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  1. RSG--- AMEN, THANK YOU, BRAVO!!!!!!!!! And, yes, I am shouting that in hopes that others will start to rebel also!!! Too bad "you get what you pay for" doesn't work in reverse!!! GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  2. WOW--I AM JEALOUS!!! That is a GREAT Coin. I've seen pictures before, but I didn't know those were still being gifted. Congrats and welcome to our nightmare, er, um obsession, er, um-- I mean hobby!!! Blessed be...GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  3. Thanks to Mr. Gray for the second Cointest. My guess is a family home movie from Mr. Gray-- IE a DVD of an alien themed movie!!! I also love IBcrashen's Emotocons!!! TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!!! I BELIEVE...
  4. OH deer--that sounds like great "monster" repellant!!! Congrats to dfx. That Coin is a great TREAT!!! I wish I could get a Bronze one. And, thanks to NOSNOW for a fun cointest and the beautiful coins. GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  5. Hoot, hoot. How about 59??? Thanks--can't wait to find out the answer!!!
  6. WOW, haven't been keeping up with the forums lately. LOVE this Coin!!! Owls are one of my Spirit Animals, so I'd love to have one--or more!!! This is a great idea for a Cointest, as well--thanks!!! My guess is 81
  7. I've been out investigating Earthly locations (caching) and haven't kept up with this thread till now. Saw Mr. Gray posted a note that WE could contact HIM to see if we were possible "Contactees." I BELIEVE, so I sent an email!!! I haven't been probed recently-- may be due!!! Curious and awaiting further instructions!!!
  8. That is really a great looking Coin!!! I love parrots. I sincerely hope you have them made. I want one!!! GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  9. I went to my mailbox today and was surprised to see a bubble mailer--huuummm, the item I won on the dreaded eBay shouldn't be here yet. Oh, wait, this is flat and is from--ME. OOOHHH, what is it???!!! WOW, it is a LOON-A-TICK (#078)!!! This coin is gorgeous as well as cute and funny!!! I've always stated that I was crazy, but not stupid!!! The only people who say I'm not crazy are the parents of my (30+year) friend who are both clinical psychologists. Have they been proven wrong??? It just be a LOON-A-TICK you're lookin' for and I've found one!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH TO THE MYSTERY COINER!!! I am honored and humbled to have received one of these great Coins. This one will stay in my collection to remind me that there are so many wonderful people in our community-- both the gifters and recipients (congrats to them)!!!
  10. That sure is a great looking coin!!! I love all the details!!! My only complaint is that I can't afford one right now-- can you hear me whining???!!! I can be a big B...aby
  11. CONGRATS Jackalgirl---great adventure and story!!! Thanks again to Penny and Kona for a really fun Cointest!!! And, to everyone who sent postcards!!! Mine was from the Margie Pfund Post Mark Museum in Lyme, Ohio. It's left of the larger Maine postcard.
  12. Congrats Nikos!!! I'm very sure Wyatt's Coin will have a great place in your heart and home!!! I stopped guessing at the wrong time today. Was into doing logs for a 210 finds weekend (Aug. 28 & 29) and didn't want to lose my ambition!!! Thanks to Laval K-9 (and Wyatt) for this really fun Cointest!!! Does Wyatt get to "nibble the kibble" NOW???!!! GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
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