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  1. Tried it, it works great with my Nokia 6030, but there are no watchlist mails generated when you log caches or bugs using it which is a bit annoying.
  2. I like this checksum: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...18-49f24aedcfb7
  3. Quantum GIS is a free GIS for Linux, Windows, and MacOSX that can load GPX files and can use GPSBabel to upload and download waypoints, routes, and tracks to a Garmin or Magellan GPS unit. It does not have any special geocaching features though.
  4. Aphex twin, Spylab, Autechre, Air, Lamb, Morcheeba, Boards of Canada, Röyksopp...
  5. Would it be possible to add a download link on the travel bug page for a GPX file that contains a track log of the bug's journey? It would be nice to be able to load it in a desktop map viewing program instead of trying to navigate in the maps on the travel bug page.
  6. I start Quantum GIS, load a couple of map layers (or a predefined map set), download the tracks from my eTrex, and then export to a pixmap or a clickable HTML map.
  7. Simple solution for log clogging: When you get home on sunday after a weekend of caching, don't log your finds. Instead, take a dice and roll it. If you get a 1 you log all your finds on monday, if you get 2 you log them on tuesday and so on. Everyone does this and the extreme sunday evening server load will go away. Or just move to another timezone and log your finds directly when you get home. =)
  8. On my keyboard it's Alt Gr + Shift + 0 (that is ZERO on the upper row, not on the numerical keyboard). It's a Swedish keyboard though.
  9. QGIS is a decent free and open source mapping program. Map data is usually not free though, so you'll have to find that yourself. If you have GPSBabel installed QGIS can use it to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from within the program, and import most of the other formats that GPSBabel supports.
  10. larsl

    Members Only!

    If geocaching.com blocked non-paying members from using the site (for reading or logging, on any day of the week) I would stop using the site altogether. And yes, I am a premium member. But I don't think there's any risk that that will happen since Groundspeak has said that the basic geocaching functions always will be free for all to use.
  11. In the main menu, select "MARK" and then edit the coordinates.
  12. I don't think they do. someone in the Reno area placed a multi last summer about 8 miles north of town. One person visited it. A month ago another person placed a cache and the guy who placed the multi ran out, claimed the FTF, then told the 2nd guy he'd have to move his cache "because through no fault of his own" he'd placed the cache 170' from the multi!!! OK - sounds like it wouldn't be as trivial to implement as I thought. But it would appearently be useful for the reviewers too.
  13. This would be useful. The information must already be in a database table somewhere since reviewers check the .1 mile rule against all the stages of other multis (unless I've misunderstood something).
  14. It is happening down the street from me (OK, not right now because I'm out of town). I actually found out about it while chasing the second stage in a multi, although I later found that I was several km off (going for the first stage first is cheating ). I was mostly surprised and a bit amused - it doesn't bother me. Although I think it is a little inconsiderate to use an area so close to town and not a bit further out in the woods, especially in Sweden where Public Access gives you the right to walk (and, I presume, have sex) anywhere as long as you're not in someone's back yard. And I wish they wouldn't leave so many paper towels behind. I considered placing a cache there and list it on the site on a warm summer evening to see what the reaction from the FTF hunters would be, but decided not to since I don't think the people who bring their kids caching would appreciate it. EDIT: Don't need that much whitespace.
  15. I'd hardly call myself a database programmer, and PostGIS already has builtin functions for calculating spheroid distances (although I'm cheating and using the faster flat distance in the Swedish transverse mercator system). As for enjoying programming more than geocaching, that's true - at least when it's raining. But things like this doesn't require a lot of programming, once its up and running I don't need to touch it. Yes - I imagine it could also be useful for people who don't really like city caches (like me), but would like a PQ with new caches in the surrounding suburbs and countryside.
  16. Works For Me (Firefox 0.10.1-4mdk).
  17. Ha. That worked, thanks.
  18. larsl

    Pq Anomaly

    Dates and waypoint IDs don't really say anything about when the cache got approved. I have a few caches that was hidden in January that I still haven't submitted for reviewing, and I've created pages for some puzzle ideas that I haven't even hidden yet - but because I've created the pages they have got waypoint IDs in the GCM... range.
  19. I've changed my forum title to "Geocacher". It shows as "Geocacher" when I look at my profile, but in the forum it's still "Premium Member", both for old and new posts. How can I change this?
  20. I have a script set up to log in to my mail server once a day, download any new zip files from the PQ folder, unpack them and import them into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database (where duplicates are ignored or updated automatically depending on the timestamp in the PQ file). I can then view this database directly in Quantum GIS overlayed on any map I have, open the cache webpages, run any SQL queries to get statistics and do subselections and export to GPX to upload to my eTrex using GPSBabel, draw routes and tracks in QGIS and upload them too, or download tracks from the eTrex and overlay on the maps. If GSAK does anything other than this that I feel that I need I'm sure I can find free software to do it (or write it myself). So I don't feel hosed at all.
  21. I don't run Windows - and even though GSAK might work under Wine, I try to avoid using closed-source software out of principle.
  22. And if all you want to do is to transfer waypoints to your eTrex, you can use the free program GPSBabel (which I think is what GSAK uses under the hood). I have my browser set up so it automatically runs GPSBabel to transfer the waypoints when I click a LOC or GPX link. It's at http://www.gpsbabel.org.
  23. I don't use procmail - I do mailbox and spam filtering directly on the IMAP server, and use Evolution at home and webmail away from home. I'm planning to write a cron job that downloads new PQs from the IMAP server a couple of times every day and imports them into my local database, so I could extract the name there too - but it would still be nice to have it in the GPX file.
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