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  1. From what I understand that's usually what doctor's say too.
  2. I think you're just being overly sensitive and need to take a chill pill. But as you've paid your premium member fee I see you can't afford the chill pill. So maybe just ignore the people that are too cheap to pay the money that you and I've paid. I've never even gone geocaching yet, and I've been a member for a month now. I do want to thank you for all that you've done for the "sport/hobby/obsession" along with all the really fun posts you've posted. I understand exactly where you're coming from on this topic though. I pay for premium subscriptions on several web sites where I barely participate because I like those web sites and want to contribute. I don't know what else I'm typing right now, my fingers just seem to keep going and I don't know how to stop them anymore. Someone...please....get my fingers to stop typing....I don't have control over them anymore....We're watching the movie Bolt for the second time in two days and I just love the hamster Rhino. He's my hero.
  3. I found GC05 which was placed in 05/07/2000. I tried GC01-GC04 and nothing came back. EDIT: I didn't actually find it, but I found it on the website.
  4. I think they should pick one of the other ones that has people crawling with icky things. However, this one would definitely make for good viewing. Sorry Vinny, I live too far away to come down for this (and am too much out of shape). Too bad I'm not still stationed at Andrews AFB.
  5. Here's what is in my first aid bag: Top Compartment 1 Combitube Inside Compartments 1 1-inch tape 2 adjustable cervical collars 1 Adult BVM 2 Quick clip straps 2 Face masks 2 4-inch roll gauze 2 5x9 gauze 2 non-adhering dressing 6 4x4 gauze 10 billing forms (for ambulance calls) Airway compartment 1 non-rebreather mask 1 Nasal Canulla 1 Pocket mask 1 manual suction 1 set of Oral Airways 1 set of nasal airways 4 sets of gloves IV Kit 1 500cc of Sodium Chloride 1 3cc syringe 1 14ga Catheter 1 16ga catheter 2 18ga catheter 2 20ga catheter 1 22ga catheter 1 24ga catheter 1 1-inch tape 1 IV starter kit 1 10 drop IV tubing 4 tegaderm 1 hotpack/coldpack Left pocket 1 stethescope 1 adult BP cuff Right Pocket 2 safety glasses 1 small sharps container Front Pocket SPO2 Glucometer 1 trauma shears 1 eye wash 1 hand sanitizer 4 tongue depressors flashlight Front Pocket Removable Pouch Thermometer Band-aids (Various) Finger Splints Blood barriers (large pads to soak up blood from getting onto other things) Nose bleed plug Various other small items Admittedly, I don't go off into the woods with this very often as it's pretty bulky and heavy, but I have it in the back of my SUV and have used it numerous times (as both normal first aid and on accident/rescue scenes with the ambulance). It does convert to a backpack with straps located in a zippered rear pocket (which you can't see in this picture).
  6. Other than the above post I loved Vinny's post the best. I refuse to worry about something that's got such a small chance of happening (until it actually does).
  7. I don't know. I've made "tracks" while doing my school bus runs and they work as a map. However, I've never tried to view a GPSr while driving a school bus. I have made a couple of mapquest maps with routes I used to drive a lot. I just print those out when I did those routes. I no longer substitute drive (I've got my own route again). I admit though I miss being a sub driver (the change is very welcome). I had been sub driving for several years and got pretty good at remembering the different routes. I did about 22 different routes depending on who needed coverage. I've been sick the last two days so I had someone else driving for me. Good luck to your wife and figuring this out.
  8. Just go buy a model car kit and use the glue that comes in it.
  9. I carry a radio, but it's my Fire Department Radio. I only talk on it if we're doing search and rescue. As for the dog...My dog loves to be out in the woods. The only problem is she's a beagle and she just wants to keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and.........
  10. I use the cars dog tags on my keychains.
  11. Iowa Tom, I'm in New Hampshire. I think what I'll need to do before I do any training for GPS is to make sure that they can all read a map. My local department I'm only sure that only a handful can actually read a topt map.
  12. What I'm looking for is to help firefighters when it comes to using GPSr's to find lost/hurt hikers/snowmobilers in the White Mountain National Forest and surrounding areas. Snowmobilers now have all of their trails in our area labeled with GPS coords every so often on trails.
  13. GPS technology is just becoming used by my local fire department and we're looking for good training material to educate our firefighters/EMT's. Locally, I only know of one Fish & Game officer that uses GPS when doing search and rescue, but I don't remember who that is (I only saw him at one search and rescue last year). Does anyone have any training material that would be geared towards this end? C-Wy already sent me what he had, I'm just looking if there is anything more specific. Thank you in advance.
  14. When I was working in the mountains of Southern California (The San Bernardino Mts.) A friend and I decided that we were going to go get ourselves lost in the woods overnight. Needless to say we'd been working in the mountains too long and never got lost. We might not have known where we were, but we always knew how to get to where we wanted to be.
  15. Dang. Glad to see you recouped okay.
  16. We just got two more inches of snow today. I think any up here (Northern New Hampshire) are back in bed again.
  17. Congrats. I'm having issues with snow too. I'm waiting for the snow level to get below a foot at least (maybe even all together gone).
  18. I love my Pilot G-2 gel pen, but it sucks with water.
  19. Hey!!!! This is right down the road from me!!! I'm hoping I can get the time to go. EDIT TO ADD: I don't know anyone locally, and am curious if anyone would like a newbie on their team.
  20. I like the walking stick idea...A LOT!!!! That would be cool. As for a TB...I don't have a problem with it. I do think you might want to mark it somehow so that when someone gets stopped by the cops they will have someone to call and verify that the geocacher with the bone isn't a mass murderer. *grin*
  21. Cool. Not as good as having a working unit in your hand right now, but better than screwing around with a broken one.
  22. He did warn on the cache page to watch out for quicksand. *grin* Congrats on another FTF and thanks for the laugh.
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