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  1. An old one I didn't know of until I saw it on eBay;




    Ghosts of Caching Past (with UV-light);





    I learned of these on the dreaded e-site as well. Pics don't do them justice!!!

    Liked them so much, I was able to find two.

    Sorry folks--mine and don't plan to sell or trade!!!


    P.S. They have a Buzzard on them and I collect Buzzards!!!

  2. YEAH YANAGI!!! Wonderful to see you have received your Mission!!! :lol::lol::lol:


    Thanks again to Claire for this Mission-- now she can have "closure"!!!!!! :D


    Maybe if we start a Thanksgiving (November in the USA) Mission NOW,

    everyone will have their Missions in time!!! B)B);)


    I've gone back to my usual TV snack--sunflower seeds in the shell!!! :omnomnom:

  3. I hope I'm in Florida when this Event comes together!!!

    As for the Icon question, I believe many coin enthusiasts would want a unique icon.

    Since you seem to only expect to have a small quantity of Coins, you really need to consider costs

    of a unique icon. I also believe many cachers who attend an Event appreciate a Coin as a remembrance. As long as it is trackable (at Geocaching.com)some will not care if there is a unique icon. As with anything, there will be lots of different opinions!!!

    I'd want a Coin as long as it was trackable, no matter if it had the unique icon or not!!!

    All the best for the planning and execution of the Event and Coin!!!

  4. Yesterday I got a great coin from TMA. Thanks for making it available!




    The Sweet Lake City Night Caching Event XSE antique copper


    Now I have the whole set. :D




    That one is on my Wish List. Didn't realize TMA had one.

    Glad you've completed your set!!!

  5. Once yanagi finally receives his mission I should start the Biggest Looser mission for those who stuck around until the end ;)


    A little raspberry for me too :mmraspberry:



    No Raspberry for me--will stay with popcorn :drama:


    But, the new Mission should be called BIGGEST OPTIMIST for always having HOPE!!!

  6. GREETINGS ALL!!! I am a reluctant FB user. I just Liked Tsun's page on 4-3-13, so I can be better informed on what she's up to!!! Too many places to look for shiny goodies these days!!!


    (Just a little hijack here--I voted for Sundance on FB but my posts for the votes didn't show up. He won anyway--YEAH!!!)


    I LOVE these FALCONS and would love to have at least two when they're ready.

  7. Sounds like the USPS did their due diligence to find out where the shipment belonged before they sold it---NOT!!! And they wonder why some folks don't trust them!!!


    You'd think that whomever bought the box at auction would have found paperwork for the rightful owner when they opened it. If it had been me, I'd have tried to contact the owner.

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