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  1. You are awesome and have saved my sanity. I was looking all over for the folder. It even stayed in the gwc extension for me.
  2. Is there an easy work around? I can't find where my cartridges are stored in my phone. I was trying to find them to drop the new downloaded cartridge in that folder.
  3. I have sent everyone that hasn't opened the cache and signed the log a personal message giving them a hint and letting them know that they must sign the log. I'm leaving it up to them to do the right thing.
  4. Agree, why bother with a throwdown. Log it appropriately and if you want to have a cache go ahead and place one somewhere.
  5. Ha, I'm relatively new and only have the one cache so far but I've had a few people tell me they can't open the cache but log it anyway. It has an appropriate difficulty rating and has the field puzzle attribute. I will say that the majority of those finders are relatively new so they will probably learn that they need to sign the logs.
  6. There are some nifty videos on the website but I honestly don't know that the people that start with the App really understand things. I am just now getting the hang of it but I understood that the app was a tool, much like an activity tracking app, or Google Maps. The App is not the game itself like Pokemon Go might be. The App is only the portal that gets you to the game. I feel like I fell into it naturally but I'm weird. A Wherigo and Virtual were some of my first caches. Plus I went to my first event when I likely had less than 10 caches. I met some of the nicest people there who told me about the local Facebook page and suggested some caches to go find.
  7. Awesome. Thank you everyone. @Isonzo Karst that is what I thought might be happening. This EarthCache wants you to visit all three sand dunes but the placement of the cache itself is on the first one and I am on the third. @Lynx Humble I have an Android. So no circle but you can clearly see the nearest caches then click on them and see the distance. @The Leprechauns This is great info. I remember doing an Earthcache and a traditional recently in close proximity now that you mention it. I guess I could always start creating a hide on my phone with the website and then input the coordinates as I go but man is that a hassle. I doubt I run into this issue often but I'm trying to find a place within the State Park and get it approved before an event in late January. It has the added difficulty of proper permits and such since it is in the State Park. But a little difficulty will just make the reward greater.
  8. I'm trying to place my first cache and I went to go grab coordinates. When I got home and placed the coordinates for the hide I found that the website said that there was a cache nearby. The cache in question is an EarthCache and showed it was much further away. In fact, the closest cache was .2 miles away. If I have to go back and find a new location I'd like to find an easy way to find an appropriate spot. On the website it shows red circles all over the park with some trails having small spots of availability. It would be nice to be able to see this on the app. Hopefully I explained this well enough. Any ideas?
  9. Is there a way to set the area on the map? When I open it up I see my home location zoomed in. The old way I had a 30 mile radius from my home. I know you can adjust the map but I'd like it to open to the same area each day. For example, I cache after work when I can. So when I adjust the map I set it to the area between my home and work and a few miles past each so I can see any new caches or new activity on caches I might like to find.
  10. I'm likely to think that they really had to pee. I wouldn't ask, unless they had a GPS in their hand and I knew a cache was nearby.
  11. I try to be pretty stealthy when going after the cache but kinda get lost in the moment once I find it and am signing the log. I've had quite a few time where I popped out of some thick brush off a bike trail when someone was going by. I'm not sure what I would actually reply if someone asked what I was doing. Most just give me an odd look.
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