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  1. Wouldn't that be a hoot!? Instead of planting 50 micros a month, it might give them time to save up and actually come up with enough pennies to supply swag for a nice traditional cache once in a while.
  2. Is it about time for a poll yet?
  3. Since it won't affect anything other than peoples opinions about the cache, maybe you should just put it in place then and if people want to use it they can. Like you said, it's only one log per person and unless a cache hider has a thousand enemies, it would only be one negative smiley face amongst 999 other positive smiley faces. Me personally, if the regular smiley is default, then that's what I am going to use. Found vs Not Found only for me. I don't care to rate a cache by anything else other than what I say in the log.
  4. So how is this any different from going cache hunting and logging a DNF or finding it plundered? It's a chance you take with ALL caches. Just seems like it would happen so much more often with a traveling cache than a traditional cache. Geesh..I don't even know why I keep responding to this topic. I'm not against traveling caches.....just trying to figure out how they work, why they aren't allowed to be posted here and whether I would like doing them or not. That's already been established....I don't like them. But you guys do what you want....lol
  5. Hey....you're not so bad afterall! I'll let Shirley know....lol Thanks!
  6. Is there a way to view all the members listed at the bottom of the forums page in alphabetical order? When there are a ton of people on the forums, it's hard to find my buddies quickly.
  7. I guess it would depend on whether you drove 5 miles to get the cache or 55 miles to get it.
  8. WTG Pip! I haven't done any of these yet but I hope too soon. I am still just getting my bearings looking for regular caches..lol
  9. Ok...so if traveling caches aren't allowed to be posted here, why are they?
  10. Bummer! Missouri is #17 on the list with 1580. I guess that's better than D of C with only 76. Let's see if I can up that number a few more places by the end of this summer....heeheee
  11. Far freaking out! I love stuff like this! I can only hope to be able to visit either of those places sometime. Thanks for sharing, bons! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...f01&LID=2806845 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...83c&LID=2901835
  12. Agreeing with Stem. I like the Found and Not Found rating system as it is. All that really matters is whether you found it or not anyway. Rating caches on their merit will only cause more problems that will have to be discussed to the infinite degree in the forums. There are enough of those type discussions already.
  13. That's well and good, but you might not find yourself being voted "most popular" at the next event. There are more tactful ways of achieving the same result. Puhlease! The only way to get people to wake up and address the problem is to tell it to them honestly. Otherwise, a subtle suggestion about maintaining a cache is just going to get about as much attention as any other log post. Haven't you all discussed bad trades to the inth degree already? It's about time to walk the walk instead of talking the talk. If people want to avoid me at events because I speak my mind and not sugar-coat problems, then that's their perogative. I'm sure they would find out I'm not that bad a person anyway in the long run. I'm not the enemy, I'm trying to help.
  14. Embarrassing thing is, he's from my state. Actually about 60 miles away.
  15. Wow.....I assume you are joking. Because I hope you don't make any stupid mistakes anytime soon. This statement may come back to haunt you! (Not that anyone would expect you to admit to it anyway.) Nobody's perfect!
  16. Um, good idea! Anyone got some webspace to dedicate to this task? I do but like rusty_tlc said, if it doesn't sound like fun, don't do it. So I won't. I thought I made that clear when I said to keep your traveling caches and leave the rest to me. Anyway, maybe you could buy your own website just for traveling caches? Alternative Geocaching domain and hosting service up for auction on eBay
  17. Hmmm....using tape to show that it is already gone is a nice gesture. But take in consideration the gas and time it took to go out there just to find out the guy before you left the tape but hasn't logged the new location co-ords yet. Doesn't sound like very much fun to me. In a perfect geocaching world, sure, you might have people that log the new co-ords within a couple hours but then you will almost surely run across the guy that isn't that fast about it. You guys keep your traveling caches, leave the rest to me......lol
  18. Yeah, like that subtle little statement would open some eyes or minds, ya think? How many threads have been started with the subject of bad cache traders as the subject??? Obviously, people aren't getting the message. I prefer not to be that subtle about it. Until you make a stink, people aren't going to smell it. If you don't start telling it like it is, then others don't think twice about what they've done and the cache trashing will continue. I will admit that I was a little harsh in my log but if nothing else, I was specific and honest about it. We took a newbie kid with us and this was her first cache trip. To walk upon this and see the reaction on her face and to hear her say, "Why did they put trash in it?" was sad. She thought Jeremy808 left all that for us to find. We had to explain to her that it wasn't him, it was the people that came after him and before us. So, yes, I went a little over the top in my log but maybe the next person to see that cache will think twice about trashing it again. Everybody keeps saying, "It's not about the trinkets. It's about the journey getting there." Well, it's also not a free for all. Trade Up, Trade Equal or Don't Trade. How hard is that to understand? If you have enough money to buy a top of line GPS to do this with, you have enough money to at least go to the dollar store to buy a few things to trade with. Saying that you forgot to bring your trade items is no longer an excuse. If you didn't bring anything, then don't take anything. BTW...I got an email from Jeremy808 thanking me for letting him know it was getting out of hand and he said he is going to go out and make it salvagable. He said he always replaces the camera that was in it so if there was no camera there, someone must have taken it. I'm sorry for hijacking the thread about this, Indiana Cojones. I realize now I should have put this somewhere else initially.
