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  1. Greetings all!!! I just love these little guys and hope it is not too late to get at least one. There is one little hedgie (Rune) who lives with me and he's my fourth--doubt he'll be the last!!! I couldn't find any on the sites noted. My favorites are from Left to Right, Top to Bottom on the Chart: R1#2 R1#3 R1#4 R3#4 R4#3 R5#2 R4#4 R4#2 R2#2 R2#4 R3#2 R4#1 If anyone has any of these to sell or trade, please email me through GC.com THANKS, Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)
  2. I like the coin WITH the Swastika!!! I'd do some with and some without. I fully understand how many people feel about the Swastika. Originally, it was a good luck symbol and the image was the reverse of the German image. I hope to be able to get one (prefer with Swastik)when they're done!!!
  3. I LOVE Hedgies!!! I have a little male named Rune. He's the fourth who's lived with me. I collect Hedgies in various mediums--mostly stuffed and metal. So, I must have a few of these cuties when they're ready!!! THANKS for a great design!!!
  4. These Coins are sooo cool--wish I could order the set as I really LOVE the Special, too!!!
  5. Yeah for your BINGO!!! I'll try B-05, I-29, N-44, G-60, O-74 Thanks for the fun Cointest!!!
  6. I use a Venture HC and, for the most part, love it. It has WAAS, so usually no problem with accuracy. The only cons, which may pose a problem for some cachers, are firstly that you cannot add a memory card, so it has no ability to add maps; no turn-by-turn; and it only holds 500 waypoints. The Vista HCX seems to be a good unit-card can be added, turn-by-turn and 1000 waypoints. Another well-loved unit is the MAP60CSX with all above and more features. Ask your GeoFriends, keep watching the Garage Sale thread and that other auction site-- do the research so you get the best option for the money you want to spend. Possibly even a pawn shop may have something to suit your needs. Also, the Garmin site has a comparison chart for its' units. Good luck...
  7. Well, as a New Year gesture to those of us who have been "patiently" waiting for months, maybe Jim will post an update of ANY information he has.
  8. 'eLLo aLL, Was heading out the door for a doctor's appointment yesterday and noticed the maiL had arrived. Saw the enveLope from me to me and immediateLy opened it to find a LoveLy NO L Mystery Coin!!! I'd seen this thread, but reaLized the meaning without the hint!!! ReaLLy neat Coin!!! MANY THANKS to the Mystery Coiner for thinking of ALL of us during this HoLiday Season!!! :wub: :D :wub: May ALL your wishes and dreams come true!!! :wub: :santa:
  9. The Warrior Mystery Coin (#73) made his way to me yesterday as well!!! Many thanks to Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader for bestowing their gifts upon us!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to them and everyone else, too!!! SITH HAPPENS...
  10. Oh, hey, that's me!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  11. Answer sent. THANKS for the Cointest. Would love to add one of these great Coins to my collection!!!
  12. Princess Leia--I do!!! And, I'm in the Address Book!!!
  13. Looking forward to tonight!!! Hoping everyone has a great time at their Events, too!!! Thanks to Guwapo for including me in his Bookmark List. And, most of all MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED IN THE ARMED FORCES--PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES FOR US!!! WE MUST REMEMBER THAT FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!
  14. LOVE the design!!! I entered the Cointest and realized I hadn't sent my caching name, so sent the form a second time--sorry and hope the double entry doesn't disqualify me!!! Thanks for the GREAT Coins and the Cointest!!!
  15. I love the design, but would like to know color scheme and price before making a reservation.
  16. Thanks, Bruce!!! I knew about the coins-- my other addiction!!! I just didn't decide till the "last minute" to do an Event!!! There is another cacher from my area who usually does Multi-Events who isn't doing this one. There is another forum where a caching friend made a comment suggesting that I of all people should do an 11-11-11 Event!!! And, I do know about these forums, too. Just watch and don't post very often. Planning for GeoCoinFest gave me tunnel-vision!!! Safe and happy caching to all... Kelly Edit to add: if anyone knows if we can get the generic 11-11-11 Coins before the Events, please let me know!!!
  17. Greetings all!!! I have decided at almost the last minute to host an Event in northeast Ohio: 11-11-11 The Time To Remember GC352W4 Since it's so late, there will be no coin for this Event. But, would someone who knows details about where to get the basic color scheme coins please send me said details (TIA!!!)??? I'd like to see if I may be able to get a few of those for this Event. WOW, as a newbie Event "owner" I hope to be accepted into this great group of special folks who host these Events!!! Maybe I can get some tips to be better prepared and to have coins made for future Multi-Events!!! Thanks everyone, Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)
  18. WELCOME HOME--WORLD TRAVELERS!!! I suspect you have many, many stories to tell or not reveal!!! Try to relax a bit before returning to the whirlwind that is "real" life!!! I can't wait till you finish logging so all of us can check out all your countries visited and caches found!!!
  19. 108 caches, 12 countries Safe journey home!!!
  20. 108 caches, 14 countries Safe and happy caching!!!
  21. WOW, sounds like a fabulous (but tiring) vacation!!! Wish I could "do" Europe!!! 137 caches, 13 countries
  22. SWEEEEEET!!! Love the story and the coin!!! I will be sure to find your booth at GCF!!!
  23. Congrats Steben6 for the WIN!!! Thanks to Jayman11 for the great COINtest!!!
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