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  1. The coins that were added to my collection in December;






    Happy new year everyone :)


    Happy New Year Greetings!!!


    NICE HAUL!!! I love that big one, too!!!


    What is the Coin on the bottom row second from the right?

    One for my Wish List!!!


    Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)

  2. I've also been having issues deleting caches from my Watchlist. I keep getting the 500 Error when trying to delete using Internet Explorer. Just for the heck of it, I went on GC via Firefox to try to delete some caches from my Watchlist.

    I checked a few boxes and clicked Delete Selected Caches and, it worked!!! I'm OK with the whatever works method.

    But, I just wonder why IE won't let me delete caches???


    P.S. I had 5000 on the Watchlist before Firefox helped me delete some.

  3. 1. Participating: September 11, 2012

    2. Received Name: September 29, 2012

    3. Mission Complete: Mission sent October 5, 2012

    4. Mission Received: RECEIVED Mission from Team Eccs21 on 10/12/2012


    MANY THANKS to Team Eccs21 for the GREAT Card and MWGB Coin.

    The Card is just too cute!!!

    The Coin is Halloween themed and has an OWL on it!!!

    Will try to post pics later today.

  4. Would like to see which versions are available. Clicked the link in previous post and it stated no products found.

    Are they in the stores yet??? Or, is anyone selling any???

    Already have one trade in the works, but one hedgie is never enough!!!


    Thanks, GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)

  5. Greetings,


    For side 2/second coin: in Egypt, when someone died, in order to ascend, the the heart was weighed against a feather to judge the worthiness of the person. They were supposed to balance.


    LOVE the design--must have at least one!!!

  6. Very sad news, indeed.

    Not sure if I'd ever met him in person, but believe I've emailed with him about coins.

    I know I have some great coins that were designed by him.

    He will be missed by the caching community as well as his family and friends.

    Condolences and blessings to all.


    P.S. Thanks for informing the community of this terrible loss.


    Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)

    from Lake County, Ohio

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