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  1. Plenty of fish is deadly, Plenty of F***ers it was referred to, last time I discussed it with someone!
  2. Nah, his inbox is bulging! Wait yer turn!
  3. Have you been swamped with requests hoibal?
  4. ps, can usually spell but not long in from the pub...
  5. I know loads of people who have has plently of sex from POF but not much else lol
  6. Finally worked my way round greasemonkey...its JUST what i was after, thanks ever so much:)
  7. Ahh Bear, I understood that, ive added to firefox...but where do i put my friends name? Please.
  8. Blimey. I will have a stiff drink later and see if I can get my small brain to take any of that in lol Cheers!
  9. So that when you are looking for caches to do with them, you can see at a glance whether they have done them or not, or is there a tick the box option to do such a thing that ive missed?
  10. Ive noticed on some peoples profiles it says get in touch in you want to do some caching or anything else... does that work?
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