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  1. In the System preferences, you can select the system you want to use to start up your computer.
  2. The new Basecamp beta, for Mac, now supports all Garmin compatible maps, not just the ones with 3D data.
  3. Agreed, but if you have a G4, it doesn't cost you anything to try them.
  4. Both "Basecamp" and "RoadTrip" will work on a G4. It says so in the System requirements. My Oregon 300 and Mac (2008 Mac Pro), get along famously.
  5. Only it doesn't mention anything about the size restrictions, which I think some are having problems with.
  6. You just need to rename the file to "GUPDATE.GCD". Then copy the file to the garmin folder on the Oregon, not the SD card. Then disconnect from the PC, and restart the Oregon, and you should see the software install.
  7. Install the 3.15 beta, then use webupdater to get back to 3.20. Note: you may need to right click on 3.15 and download the linked file.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can only install the maps off the DVD. Basecamp is a free download, so there would be no harm in trying anyhow.
  9. Download The Unarchiver, drop the "Oregon300_301Beta.exe" on it, when it's extracted look for the file "gupdate.gcd", and copy it to the Garmin folder on your Oregon (not the SD card). Turn the Oregon Off then On again, and it should start updating.
  10. Just to be sure. Did you set the battery type on the Oregon to NiMh?
  11. Download your track to Basecamp, right click on the track and select "View in Google Earth". It works for me.
  12. It should beep twice when you turn it off. When routing it beeps when you come to a turn. It's not very loud, how's your hearing?
  13. You can update with the Mac. I have an Oregon, but it should work the same with the Colorado. Download The Unarchiver, drop the "Colorado_292Beta.exe" on it, when it's extracted look for the file "GUPDATE.GCD", and copy it to the Garmin folder on your Colorado (not the SD card). Now eject the Colorado, turn it off and on again and it should install the update.
  14. The Garmin TOPO series which support 3D use DEM (Digital elevation model).
  15. It depends on what maps you use. Basecamp only works with maps with DEM data in them.
  16. You'd better make sure that you get a definite answer from someone that has loaded it on to two different GPSr's. I don't know about the Topo U.S version, but the Topo Australia version can only be used on the one GPS.
  17. The Oregon Dance: Put your left foot in Put your left foot out Put your left foot in and shake it all about Calibrate your compass as you turn around That's what it's all about, Hey
  18. So if I spin the unit in my hand, and turn around at the same time, does that mean I only have to spin and turn once?
  19. I need to wear reading glasses, and with them I have no problem reading the Oregon 300 screen. But when out in the bush, I find it awkward to be constantly getting the glasses out just to read the screen, so I got a pair of these Bifocal sunglasses and problem solved. Anyone who needs reading glasses, just google Bifocal sunglasses and you'll get lots of options.
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