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  1. I'm SOOO happy to hear that the last Easter Mission has finally made it... after the Bunny taking a bit of a nap. I do hope to do another Halloween Mission when the time comes. Have an awesome Summer!!!
  2. GRRR!!! if the sender had the address and other info correct and the package listed as a gift, she may not be required to pay again.
  3. I opened my awesome Mission yesterday, but wasn't able to get a good photo. Thanks again to Claire for hosting and to oiseau_ca for my Mission.
  4. If your brother knows who it came from, she'd tell him. He can possibly figure it out by checking out who signed the cache log. If it is trackable, it would have an alpha numeric code with 6 characters. It also should have 'trackable at geocaching .com' or something similar on the coin. You may try www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=XXXXXX using the numbers on the coin instead of the Xs. That should let you know if it is trackable and if it is activated. I'm sure I'm not the only curious one who'd like to see photos. If you do post a photo, please be sure to cover the numbers. Someone may be familiar with the coin.
  5. Sorry for being late with these TWO updates Sent my info to Laval K-9: FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Name received from Laval K-9: MARCH 2, 2024 Sent my gift: MARCH 16, 2024 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: MARCH 12, 2024... Thank You to oiseau_ca and I'm trying to wait till Easter to open it.
  6. The Bunny must have eaten Lots of chocolate and had a big sugar rush!!!
  7. Sorry for being late with this update Sent my info to Laval K-9: FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Name received from Laval K-9: MARCH 2, 2024 Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  8. Thank you for this generous offer. I'm happy to hear you have extras to share for the ones who posted later.
  9. I clicked on the last known cache it was in, then clicked View past Trackables. Searching the list in alphabetical order, your CVT & JACS Team Pathtag is listed as Location Unknown on page 8. I don't know who marks a trackable as Unknown Location. In Keystone's comment above, it seems that someone has marked it Missing. If it was the container that was replaced, perhaps the CO was kind enough to update the locations of the trackables that were in the container that disappeared as Missing.
  10. WOW, we're getting ready for the Bunny already!!! I'm in, please!!! Sent my info to Laval K-9: FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  11. Oh my Dear Claire... I wouldn't challenge the shipping services as it may make them go Slower
  12. Still waiting with you. And for one from my Halloween mission
  13. I love this Geocoin!!! Thank you so much to MusicIsMedicine!!! Wondering if this may be Santa's alter-ego!!! Thanks again to Claire for hosting the Happy Holidays Mission 2023!!! And, I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!!! Sent my info to Laval K-9: NOVEMBER 24, 2023 Name received from Laval K-9: NOVEMBER 26, 2023 Sent my gift: NOVEMBER 12, 2023 My gift arrived at destination: November 16, 2023 I received a gift: DECEMBER 27, 2023
  14. I'm SOOO jealous---there's a Hedgehog!!! The others are cool, too!!!
  15. I didn't check it out to 'make the list,' just y'all got me thinking. Those are both mine. If you would like to put it on your list, you are welcome to do so--- that would be neat!!!
  16. That sounds like a big job. I wish there was a sort setting for when they were activated. You got me curious. I only have 157 activated. though. I sorted mine by most recent log, took into consideration how many miles they've gone, whether they were bought and adopted or originally activated by me, and my memory of which I thought I owned longest.
  17. This one TB3CTY6 ▼ has been going since April 18, 2013 with most recent log on October 22, 2023 but sort of 'doesn't count' because ... it's me!!! Too bad I didn't do it when I started caching in 2009. Although, TB2WM77 ▼ has been going since June 17, 2009 with most recent log on August 31,2023. Still doesn't hold a candle to the one owned by fizzymagic!!!
  18. You're welcome. Yes, you can delete 'bogus' logs. And, unfortunately, there are waaay too many scammers stealing photos and trying to sell trackables they don't own or even possess. I help Admin quite a few fb groups including several caching/coining groups and you'd be amazed at the amount of scammers and spammers out in the ether!!!
  19. Not sure about phones, but on laptop there are 'sort by' tabs on your trackables page.
  20. I highly suggest you cover the actual tracking code (the one on the right that begins with 3) so you don't get 'virtual discoveries' on the trackable. It's okay to leave the one that starts with TB.
  21. Yes, Tedonus is in The Netherlands.
  22. I'm pleased to take paulohercules M1 off the waiting list!!! But, sad to say Tedonus is still waiting for their Mission.
  23. WOW... in time for Christmas --- of the Next Year!!! Happy to hear that you finally got your 2022 Joyeux Noël mission. I wonder when you will receive your 2023 Halloween Mission???
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