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  1. Though I have been a member for years, I usually don't look at anything other than the GPS Technology forum. I did notice that you were looking for a Dakota 20--I have a mint condition 20 that I rarely use because I prefer the screen of the Vista. It is loaded with City Navigator 2011 maps and some Icarus topo maps that I never look at.


    I am about to put it on ebay, so let me know if you are interested in it for $200.


    Good luck in your search,



  2. After doing Google and forum searches, I guess I am going to have to throw up the white flag and ask for help. I am wanting to revert the 2.80/2.80 software-firmware to 2.70/2.50. I have found a 2.50 rgn file from forum searches but I am at a loss on how to install.


    Thanks in advance to anyone who can give an rgn for Dummies lesson.


    Sorry for double post!

  3. We decided the best route to go in upgrading what we use for a gps and paperless caching. So we are looking for an Oregon if anybody is wanting to part/upgrade their unit or know where we can get the best deal.


    I am thinking about selling my Oregon 300 (used twice) which is unlocked for City Navigator 2008. I have some vision issues and the screen is not bright enough to meet my needs. $350 shipped.

  4. I have purchased a Quest---uninstalled all Mapsource programs and rebooted. I install the quest setup disk and then am prompted to install disk 1---all goes well until it prompts for disk 2.. It then gives a message that "install correct volume in drive E"---there are options to cancel, retry and when clicking on all options, the pc locks up to the point where control-alt-delete will not let you exit.


    Any suggestions?

  5. I will be putting a 76C on ebay in a few days. It is in immaculate condition---no scratches on front or screen. It has been an excellent unit but I am selling it in order to purchase the smaller Quest. It has been unlocked for City Select vs 5, but I don't know how that transfers, if at all. Box and cables are in great condition.


    Will be asking $330 and needing to use Paypal. Email if I can help with questions.

  6. I will be selling a mint condition 60C with Metroguide Vs 4 ( with autorouting)included as well as a case plus a cigarette lighter adapter. Have used it 4-5 times and updated the software---it is an impressive unit, but we are looking for a unit with audio (2610 or Quest). Will ask $300. Have all the appropriate manuals and box.


    I should have it on ebay in a day or two and if you have questions, feel free to contact at zaggy7@aol.com for ebay details and seller history.

  7. I would echo Office Maven's enthusiasm for the legend----the screen is exceptionally bright, the route calculations are fast, and data entry is fast even with the click stick( which is much improved ). Also improved is the signal acquisition in comparison to the older Vista.


    I also have a 60C but I will be selling it--not because it is not an excellent unit, but the portability of the Legend is far superior. In a side by side feature comparison of both units, the 60C will win every time......but , if you are looking for a unit that has auto-routing, and a terrific screen, you can't go wrong in picking the Legend/VistaC!


    I am experimenting with both Metroguide V4 and City select----the metroguide works very well in autorouting and in displaying rural farm roads that sometimes don't show up in City Select.

  8. Signal acquisition....the "feel" of the clickstick, speed of route calculation, volume strength of the alarms, and if you have found a case that you prefer.


    Thanks for your help---I just ordered one and I hope the improvements are as good as they seem to be.

  9. This is the sixth Garmin unit that I have owned and it has the typical quality build that I've come to expect. After an hour's worth of use, it seems ever bit as user friendly as the 60c.


    Took about 14min to transfer 114MB and it acquires the lock in about the same time as the 60c. I didn't expect it to "feel" as big in the hand as it does---the upper button placement will take some adjustment time.


    I really am impressed with the control pad---it has just the right amt of tension and seems a slight improvement over the pad of the 60C. Will need more evaluation time but it seems very dependent on a vertical orientation whereas the 60c seems to hold the lock a little better horizontally.


    As you might expect, the screen is terrific---especially outside.


    First impressions are very positive with the exception of the feeling of bulk. Others may draw very different conclusions in their initial handling but I know all will appreciate the added memory--114 map sets was impressive!

  10. I don't blame you---it's difficult to see the release dates pushed back again and again! I've dealt with Safetrac for a number of years and he has been very accurate about potential shipping dates and available stock. So, I was pretty excited when he told me they would be getting their units by Thursday.


    We'll know for sure very soon...

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