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  1. Glad to see you are enjoying your vacation!!! Guessing 129 caches and 9 countries
  2. I LOVE Caching and Coining!!! Caching gets me outside to enjoy new places. Coining indulges my obsessive desire to collect neat, shiny stuff!!! THANKS again for the Cointest!!! May the best (wo)man WIN this gorgeous COIN!!!
  3. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!!! Am enjoying all the stories and comments!!! Thanks again for the COINtest!!!
  4. Thanks for this COINtest!!! No muss, no fuss AND a BEAUTIFUL Coin for the winner!!! Here's hoping the Random Winner is someone who deserves a "Pick-Me-Up"!!!
  5. Here fishy, fishy!!! Hummm, now what would we use to entice a koi to come visit???!!!
  6. 15 caches, 2 26 caches, 2 Thanks and hope you enjoyed your weekend!!!
  7. 9 caches, 1.5 Hope you're having fun in spite of the wash-out!!!
  8. LOVE 'em!!! Glad I'm going to GCF!!!
  9. THOSE ARE TOO COOL!!! I really hope I can get one of each. Live in NE Ohio, so doubt I'll make the event. Will you announce on this page how we can get them???
  10. WAY COOL!!! I put this one on my watchlist. Maybe you can post pics of the progress??? It seems like many are interested in seeing the steps involved in making this coin. Really hope I can afford one of these!!!
  11. I'd be willing to go back with you after the Bash if you want to try to find it!!! Suspecting it's the place in Aurora??? Contact me through GC if I haven't already given you my email address. Kelly (AKA Geocharmer81)
  12. REALLY sweet Coin!!! Hope to see (meet) you at MWGB!!! I'm volunteering and will be at the Camping Check-In Thur morn and Welcome Gate Thur, Fri and Sat afternoon.
  13. I love these coins!!! Just tried to order and the site wouldn't let me. Sent a message through the site, too. Would really love to have a Golden Knowledge or a Gleaming Truth!!!
  14. OOOOOOOOO, I can't wait to see the color combos so I can choose (get) my favorites!!!
  15. I had ordered and recieved a few coins, so I wasn't expecting anything else. I was very surprised and greatly honored to recieve one of these Mystery Mickeys. The pics don't do them justice as they are REALLY COOL!!! OOOHHH, shiny AND sparkly!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH MYSTERY COINER!!! All the world needs people like you!!!
  16. I had a Midnight Alien landing yesterday and they are welcome to stay at my house forever!!! Really great design... Thanks!!!
  17. Got a Marvin and a Rio yesterday and they are REALLY COOL!!! THANKS, Mark!!! I always look forward to your "projects"!!! Hope these coins bring lots of help for the Cougar Mountain Zoological Park.
  18. LadyBee4T-- you really DO have Parrots as the tiels (and parakeets) are Parrots!!!
  19. Too cute!!! Please put me down for one Marvin(green). I have a Red Lored Amazon female named Rico. I had a Red Sided Eclectus male named Russell who crossed the Rainbow. His colors were quite similar to Marvin. Good luck with the fund-raising!!! Wish I could attend the Event, but I'm in Ohio. Thanks, GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly) Edit to add: Green in Nickel and also a Red (first pic) in Nickel!!! Oh, I just went to the movie Rio today-- it's a must-see for animal lovers!!!
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