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  1. Okay, so I'm the "one in particular" cacher who stated his opinions about some caches in the Springfield MO area. I will second PandyBat's previous comments about the tiny micros - I agree with her 100%. Here is my log for NetDrummer's cache (SSSeminole Hatchling) . I would like everyone to tell me what is wrong with it, and what is wrong with the cache: Basically, this log is telling me that I probably shouldn't take my kids with me when I go, I should probably take another person with me and to be prepared to be confronted when I do go. I appreciate this type of log. That's not to say that this was a bad hide but it does show that maybe the cache hider wasn't aware of what could happen or what the hiding place was really like when they hid the cache. Sometimes you find a good spot and sometimes you don't. There's nothing wrong with that. And to get a log like this on your cache, doesn't mean you should grab your ball and go home and never hide another geocache again. It just means this didn't turn out to be the best place to hide one afterall.
  2. You rock, Brian. Always have, always will. Thanks for explaining in a few words what I couldn't have said without writing a novel about it...lol
  3. I can't believe that no one else from Springfield has responded to this thread. I have to agree with Criminal on this one. An interesting and cleverly placed micro can be fun. Not a whole bunch of micros that are nearly impossible to find. The whole situation was getting out of hand. I don't have much of a response as to the types of micros that this cacher was putting out, I hear most of them were quite creative, but I do have a problem with the rate at which the caches were being hidden. Every park, every nook and cranny was being taken up with these "tiny, clever, evil" micros about every other day. And most of those places where they were hidden could have supported a bigger cache. Smaller is not always better. It started to seem as if the whole point of the hide was to make so it couldn't be found at all. I personally don't care to spend so much time looking for a micro in a heavily populated place. It makes the chance of being seen and the cache being muggled later all that much greater. That's all I have to say about that.....
  4. Same here only I have 56K dialup. Same thing happens when it's trying to load the background image(s) on a cache page. I don't understand why people insist on having a background image.......the cache description part of the page covers most of it up and you can't see what the image is anyway.
  5. I would love to go paperless someday but for now, I just write down notes on the cache printout that I take with me. But I never thought about using my MP3 player to take voice notes. That's a great idea. I just might try that. Of course, I dread taking another expensive electronic device of mine out into the woods but it might be worth it. One of these days, it's gonna be just me and my PDA/CacheMate out there. That's the goal anyway.
  6. My biggest fear is coming upon a dead body while out in the woods somewhere. My second biggest fear is running across a meth lab or my daughter unknowingly picking up something drug-related. I always try to keep her informed about such things but you know how kids are when they see things they don't know what they are, they just pick it right up. Heck, even I still do it sometimes. It's a dang shame that we even have to fear such things in the great outdoors.
  7. Do you have these caches on a watchlist AND a bookmark list? I have some of mine that way and I also receive an email from each list because of it. If you do, then you need to go turn off notifications from one of the lists, probably the bookmark list. HTH!
  8. Maybe now would be a good time for everyone to contact their local newspapers or other media outlets and ask them if they could do a story on geocaching. It would be a chance to make a positive impression in your area about geocaching. Many positive stories could over-shadow a couple of negative stories like this one. I think this O'Gara guy should have known that it's impossible to print the inflection heard in ones voice that indicates that what is being said is sarcasm or should be taken in a joking manner. When you read something like Mr. O'Gara's statements, you can only take them at face value. WYSIWYG. I also think that the reporter took advantage of that fact and used O'Garas statements to "juice" up his story. Had this been a story on TV, then I think O'Gara might not have come off as being so harsh. But then again, maybe he would have....I don't know him.
  9. It's never worked for me. I've had mine set to notify me of Traditional, Multi and Unknown caches within 10 miles of my house and have still never received a notice about a new cache. The only way I am able to find out about new caches is to wait for the weekly email or to do a manual search on the site for new caches. By then, half my comrades have already found the new caches before I even knew they existed.
  10. I don't know about GPS magazines but there is a geocaching magazine called Todays Cacher. http://www.todayscacher.com
  11. PandyBat

    Rss Feed?

    I still can't get the RSS feeds to work with bloglines.com. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Can anyone help? EDIT: Nevermind....I just figured it out! Ü
  12. Ahhhh.....thanks Leprechauns. I just read that wrong. Dangit! It would be nice to have a watchlist for geocaches that I've already done and ones that I haven't done. I guess I could incorporate that into a bookmark list but it looks like it would be a lot of work. Thanks for the interpretation.
  13. Unlimited Watch Lists Where and how? I don't see where I can make another watchlist. Is this feature up and running yet?
  14. Thanks for the info, ibycus! I will try that. FYI....we both joined gc.com the same day. How about that?! Pretty cool!
  15. Every once in a while I do searches on my name to see if there's anyone else out there using the same name. So far, there's only been one person that I've ever seen using the same name and I'm not even sure they use it anymore. I try to use the same name for everything. I guess people could always start using pandybat1, pandybat2, etc. No possibility of running out of names in the near future using that configuration.
  16. My nephew registered an account back in July. He didn't know that there would be an email sent to him that he needed to validate his account. I'm sure it's been deleted by now. How can he validate his account now? We would have figured this out sooner but I just assumed his mom helped him open his account, but I guess he did it by himself. I'm surprised he got as far as he did. Now that he is a little more skilled with the internet and can spell better, he would like to do some logging of finds and would like to keep the name he's been using all this time we've been geocaching. I can give all the information needed for his account.
  17. Well, I just did it and it really wasn't bad at all. I found alot of areas that has archived caches. Thanks again for the hint, Keystone!
  18. Ah....a little tedious to do but it's better than nothing. Thank you, Keystone!
  19. Can they now? I'd like to be able to see all the archived caches in my area to find out *why* they were archived. If they were archived because of personal reasons with the hider, I might be able to get the cache up and running again. It's getting so hard to find a good spot to hide caches around here anymore.
  20. I am a complete Survivor addict! In all the seasons, I've only missed two shows. I met Heidi last year. She was one of the girls that took their clothes off for chocolate and peanut butter. I met Rupert a couple weeks ago at a car show and will be going to another show to meet Scout Cloud Lee on the 26th of this month. My husband had the chance to meet Twila up where he hunts during deer season but didn't go talk to her. He's not the Survivor fan like me. http://www.news-leader.com/today/20050206-...estmixesce.html
  21. I would like to keep a list for caches I've done and another list for caches I want to do. I would also like to be able to turn the email notifications off for each list seperately when needed. Is this feature still in the works?
  22. Welcome to the wonderful acronym world known as the WWW!
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