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  1. I am having the same problem. I accidentally logged a found it on the wrong cache and can't delete it on my laptop. I was however able to go through my phone onto the geocaching website and edit/delete the log. It is a backdoor kind of way to get it done but it works for anyone willing to go that route until they fix the issue.
  2. I also don’t use social media for geocaching and couldn’t get the maps open or info on the caches. There are several days left but not everyone can just cache all day everyday. There is weather and appointments and work schedules to be considered. We planned to do a bunch today and haven’t been able to do any at this point. We should get an extension to cover lost time even though the makeup hours may not be equal to the days and time lost. We might not be able to go then like we could today. Please hurry and fix and consider giving us more time. We are working very hard to get the points even though it seems impossible. Thank you.
  3. I too am concerned about loosing my coins. Many of the caches that list a coin or TB don't have anything inside when you get there. I have heard of people keeping the coins and just having others discover them. That is not right. If you own the coin, you can do whatever you want with it, but not if it belongs to someone else. I recently earned some AGT coins. I refuse to lose them since I had to work for them. I am borrowing an idea that I found in other caches. I took digital photos of the front and reverse of the coin, printed them in high quality color, laminated them, and am going to put that in the caches to travel. Some have complained that they are denied the chance to see the coin. My photos are just as good if not better b/c they are slightly larger and easier to see. They are just not 3-D or heavy. Again, this was not my original idea, but I am definitely doing this instead of losing my coins. I hope my coins can complete their goal. I love to get coins and TB's at caches and move them on to a new one and I am sure others feel the same. I have been caching for about 1 month now and have 64 finds. I hope to place my first cache soon. Happy Caching to all.
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