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  1. Email sent: MAY 1, 2014 Name received: Mission sent: Mission arrived: Mission received: Must start working on my "travel plans" for the Mission!!! It seems that fewer folks have signed up for this one, so, nevadanick can "ease" into Summer!!! THANKS to nevadanick for hosting!!!
  2. Sorry, I misread the "and" an activated Coin to be dropped. That makes it sound much more fun!!! I'd do that!!! I really dislike sounding cynical when I mention Coins going MIA. Four of four of the trackable tags I sent out haven't moved in quite a while--- 3 in cachers' hands and one dropped in a Mega. And, have seen too many posts on the subject. I do have an extreme fondness (ummm, addiction, you may say)for my Coins and wouldn't want to lose any of them!!!
  3. That is a great idea. But, in too many caching communities, Coins seem to go missing. It would be a shame for someone to receive a lovely Mission Coin, put it in a cache and have it disappear. If the Coin has a proxy that can travel, then there would be less chance for a proxy to disappear than the "real" Coin. And, some people do not wish to activate their Coins. My collection has three times more unactivated than activated! Edit to add: if it was a Mission with a Micro or very inexpensive Coin, that would be a good option!!!
  4. Another Mission---I'm in!!! I like the Road Trip/Points of Interest for a theme. Looks like a wonderful and busy Summer coming very soon!!!
  5. That's soooooo generous of you RSG!!! The folks that get them should do a mileage "race"!!!
  6. Another nice group of Coins,Doc!!! What is the top right?
  7. Glad you liked "George"!!! What willpower you had to wait to open the envelope!!!
  8. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! I hope the remaining Missions arrive soon!!!
  9. Oh, my,I never saw Kealia's post in this forum. So, was quite pleasantly surprised when the gorgeous Leprechaun Coin appeared in my mailbox today!!! I am Irish, so I will cherish this special Coin!!! In fact, I'll cherish all the Coins that made their way from Kealia's collection to mine!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH---I am honored to have received this generous gift!!!
  10. e-mail sent: February 17,2014 Name received: MARCH 10,2014 Mission sent: MARCH 21, 2014 Mission arrived: APRIL 10,2014 Mission received: March 17, 2014 Yeah, Mission accomplished!!! I hope everyone else receives their Missions soon. Thanks to Claire for hosting again!!!
  11. I'm glad "George" made his way to you!!! I hope you didn't squeeze him too hard!!!
  12. I WANT "EM ALL!!! (evil laugh!!!)
  13. Today's guess: 9 days with a streak of 6
  14. Oh, that is awesome! I'll buy or I'll trade, whatever you want to do! Thank you so much!!! Now, we just have to hope they still have some left!!!
  15. Next guess: 10 days with a 5 day streak
  16. Oh, that is awesome! I'll buy or I'll trade, whatever you want to do! Thank you so much!!! Now, we just have to nope they still have some left!!!
  17. Yanagi, I'll try to get one for you!!! Will have to get a hint from the Doc so I know who has them!!!
  18. it's a personal goecoin called stepping stones....the owner will be selling and trading at ASP and MWGB Thanks Doc!!! Looking forward to seeking them out!!!
  19. Sounds like an amazing, fun trip!!! Hope you get to see Uluru and Coober Pedy!!! Think of me while you are there as my Mom almost took me there to live decades ago!!! As for the Cointest, 11 caching days with a steak of 5. P.S. "Last guess in by April 10, 214" --- we're late!!!
  20. OOO!!! Doc---what's the new Wolf one? Is it available in the shops?
  21. I'd be willing to buy the ptags I mentioned if mo pirate would be willing to sell them at a reasonable price!!!
  22. WOW. I'm lookin' at an empty pocket with these!!! My first choices: Mileage (OWL), Polly, Rainbow, Sinclair, Route 66 and Skelly. Now, to find out how many color Pumps may happen??? DARN PIRATE has so many amazing Coins--- and always more in mind!!!!!!
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