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  1. I had ordered and recieved a few coins, so I wasn't expecting anything else.

    I was very surprised and greatly honored to recieve one of these Mystery Mickeys.

    The pics don't do them justice as they are REALLY COOL!!!

    OOOHHH, shiny AND sparkly!!!



    All the world needs people like you!!!

  2. Too cute!!!

    Please put me down for one Marvin(green).


    I have a Red Lored Amazon female named Rico.

    I had a Red Sided Eclectus male named Russell who crossed the Rainbow.

    His colors were quite similar to Marvin.


    Good luck with the fund-raising!!!

    Wish I could attend the Event, but I'm in Ohio.


    Thanks, GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)


    Edit to add: Green in Nickel and also a Red (first pic) in Nickel!!!


    Oh, I just went to the movie Rio today-- it's a must-see for animal lovers!!!

  3. This is just my opinion...

    I think you'd do well listing and selling them individually here.

    You'd most likely get more selling them individually rather than bulk.

    It seems your collection is older and probably more desirable coins.

    You could do a few "blocks" with different prices-- as some coins will

    fetch a better price than others.

    I believe you are only able to sell the trackable (activated or not) in these threads.

    Someone who knows more info is sure to read this and offer suggestions as to where you can sell the ones that are not trackable and the other goodies.

    Then, if you have time and patience, there's that e-site!!!


    I'd love to know what you've got for sale!!!

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