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  1. Finally got to reading this thread. I hope Tsun's plans to produce the coin are going forward. The armadillo is an amazing creature. The designs are fabulous. If there is a pre-order list, please add me . I'll watch the thread so I don't miss out. Thanks... Kelly
  2. Congrats to all. These are AWSOME Coins. I thought they were fu-dogs, but Jackalgirl "clued" me in as to them being fu-lions. It would be really special to have them pounce into my mailbox, too!!!
  3. Dearest YASS, I'm very glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. It was great to see all the well-wishes from everyone here. I have been having trouble keeping signed on or there would have been one from me too. Thankfully, my computer is cooperating long enough to get this through. It was nice to see you got coins in the mail. Too bad WE couldn't have sent YOU a Mystery Coin!! I send you my prayers and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. All the best to you, always...Kelly
  4. Dear Miss-Keeto, Sorry to hear you are selling your collection. From what I see with eBay, people usually pay big money for geocoins. I saw you added the Ouija two piece coin. That is on the top of my wish list. I'd have bought that if you were selling it separately. All the best to you...GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  5. Congrats to Li-Z for her visit from our favorite Witch!! Who needs to wait for Santa when we have Sabrina flying year-round!!! Bet I just made his Naughty List. Yeah, JUST--I wasn't on it already Thanks to everyone who keeps Sabrina flying. Maybe she'll park her broom in my closet
  6. Greetings all, I got an answer from Claudia at Sepp & Berta's explaining the Coin. Mecklenberg-Vorpommern is a state in north Germany and the center of the coin depicts their logo. The colors signify green hills, blue sky and rivers, and the sun. There is also a compass rose. She said the saying translated to "something like": "what you don't have in your head you have to have it in your feet" or "Those who can't use their head must use their back" or "A weak memory makes weary legs" The above are her translations. I take that to mean, more or less, "work smart, not hard." She didn't say what the letters on the reverse are, but, I beleive they may be compass directions. Thanks again to our friend Y.A.S.S. and hope everyone gets their heart's desire!! Safe and happy caching to all...Kelly
  7. Greetings all, Just flying by to say "Hi' and see if my Sister Witch Sabrina had landed yet!! Boy, her broom must be putting on some miles. Wonder what kind of brew she'll be recharging with next. On Saturday, I added a new county to my geocache list, then went to a Meet and Greet. On Sunday, a friend of mine who is a SERIOUS car collector had a car club meeting and car show at his garages. Then, Monday, I was blessed to be the reciepient of the Mecklenberg-Vorpommern from Y.A.S.S. Mystery Coiner. WOW, what a great start of the Spring season!!! I hope everyone else is well. Safe and happy caching to all... Kelly
  8. Dear Y.A.S.S., I have a few translation books and was unable to translate. I checked out the Sepp & Berta website you suggested. There was not a translation there, either. I sent them an email with a request for the info. I believe the obverse may be compass directions. When I get a translation, I'll post it here for all those, like me, who are curious. If it's not too rude to print!! I have a very strange sense of humor, but, some of their coins are a bit "iffy" even for me!!!! Thanks again, Kelly
  9. Congrats to the "new" recipients of the Koi!!! Great stories of how the Koi swam into their lives. I had a great weekend doing a little caching on Saturday (added another county to my list). On Sunday, a friend of mine who is a SERIOUS car collector had a car club meeting and show at his garages! WOW!!! Then, today, I recieved one of the Y.A.S.S. coins. DOUBLE WOW!!!!! :D Safe and happy caching to all KEEP SPREADING THE KOI JOY!!!!
  10. Greetings all, I am fairly new to geocaching and very new to the Forums. I am quite pleased and amazed to be blessed by Y.A.S.S.'s having added me to the special group of people who recieved the gift of a very beautiful coin. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This coin will remain with me for those times when I need to remember its message and to share with others. I will try to post a picture. Have not attempted to upload(?) pics, so don't be surprised if it takes me a bit to figure it out!! Y.A.S.S., I am embarrassed to say I am unsure what language is printed on the coin. Would you (or someone else) please translate?? The obverse is: ^MECKLENBURG- VORPOMMERN^ wat en nich in kopp hett, dat mutt he in de Been hebben! The reverse is: DM^GU^LWL^MST^MUR^NVP^NWM^OVP^PCH^RUG^UER^HGW^NB^HRO^SN^HST^HWI^DBR Thanks, also, to your Mother --she "done good" in raising such a thoughtful person!! Congrats to all the other reciepents, as well. I hope Y.A.S.S. has someone just as special to share life's blessings with. Now, I am going to call my Mom before her shows start!! Oh, I was so thrilled with recieving the coin, I almost went to our monthly Sittin' Round Talkin' Cache tonight which is (only) two days early!!!! Safe and happy caching to all...Kelly
  11. OOOPPPPS-- I forgot to give the devil his due. Will he show up to punishment me??!! Ooo, I can hardly wait to take my lumps :surprise:
  12. How did you get all those old pictures of me??? I don't remember anyone taking them!!! I should have one of the coins to see how much I've changed!!! I've a tattoo of the old Hot Stuff Devil, but, I need another tattoo. My friends can't decide if I'm a good bad girl or a bad good girl Congrats to all the reciepients!!! "I want to be in that number" oh, wait, that's a quote from When the Saints Come Marching In-- doubt I'll be in that line!!! I'm on the address list, tho AAAHHHAAAAHHHAAA
  13. Greetings all, I just stumbled onto this site tonight. WOW, what a cool mission. I read all the posts and would love to be included. It's so great to see so many folks just wanting to bring joy to each other. We know--CACHERS ROCK!!!! I still have a happy tear in my eye for Maine Family's reciept of DJ.JRock's amazing gift. I'm fairly new to caching (and the Forums) and totally hooked already. My first Find was a coffee chat on 3-18-09 and am approaching my first milestone or, shall we coin a new term -- milepebble of 50!!!! I am enjoying the adventures of this Good Little Witch and look forward to seeing the joyful posts of all she visits. Does she have one of those maps that show all the miles she's logged?? I've sent an email to ELTADA with my info in hope of being added to the mission. I hope Sabrina the Witch keeps her cauldron bubbling with good cheer and bright blessings for all!!!! And that her Sister Witch is released from her bindings to spread her cheer as well!!! GeoCharmer81 from NE Ohio
  14. Greetings all, I saw these coins as a C&P pre-order. I am another horse lover, so I ordered the Moolight version. It is FABULOUS. I have family in Baltimore, so we traveled the Assateague/ Chincoteague area, but never got to see the swim. Maybe some day??? I'm pretty new to the GC (and Forums) scene, and no doubt hooked already. I missed all the pre-planning and art. Really cool to see all that goes into producing coins. THANKS for these great coins and past and future ones, too!!!!!! Safe and happy caching to all P.S. to KrazyTrollz -sometimes would like to bite my parrot back, almost hurts worse than a horse bite!!!!!
  15. Greetings to all, I'm from NE Ohio and just recently started caching . I signed up for GC.com on 2-22-09 and my first Find was 3-18-09. I've been checking out the Forums, and love a mystery, so needless to say, this one really got my attention! I was touched by all the stories-good and not so good. My prayers go out to all those who've experienced losses. Unfortunately, I've attended three funerals already this year. There's been much good also. I visited my Mom (she's 83 years young) in Tampa, Florida in March and took her along on a few caches. She loved it!! And, I hit the big 50 in January!! MANY THANKS to the "Mystery Coiner" and Congrats to all who've recieved these amazing Coins!!!!! I BELIEVE... KEEP SPREADING THE KOI JOY... Safe and happy caching to all Geo Charmer81
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