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  1. Greenish, I'm sooo glad the Mission made it to you before Christmas!!!

    Very happy you liked the Coin I chose for you--- got one for myself, too.

    Did I have a temporary lapse of intelligence and forget to seal it

    :huh::o or was the mailer damaged in the post? :unsure::(


    Thanks again to Claire for hosting the Mission and



  2. Name sent: NOVEMBER 10,2013

    Name received: NOVEMBER 25,2013

    Mission sent: DECEMBER 4,2013

    Mission received: DECEMBER 11,2013


    I received my Mission from Rob of the Pingos today!!! :D

    The card has two cute Penguins on it--- their namesake!!!

    The Coin is a fantastic hinged Butterfly, gold with purple and green translucent colors!!! :wub:


    MANY THANKS to the Pingos for the Coin and card!!! :D:wub::D


    And, THANKS to LavalK9 for hosting the Missions!!!


    Now, waiting for the other Missions to land under the Christmas Trees!!! :omnomnom::mmraspberry::drama:


    MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!! :santa: :santa: :santa:

  3. WOW---I got one, too!!!

    These Coins are as beautiful as the Spirit of our Mystery Coiner!!!

    MANY THANKS for remembering me this Holiday Season!!!

    Congrats to everyone else who has received one.


    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to EVERYONE!!! :santa: :santa: :santa:

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