  19. Wow....traveling caches. Thanks for the explanation, CoyoteRed. What do you do when several people go to where the traveling cache should be according to the latest log, only to find out that another person already snagged it and hadn't logged the new co-ordinates yet? I think I would be pretty mad to search and search for a cache only to find out later that it was still in the backseat of some guys car that took several days to hide it and to post the new co-ords. Does that happen alot? I have to agree that since the placement of the cache each time it is relocated can't be approved, it might cause trouble at some point by someone placing it where it shouldn't be. One major slip-up by some dingdong placing a cache in the wrong spot will just be another blemish on record for geocaching. I'm amazed at how many times I have seen people say they don't want to see anymore changes to the game or restrictions placed, yet they are wanting to change it all the time. Aren't there enough different versions of caches already?
  20. I print several in a batch but I also include those caches in my watchlist. That way if anything changes before I get to go do them, I'll be notified beforehand. I have to print some off in batches and keep them in my backpack. I never know when the opportunity to go geocaching will strike and I like to be ready at a moments notice.
  21. Ok first let me say that I am not picking on you for being a newbie but come on. You are anti micro after finding ONE of them? I've found some micro's that took a heck of a lot more creativity than putting an ammo box in the woods in a stump\under a log\ under a pile of sticks. One micro was so clever that I actually touched the container and didn't know it was the cache. To each his or her own but micro's have their place. I enjoy them as much as the level 4 cache that my wife and I hiked to today. Geocaching is fine the way it is, it doesn't need changed or any more silly restrictions. No, I understand what you are saying. I'm not "anti-micro" by any means. But I have been reading several threads on them and I have to agree that anyone that leaves tons of micros all over the place just for the stats or hides breath strip micros in a haystack is just about getting to the point of ridiculousness. A couple nights ago, I printed off 38 of the closest caches from my house and about 75% of them are micros of some sort or another. Yeah...that's real exciting! It's just too easy to set micros out all the time. And most are stashed in an urban setting. That's all I was saying. Micros DO have their place......I just wish so many of them didn't have their place around here. It doesn't make for a very exciting day of geocaching with the kids, ya know? If you have any, you will know what I mean. When micros get so small that there is no room to even sign a log, well...........I'm not here to change the game or make silly restrictions, so I'll just leave it at that. Geocaching, from my understanding and from what I read about it when I first discovered it in a search engine AND from all the promotion of geocaching that I have ever seen, is that the concept is to hide "treasures" called caches out in the wilderness or anywhere for that matter and for people to put co-ordinates into a GPS and enjoy a nice walk or hike while searching for them. Then you signed a log book and let the cache hider know that you were there and traded treasures. Sounded great! And I truly love those types of caches. I wasn't under the impression that most of those "treasures" would be thimbles hidden in a rockpile next to a construction site that don't have a log book big enough to sign the first two letters of my name on. I haven't hidden any caches yet but I have a traditional one ready to go. I just need to find the perfect spot for it. I don't think I will ever hide a micro. I just don't find them that exciting or personal enough for what I think the geocaching concept means. But that's just me. When all the the traditional caches are gone and all that's left are micros due to plundering, bad cache traders and peoples incessant need to stick a breath strip package into every sidewalk crack in town, I probably won't be as involved with geocaching as much as I would like. Again, that's just me.
  22. Well, not a genius.....just really, really smart! I'm not conceited, either, I just know I'm great! Sparky continues to be the best sock-puppet in the forums There's one in every forum on the net.
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