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  1. I came across my first today. First time I had ever seen one. It had a note attached that it was wanting to go traveling. I didn't take it because I wasn't traveling anywhere for a while so maybe the next person can take it on out of town and send it on its way. I can't believe I got a "ftf" of sorts on the ol' Renegade Knight. What's up with that??...heehehee!
  2. ALL great sites!! Thanks for the information, everyone! You're doing a great service to the sport/game, whatever we call it...lol
  3. Far out! That was very cool of them to do. Just goes to show, you reap what you sow.
  4. How nice of you! I contacted a couple clubs in this area. Hopefully someone will be contacting you from here soon. Thanks for the nice offer!
  5. Ain't it the truth!! I live about 1.5 miles from Bass Pro Shop here in Springfield. It's not like you can miss it once you get the general direction of where the store is. They've changed everything around that store.....the streets, the street lights, the whole freaking intersection is nothing but Bass Pro Shops. I look for them to change the street names someday...lol
  6. Three dead birds and a dead turtle.....what bike trail symbol is that? LOL
  7. After the fact? About 100%! LOL....smarty pants!
  8. LMAO! That's brilliant! Wouldn't a ziploc baggie of these make a great FTF prize?
  9. In a round about way, it's a FTF for us. First in the family anyway. We are competitive about morel mushroom finds. Aren't these beautiful!? That's a quarter shining there in the middle. (My camera takes crappy pics..sorry.)
  10. I don't think he was giving himself too much credit. I too would have been kinda freaked out about it. I mean, come on, what are the odds it happen to be placed right next to his cache??!! That's pretty wild.
  11. Far out! Thanks Planet! I'll be reading these all nite. Thanks for the sites, Markwell, Cybret and Criminal!
  12. Good article, crzycrzy. Sorry you had to get your 15 minutes that way but at least you were part of something that made a difference in others lives. His relatives, I mean. They could have been sick with worry wondering where he was. Again, good article with good tips on what to do in that situation. I hope it never happens to me. Anyone ever hear of the three missing women from Springfield, Missouri? http://www.ci.springfield.mo.us/spd/Miscel...ssingwomen.html I've had dreams of me walking up on them in the woods somewhere and it creeps me out to think about it when out walking anywhere around these parts.
  13. Only 1 account actually "owns" the cache. The other account names listed will still have the cache show up in their searches. OIC. Thanks, I didn't know that. After reading several replies, I have to say, personally, I wouldn't log it. It's not going to bother me that it still shows up on my list of to-dos. You didn't get the co-ords off the site like everyone else would have to do and you were standing right in the general vicinity when it was hidden, so you pretty much, without much effort, knew about where it was hidden. If nothing else, like Jamie Z said, don't claim it as a FTF if you want to get it off your list. Wait until others have found it and then log it.
  14. Very nice FTF prize! Wish I had the cash to do a cache like you've done with the cash for your cache.
  15. If that's the case, how stupid is that?! I hope they stop. Some people take this game way too seriously. They need to jump back into reality and quit with the Dungeons and Dragons crap.
  16. Mine does that too sometimes. I think you have to give it time to update. Mine showed correctly a few minutes later.
  17. You made a whole page to sell one of each size?
  18. True. I was commenting more on his idea of a kids cache in general. Point taken.
  19. I think you should reopen it. I admire you for thinking about the kids, Sparky!
  20. Why couldn't your friend just add you as the co-cache hider along with himself? There's lots of caches where several users are listed as the hiders/owners.
  21. Same one I use. Dangit...I need a new computer. That site crashes my computer every time.
  22. Holy freakin' cow! Is this cache for real, Snoogans???? Sounds too good to be true..........so is it? Quoting meself....hehehe Ok....nevermind, Snoogans. I read more of the logs and answered my own question....lol That's a good one!
  23. Holy freakin' cow! Is this cache for real, Snoogans???? Sounds too good to be true..........so is it?
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