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  1. What about Kenny Rodgers Kenny who??? Isn't that the guy that became famous for his BBQ chicken restaurants?
  2. I have a 5 year old with me on most cache hunts so it's driving only for me.
  3. I am so glad I live in Missouri.....no one important ever comes to Missouri.
  4. Ah! Thanks guys! I think the Google groups link will do me just fine.
  5. Does anyone know how I can go about accessing the Usenet group alt.rec.geocaching without using Outlook Express? I use Juno but can't figure out where to have the messages sent. Thanks!
  6. I'm calling PETA on the whole lot of you! Those poor horses! 8p Take a vote, make some decisions on this crap, slap it into the guidelines (at least mention it), put it all on one page so its easy to reference and SAVE A HORSE!
  7. Please please please, do not perpetuate this cruel myth any longer. This game is about finding things at coordinates. It started from GPS-SA being turned off. It proliferates because the number of people who can use a GPSr to play the game is far greater than those who do not. But there is *nothing* about this game that requires a GPSr. There are even more than a few geocaches that don't require the coordinates either. GPSr is a simpler method for searching for something at a specific set of coordinates..but anyone with a good set of maps, a compass, and a good sense of direction can play this game. This does not automatically negate every geocache in the world. GPS technology is not required or what this game is about. It is about latitude, longitude, and the surprise at the end of the rainbow. I have to disagree. It is much easier to use a GPSr to get the coordinates to a location in order to post them for others to use to find those coordinates. And of course, this was done before SA was turned off but not with great accuracy. Not very many people hunted for coordinates using a map and a compass before SA was turned off and probably no one had ever hidden a cache at those coordinates either before GPS technology came into the picture. Only after it was turned off was the use of GPSr more feasible for hunting for caches, thus geocaching was born. Take away the use of a GPSr to find caches and the geocaching concept would barely exist. And using a GPS unit came into the picture at that point. Turning off SA gave a GPS unit greater accuracy than they were previously allowed to have. And geocaching is still touted as a high tech treasure hunt, not finding "treaures" using a map and a compass. So with that, I firmly believe that GPS technology is what this game is all about.
  8. Some people list Altoid tin micro caches as MOCs??
  9. Same here. When I first started geocaching, I thought, "How cool! Finding "treasures" that people have hidden and trading items." But now when I want to take out a new person to show them what geocaching is all about, it takes quite a bit of effort to find a cache that qualifies as one that would hold "treasure". Most don't get the point of using a GPSr to find a micro at a scenic location and signing their name on a piece of paper. It's the selling point of the "hidden treasure" in a container that pulls most people into the game. Only after playing for a while does your interests in the game develop into being just as excited about the awesome locations and clever hides of a cache. You can hide a micro for next to nothing as far as costs go. Hiding an ammo can costs a little more and takes a little more thought to hide because of the size of the container. Newbies use micros as their first hide more often than an ammo can or any other container. Once they see how easy and cost effective the first micro hide was, there's no reason to hide anything differently in the future. Geocaching didn't start out as hiding micros with only a log book and a pencil but people straying away from the traditional ways that geocaching was originally played is happening more often. Hide 100+ traditional geocache containers that coincide with the traditional way geocaching was meant to be played and I'll be impressed. Hide 100+ micros and well................ It would be nice to see an even balance of both micros and traditional cache containers hidden by a member.
  10. As long as you meet the guidelines for hiding a cache, you are pretty much free to do whatever you want in any other aspect of geocaching, with or without the rest of the site or the forums. So really any crusading for new changes or the hashing out of new ideas is a waste of time because GC.com is a listing only site. They don't make the rules....we just abide by whatever is stated on the website. The members of long ago decided the rules and there are no changing them now, no matter what problems or situations have arisen since then.
  11. <emphasis mine> I think this explains what I have been trying to ask for the last couple days in other threads. I just couldn't come up with the right words to put it all together. Hmmmm....... a site that lets the members decide the guidelines?? It would be great to have that choice.
  12. In the old days, cachers would help out caches in need. For example I carry extra logbooks, pens, pencils, zip locks, etc in case a cache needs some help. That's the way it should be but after "fixing" so many micros owned by those that still go out and hunt caches yet can't bother to stop by and fix their own, it gets old after a while. Micros need new log books probably ten times faster than an ammo can cache does. Who wants to keep fixing or replacing someone else's micros all the time??
  13. How about Missouri....St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield? We are centrally located in the US. I'm seeing if there is any interest in doing this with our local groups.
  14. Some much money spent on protecting politicians from ordinary people. I say let them fend for themselves like we have to do. Where's my secret service agent when I need him??
  15. I need it to ignore those caches that I DNF'd on and don't plan on going back to later.
  16. Crushed aluminum can won't last long unless you put it in a spot that's not likely to be CITO'd.
  17. It's not that hard to maintain 100+ caches if most of them are micros.
  18. I see what you are saying, AJ. Yeah, they are a find, but you didn't have to use a GPSr to find them. So I don't do locationless caches because I don't like to claim finds on things that I didn't have to use a GPSr to find. I "PERSONALLY" think locationless caches go against the original point of geocaching, yet I also understand why they are there for people that don't have many caches in their area to find. To me, whether there is a cache to find at the end of the hunt isn't important. It's having to find a spot or a cache using coords that matters. Still, I hold out hope that locationless caches get their own section someday like the benchmarks have. I don't see it happening though because someone that has a find count of 200 but 75 of those are locationless caches, will be ticked at GC.com when their find count doesn't reflect their locationless cache finds anymore.
  19. Ok mtn-man....since I can't go back to those old UBB forum discussions when limits on virtuals were being discussed, please tell me why they were limited before I make another reply. I don't want to reply on how or why a decision to limit virtuals was made when I have no idea why the decision was made in the first place. I believe this was somewhere around September of 2002.....????
  20. I've met several....most don't post in the forums though. Have met Geo TrailBlazer1, GentleWhisper, Pipanella (known her for years even before we both started geocaching). I have only come across one other geocacher while geocaching and he doesn't even show up as a member of this site. I think I would like to meet Jeremy. I don't know why, really, I guess just to say that I have....lol Also would like to meet RK, Snoogans, Briansnat, Sparky, CyBret, mtn-man, Glenn, Team 360, Team GPSaxophone, El Diablo and Bons (just to show him I'm really not as mean as he thinks I am...lol)
  21. No effect on me...I was geocaching for quite a bit before I started posting in the forums. I could always go back to that. But I like getting information and learning in the forums. I wouldn't do away with them, but I wish they were more productive sometimes.
  22. As long as it gets archived shortly after so it doesn't keep showing up on peoples lists of caches to do, I don't see a problem with it. Anything that promotes geocaching is a good thing, right? And so you are missing out on one cache claim....so what?!
  23. I think the debates in the forums over unapproved caches are a train wreck. Since CACHE would host in in CO, I'm not sure you read the topic. Here is a thought. C.A.C.H.E. would NOT host in Colorado. C.A.C.H.E. wants nothing to do with such a ridiculous idea. Do NOT assume to speak for C.A.C.H.E. or any other state or local group. Take this as formal notice from the Colorado Association of Cache Hunting Enthusiasts that we want NOTHING to do with an idea such as this. Michael LaPaglia President C.A.C.H.E. Did you take a vote on that amongst your local group or did you decide that yourself??
  24. Yep...it's looking like it. A no win situation.
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