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  1. I received my gorgeous prize from mamoreb today---the Chinese Zodiac Dragon: Blue/shiny nickel!!!

    I am trying to think up another unique Cointest for my "pay it forward"!!!

    Really need to move stuff from old laptop to new so I can post pics.


    :wub: MANY THANKS to Marie for the fun Cointest and for my new Dragon!!! :wub:

  2. e-mail sent: February 17,2014

    Name received: MARCH 10,2014

    Mission sent: MARCH 21, 2014

    Mission arrived:

    Mission received: March 17, 2014


    Finally made it to the Post Office today.

    After seeing the Coin I chose to send out, I really like it and

    am in search of that one and it's companion to add to my collection.


    I hope this and all the missions arrive safely and quickly.

  3. e-mail sent: February 17,2014

    Name received: MARCH 10,2014

    Mission sent:

    Mission arrived:

    Mission received: March 17, 2014


    I received both my incoming Mission and the Coin I will send for my outgoing Mission

    on Monday (3-17). Sorry I didn't post sooner as I was/am on catch-up mode from a four day

    mini-vacation to Daytona Bike Week!!! Will send outgoing Mission tomorrow.


    Many thanks to runninbear 1 for my Mission of a lovely card, Easter gel clings,

    a cute Buster the Bunny Cache Buddy and a sweet Easter Egg Chickie Geocoin!!!

    Will try to post pics---need to transfer camera files from old laptop to new one.


    Again, THANKS to Claire for the Easter Mission and to runninbear 1 for my Mission!!!


    Needless to say, I didn't wait till Christmas, uh, I mean Easter to open it!!!!!!

  4. More tips for the Easter Bunny!!! I LOVE COINS!!! Oh, guess you wanted a bit more specific!!! My favorites are astronomy/astrology, new age, alien, Celtic, OWL, hedgehog, horse, dog, dragons,cars, motorcycles, colorful/glow.

    The top on my wish list are Kealia's Well Rounded Cacher 81 Challenge Coin,

    the Bell Witch Mystery and the Chthulu Mystery. I have hope...!!!


    I enjoy surprises, too, and would be happy with any Coins I may receive for Missions!!!


    Thanks for the idea Toojin and again to Claire for the Mission!!!

  5. Question: If you were to run a cointest, what would the task be?

    Describe the scariest/spookiest place you've searched for a cache.


    Mine was a creepy/cool abandoned bridge structure with a small brick "room" under it.


    Oops--- edit to add THANKS for the Cointest!!!

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