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  1. There is a post about this Coin here...https://www.facebook.com/groups/287679991282216
  2. NAW, we need a boat that's not in dry dock!!!
  3. Thanks for the Cointest!!! I'll pick Tampa Bay. My parents lived in TB area for decades.
  4. The Price is Right!- a Community Celebration Event Community Celebration Event | GC8M9HQ by mo pirate
  5. This isn't an experience about this Mission, but to show how things are going with the usps. Prices going up, service going waaay down. NOT amused at all!!! There was a Secret Santa for my fb Hedgehog group and I had sent a gift from Florida to Scotland (yeah, I know) on DECEMBER 10, 2020. It was $39.USD. The package came back to me yesterday (April 29, 2021) as they had neglected to put a customs sticker on it somewhere in the process. Maybe someone should have figured it out in less than four and a half months??? Only good thing, it wasn't destroyed. And, I had sent the same person another package with a custom made item at the beginning of January and it got there in a week.
  6. That Bunny needs to eat some carrots for energy to finish up his deliveries!!!
  7. There are always issues when 'updates' are done I have this one bookmarked: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/
  8. Hello Miss Bunny Claire, the person I sent to has had their name taken off your list, but has not updated here. Did they respond to your msg saying they got the package?
  9. I'm getting a bit worried that the Mission still has not been confirmed as delivered.
  10. I've just checked both this forum and USPS and seems my mission arrived but hasn't been confirmed here. I sure hope it was delivered properly and that they are just waiting till Easter to open it.
  11. I didn't see anything official. Although, I highly doubt there will be any codes with more than the 6 alpha-numeric characters. As for the one you are talking about, there are lots of people who understand the connection, but some don't.
  12. I do believe the one you are mentioning is a one-time extra special code due to what it is/was. And, unless there is another special circumstance like that, I think the general coining community/coin makers will have the usual 6 alpha-numeric codes.
  13. Sent my info to Laval K-9: 02/28/21Name received from Laval K-9: MARCH 6, 2021 Sent my gift: MARCH 23, 2021My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: MARCH 23, 2021 from Andre (couldn't figure out your caching name) --- thank you so much!!! Will try to add a photo later
  14. Sent my info to Laval K-9: 02/28/21Name received from Laval K-9: MARCH 6, 2021 Sent my gift:My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift:
  15. The names manu luc gave you are correct, although, if you 'plug in' the code where the xxx's are, it will give you the name... https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=xxxxxx And, if you are selling them, I'm interested.
  16. I bet your Mission arrives in 2021!!!
  17. Late to enter, but adding another 'Egg' to the Bunny's Basket!!! Thanks to Claire for getting the Bunny going even though the Reindeer aren't done with their deliveries, yet. Sent my info to Laval K-9: 02/28/21Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift:My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: Edit to add:
  18. Well, just maybe, the Reindeer will finish up before it's the Bunny's turn!!!
  19. Laval K-9 will announce the Easter Mission here and in several Geocoin forums and her local groups. And, I will host a Mission for Halloween. Happy to have you join and glad you are enjoying it. We've never had this much trouble with deliveries. We all know why they are slow, though. Edit to clarify...a new post in the Geocoin Forums.
  20. Awesome Coin and Sweet gift!!! I don't think I ever met them, but from what I hear about them, I wish we had met. They are always remembered fondly in the community.
  21. SLOOOW, but they are getting there. Santa and the Reindeer need to get the rest delivered so they can rest up for next year!!! I hope the Easter Bunny is eating his carrots and preparing for Easter!!!
  22. I'd probably accept the list and Not log the Coins. But, contact GC about who sent the list and contact the Coin owners and warn then that their Coins are on a list that's being shared.
  23. Hello Mark, I'm interested in the CT Coins. Would you please contact me by email via GC.com about them? Thanks, Kelly
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