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  1. There are many good comments here and on the main discussion page. For me, one thing that has not been discussed much, and IMO, would improve the game a lot, is to do with the quality of SWAG. I really hate finding a cache filled with utter junk. I always clean them out, and leave either nothing, or replace with some quality stuff (not expensive, just what you, or a kid might like to find). I have removed broken plastic cutlery, business cards, chewing gum, religious artefacts, golf balls (really? you think that's good ?), bottle tops that have clearly just been picked up from the ground, receipts for various junk, ticket stubs; well you get the picture and I am sure many of you do the same. What goes through someone's mind when they do this. It's actually insulting to the CO and to the following finders. So a bit better education as to SWAG would maybe a good idea. Thank you for listening.
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