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    One note on installing windows on a mac....a friend of mine has a mac book. When he finished installing windows it somehow became the main operating system. The mac book would first boot into windows. Deleting the install did not help since the boot information was stored someplace else. He had to format and reinstall OS X to get things working again. I do not know the specifics, just what he told me. Perhaps he clicked something he was not supposed to. :D

    In the System preferences, you can select the system you want to use to start up your computer.

  2. Dang! I'm on a Mac and can't run the update. Of course it's not released on the Garmin Webupdater either. So much for supporting this platform, like they stated a couple of summers ago. If I could type in text on my CO it would say: "If found call ......." lol

    You can update with the Mac.

    I have an Oregon, but it should work the same with the Colorado.

    Download The Unarchiver, drop the "Colorado_292Beta.exe" on it, when it's extracted look for the file "GUPDATE.GCD", and copy it to the Garmin folder on your Colorado (not the SD card).

    Now eject the Colorado, turn it off and on again and it should install the update.

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