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  1. Sounds like the USPS did their due diligence to find out where the shipment belonged before they sold it---NOT!!! And they wonder why some folks don't trust them!!! You'd think that whomever bought the box at auction would have found paperwork for the rightful owner when they opened it. If it had been me, I'd have tried to contact the owner.
  2. KARMA, Neal, KARMA!!! Certainly hope the entities you mentioned help you get this straightened out in a timely manner. And, I hope you get the message out so noone buys those fakes.
  3. I have an extra make me an offer through my profile email (as I don't often check PM) transaction complete! Recieved this and a few other coins from Pastor_B in the mail today-- MANY THANKS!!! Hope to post some pics in the Mailbox thread!!!
  4. I have recieved my Mission from Turlutortue-- more on that later--THANKS!!! Will be getting my mission to the POST (hint) tomorrow at the latest.
  5. GREAT NEWS,Drneal!!!!!! Hope you get the Coins soon--can't wait to see them!!!
  6. I'm still hoping to find a Rainbow edition of the 12-12-12!!!
  7. Greetings Claire!!! How lovely of Wyatt to pose for that sweet picture!!! And, thank you for a Springtime Mission!!! Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81) Email sent 1. Participating 02-19-2013 2. Reveived Name 3. Mission sent 4. Mission Received
  8. Drneal, did you get only 1 Bremen coin or do you have a second one to trade? I love the Bremen as well!!!
  9. LadyB-- I LOVE the Blue Dragon!!! What's the name of the Coin? Another for my Wish List!!!
  10. MORE GREAT COINS!!! I LOVE the Harry Potter Coin-- notice my avatar-- another for my Wish List!!!
  11. NICE HAUL!!! I LOVE the colors of the 12-12-12 and the Hedgehog!!!
  12. I'd like to see the photos,too!!! Congrats on the prize of the signed copy of the book!!!
  13. Lots of great Coins. The one I like the most is the rectangular one with the pigpen(?) cipher!!! OOH, and the one with the sun rays next to Underdog!!!
  14. That one is the 12-12-12 Geocoin from Geocoinshop.de, but I'm afraid it's sold out. They're back!!!
  15. SOOOOOO COOL--I WANT (at least) ONE!!! Love the Black/Red/White colors. Will read more about the Merlin Falcon Foundation, too!!!
  16. Everything is back in order now--thanks!!!
  17. I got my invite (again) and was reading through the document. At first all was fine, then, the names changed. All the addresses and email addresses are OK, though. And, it says I made an edit--I didn't do anything but read the document. TOO WIERD!!!
  18. I found where I had the Address Book saved and when opened was only able to view and scroll through the first page. There was an error message which stated browser error/ refresh with F5 Ctrl. Tried that and it did nothing. Mostly use IE7 and tried Firefox with same result. Since I have limited computer knowledge, wonder if this could be solved with requesting a new invite and saving it again??? Thanks in advance for any tips!!! Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81) P.S. my address is correct!!!
  19. Just stumbled upon this thread. Read from beginning to end and can hardly type through the tears. The Coin and story are amazing. Neal, all the love you have for Kathy and your furry family are quite apparent!!! All the best to you in the New Year!!! Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)
  20. Any updates on these Coins? We haven't heard anything recently.
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