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  1. Hi Claire!!! Glad to hear Wyatt is doing better---even if he doesn't look like

    he is back to his "happy self" quite yet!!! Has Jake been taking it easy on him???

    New Sheriff in town or is he still second in command!!!???

    Love to you, Claude and the fuzzy guys!!!

  2. As others have said, if there are Whistles after GWS, I'd like one, please!!!

    And, one (or two) C-130, please!!! Have touched them, but never flew in one!!!

    Can't wait to see pics!!!

  3. Yanagi, I'll try to get one for you!!!

    Will have to get a hint from the Doc so I know who has them!!!

    Oh, that is awesome! I'll buy or I'll trade, whatever you want to do! Thank you so much!!!


    Greetings, Yanagi!!! I was able to get two Stepping Stones Coins for you!!! The color combination Sue had is the one in Dr.Neal's post #21454 in this thread. I will email you through GC.com with more details.

  4. Greetings fellow Mad Coiners!!! Sorry it has taken me longer than I would have liked to post my THANK YOU to the wonderful Mystery Coiner. My life has been steeped in madness lately---hummm, imagine that!!! I received my black bubble mailer on May 12, the last day of my extended Florida vacation. It had "visited" my Ohio mailbox and was forwarded to Florida. When the mail arrived, I had a muggle friend visiting and she knew I'd lost it when I hugged the black mailer and squealed loudly!!! I had been showing her some of my Coin collection and had just explained Mystery Coins to her!!! Somehow, our Mystery Coiners have impeccable timing as all the other recipients know!!! On my journey back to Ohio, I never saw any rain until I hit the Ohio border and had to drive at 15 MPH in a 70 MPH zone for twenty minutes in addition to a 2 hour tornado watch. The rain continued for three more days. Then, when I got home, my Wi-Fi wouldn't recognize my computer- spent an hour with tech support to resolve that issue. I had one of sanity-restoring Coins in my pocket or I may have descended into utter madness!!! It remains to be seen whether these amazing Coins will help me regain what is left of my sanity!!!


    Again, MANY THANKS to the Mystery Coiner and congrats to the other recipients!!!

  5. DARN!!! I haven't been on the computer much for the past few days so hadn't seen that Wyatt was having problems.

    Sorry to hear he was "down," and very happy he's on his way "up"!!! I'm certain that it's a relief for Claire, too.

    As everyone else, I hope he continues to improve!!! I always love to see him and Claire and Claude at MWGB!!!


    Sending love and healing wishes to all of you!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

    And, give him (and Jake) a HALF cookie from me. Don't want them to get

    too well-loved in the belly---AKA fat!!! :omnomnom: :omnomnom: :omnomnom:

  6. Greetings fellow travelers!!!

    Something that was suggested during Claire's Easter Mission was a hint

    to help the senders choose Coins for their partners. Following is my hint!!!


    "I LOVE COINS!!! Oh, guess you wanted a bit more specific!!! My favorites are astronomy/astrology,

    new age, alien, Celtic, OWL, hedgehog, horse, dog, dragons, cars, motorcycles, colorful/glow.

    The top on my wish list are Kealia's Well Rounded Cacher 81 Challenge Coin,

    the Bell Witch Mystery and the Chthulu Mystery. I have hope...!!!

    I enjoy surprises, too, and would be happy with any Coins I may receive for Missions!!!"

    Also, add Egyptian to the list.


    I'm sure everyone has a wish list, even the tough-to-shop-for Dr.Neal--- please post some hints!!!


    Will post some travel plans shortly!!!

  7. Email sent: MAY 1, 2014

    Name received:

    Mission sent:

    Mission arrived:

    Mission received:


    Must start working on my "travel plans" for the Mission!!!

    It seems that fewer folks have signed up for this one, so, nevadanick can "ease" into Summer!!!


    THANKS to nevadanick for hosting!!!

  8. Sorry, I misread the "and" an activated Coin to be dropped.

    That makes it sound much more fun!!! I'd do that!!!

    I really dislike sounding cynical when I mention Coins going MIA.

    Four of four of the trackable tags I sent out haven't moved in quite a while--- 3 in cachers' hands

    and one dropped in a Mega. And, have seen too many posts on the subject.


    I do have an extreme fondness (ummm, addiction, you may say)for my Coins and wouldn't want to lose any of them!!!

  9. Not sure what to call it. But how about trading an unactivated coin like usual and an activated coin meant to be placed in a cache near the recipient.


    That is a great idea.

    But, in too many caching communities, Coins seem to go missing. It would be a shame for someone to receive a lovely Mission Coin, put it in a cache and have it disappear. If the Coin has a proxy that can travel, then there would be less chance for a proxy to disappear than the "real" Coin.

    And, some people do not wish to activate their Coins. My collection has three times more unactivated than activated!


    Edit to add: if it was a Mission with a Micro or very inexpensive Coin,

    that would be a good option!!!

  10. Awesome!!!




    That envelope sat at my entry all week. can't tell you how many times i almost broke down and ripped that thing open. Super busy today but i made sure to make time for this! Thanks Geocharmer you don't know how close i was to actually doing the bugs bunny yeti thing i alluded to in an earlier post!




    Glad you liked "George"!!! What willpower you had to wait to open the envelope!!!

  11. Oh, my,I never saw Kealia's post in this forum. So, was quite pleasantly surprised when the gorgeous Leprechaun Coin appeared in my mailbox today!!! I am Irish, so I will cherish

    this special Coin!!! In fact, I'll cherish all the Coins that made their way from

    Kealia's collection to mine!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH---I am honored to have received this generous gift!!!

  12. e-mail sent: February 17,2014

    Name received: MARCH 10,2014

    Mission sent: MARCH 21, 2014

    Mission arrived: APRIL 10,2014

    Mission received: March 17, 2014


    Yeah, Mission accomplished!!!

    I hope everyone else receives their Missions soon. :drama::mmraspberry::omnomnom:


    Thanks to Claire for hosting again!!! :D

  13. Email sent : Feb 25, 2014

    Name Received : Mar 9, 2014

    Mission Sent : Mar 27, 2014

    Mission Arrived : Apr 10, 2014

    Mission Received : Apr 10, 2014


    Got a lovely looking manila envelope in the mailbox today. Thanks Geocharmer81! I am going to try to behave for another week. I will post photos of the pretties next weekend or sooner if I can't take it and break down!


    I'm glad "George" made his way to you!!! I hope you didn't squeeze him too hard!!! :lol:

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