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  1. CONGRATS Jackalgirl---great adventure and story!!!


    Thanks again to Penny and Kona for a really fun Cointest!!!


    And, to everyone who sent postcards!!!


    Mine was from the Margie Pfund Post Mark Museum in Lyme,

    Ohio. It's left of the larger Maine postcard.

  2. Congrats Nikos!!! I'm very sure Wyatt's Coin will have a great place in your heart and home!!!


    I stopped guessing at the wrong time today. Was into doing logs for a 210 finds weekend (Aug. 28 & 29) and didn't want to lose my ambition!!!


    Thanks to Laval K-9 (and Wyatt) for this really fun Cointest!!!


    Does Wyatt get to "nibble the kibble" NOW???!!!


    GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)

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