the map and you click on a spot) COORDINATES (you enter the coordinates listed on the cache's webpage)This is the one you'll probably want if you're going to do it manually (and have chosen Geocache instead of waypoint). Double tap on the LAT and LONG and manually enter the coords that you're looking for. You can also enter the difficulty, terrain, elevation, date, hider, you can also change the name for the geocache. The easiest thing by far is to just become a premium member and download the gpx file to your computer and add it to Vantage Point then to your GPSr.
  2. you actually go to google maps to look at those co-ordinates! I looked them up...Nelson CO., KY Don't feel bad I did the same thing. *grin*
  3. http://www.magellangps.com/support/index.asp
  4. I've been having this issue myself lately.
  5. I went to school (online) with a guy that worked for DHS and you'd never have known it if he didn't tell you. I also belong to a photography web site and there are A LOT of photographers getting razzed by LEO's for taking photo's. There have actually been law-suits filed against police departments for harassment. As for "digging" that was mentioned earlier...the OP said, and I quote, "I dug out the area where the container would be placed just enough to nest it nicely and I placed a large rock over it." He wasn't burying his cache, he was just nesting it. To me that means that he was just making sure that it doesn't move. Kind of like taking a 12 inch tall container and putting it in a hole that is 6 inches. The item isn't buried, just "nested."
  6. I see that you have two travel Bugs...One's a small fire truck and the other weighs 7,000 lbs. I'm guessing the second one is your vehicle. Here's a link for it... Vehicle Travel Bug
  7. The link worked fine for me. I don't know anything about coding so I can't comment on that.
  8. Well, they've changed the snow fall amount again...2-4 inches. Bah!! That's pathetic. As for rural vs urban...there is a HUGE difference. Up here they just plow all the snow off the road and into the trees. When I lived in bigger cities they actually had to truck the snow out of town. When I lived in the Mountains of Southern California they just plowed the snow off the side of the mountain. Good luck everyone that's getting some real snow.
  9. MountainRacer, I drive a school bus for a living. There is no way that they're going to postpone, let alone cancel, school up here tomorrow; even with 8 inches of snow. The last time we had that much snow we had school as normal and we even had a bus get stuck going up a hill and when the snow plow came to get them out the plow couldn't make it up the hill either. I just went around a different way. *grin*
  10. To me it sounds like the location may have changed from when you originally placed the cache. Maybe you could sponsor an event that is a CITO? Looking at the location on Google Earth it appears to be very nice. Any idea who is responsible for cleaning up the trash along that section of road? Maybe you can contact them and see what happens. Maybe purchase a bunch of trash bags and clean it up with some friends? Maybe archive it temporarily, until it's cleaned up.
  11. Yeah, we're supposed to get 6-10 inches of the white stuff tonight. I'm soooo flipping ready for spring!!!!!!
  12. I use firefox and the only ads I see are the small gogle ones at the top of the page.
  13. When I posted mine I didn't enter any coords. I did make sure that I mentioned it was placed on my vehicle though.
  14. It all depends on WHY they "hate" it.
  15. Oops. My bad. I guess if I had actually read for comprehention and not skimmed I'd have noticed that.
  16. From what I understand to use the KML geocaching stuff with Google Earth you have to be a premium member of Google Earth.
  17. I'd heard about geocaching years ago (don't know where) and have had it in the back of my mind ever since. Last year I could have used one during a search and rescue operation and just last week I finally got around to purchasing one. Now I just need to get out and start looking.
  18. Actually, you can load more than one gpx file into Vantage Point at a time. Do not "Import" them. Just open the Vantage Point library then open a new window showing the folder that the gpx files are saved in. Select all the files and just drag them to the library. All of them will automatically be loaded.
  19. For anyone with this problem... www.whitepages.com works great for me.
  20. Actually, it's not necessarily an outside link since Groundspeak sells them.... That's how I purchased mine.
  21. If you're ever in Northern New Hampshire, USA, you can try and grab my Vehicle Travel Bug. *grin*
  22. So, everyone is getting the Clapper for their cars????
  23. I purchased some travel bugs (just received my vehicle decals today). I ordered some customized "finger boards" with two lines of text... "www.geocaching.com Nathan Wert" I also ordered some pencils to put in caches saying the same thing (for caches I'm going to start in the future). Oriental Trading Company has a customizable section of their websites (where I purchased mine).
  24. Today will probably be my first hunt and I plan on wearing whatever I normally wear (plus additions for weather). I'm going to try and hit two cache's near a girl scout camp I'm taking my daughter to. This all depends on if I can get to them while chaperoning. GC1J40P The Moose Brook Walk, and GC1J40Z Moose Brook Walk Series
  25. That sucks. I always have two pairs of keys on me (I also have electronic locks on my door). Now, some of you may wonder why I have two sets of keys on me. Well, I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT and some times I end up going straight to the scene of an accident. In a lot of cases that means I end up leaving on the ambulance and my SUV is left at the scene with all it's lights going. I generally toss an extra set of keys at a firefighter and they will then drive my car back to the fire station for me. That way I don't have to go back to the scene. It looks really silly when my SUV is sitting on the side of the road with all it's lights going and nobody else around it (it happened once and it was a really busy road and looked really stupid when I got back to it). To give you an idea on what lights I have on my SUV you can check out this youtube video (there is a siren on and it's LOUDin the video).
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