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  1. The Michigan stat parks charge a fee I heard it was $35 I bit the bullet (It was an exceptional spot) and went to place a cache in a state park near me and was told it would be $50.00 I was even still going to place the cache but the park turned down the location, something about not safe during hunting season. They were willing to let me put it in an area that did not have quite the view (Still in hunting area) that is when I said no thanks. Jim Kc8bdr
  2. I have only been to two events since I started caching in 2004 and enjoyed both. I however never liked to socialize much in part because I am not real good at small talk. I think the only event I missed that I wanted to be there was the Mid-west Geobash last year as that was only about ten miles from home, but it was the same week I was out of state on vacation. Jim kc8bdr
  3. I had the same thought. At least you found a stolen car. I have read a log or two that a cacher returned to find that there car broken in too. Jim Kc8bdr
  4. I have set my eyes on quite a few white tail dear over the years. However I was doing a cache in a park not far from home a few months back, was crouched down next to the cache getting the logbook when I heard something running through the trees behind me. When it started to get close I (Thinking it was a person) jumped up and spun around to see a white tail buck come to a screeching halt about twenty feet away. I do not believe the deer saw me until I stud up. I don’t really have a fear of deer but this guy was a bit close and had quite the spread on the antlers. I did not get the chance to count the points but would bet a good ten point. Anyway he turned and bounded back in to the woods It is funny as many deer as I see I never get tired of seeing them. Jim Kc8bdr
  5. I think I understand your sig line better now.
  6. You might ask this in the Midwest forums, or the forums of your local geocaching organization. Hopefully you will get the response you are looking for. I know that there are a few people here in Michigan that have horses and will do a few caches while riding. Good luck with the event. Jim Kc8bdr
  7. I have come across caches that are disabled for the winter as the area is closed for the winter months. When the area reopens in spring the cache is enabled. On the other hand in my area the reviewers will go through and place a note on the cache page suggesting that the cache be either fixed and re-enabled or archived. If in a few weeks there is no response from the cache owner the reviewer will archive it. I have heard it suggested that if you plan to leave a cache disabled for more than say a month or more, then place a note as to what you are waiting on.
  8. I was signing the logbook at a cache last month when I heard something approaching quickly through the grass behind me. I figured it was a person, when they started to get close I turned around. The old heart quit beating right there, I am looking eye ball to eye ball with a white tail buck not more than 20 feet away, The buck looked just as startled as I felt as I don’t think he saw me before I turned around. The deer and I stared at each other for a few seconds (felt like several minutes) before he turned and quickly left in the same direction he had come from. This is not the first time seeing a wild deer but it is the closest I have ever been, and closer than I care to again.
  9. Felt this thread is worth bumping back to the first page. Jim Kc8bdr
  10. Our second episode (first interview) was posted to the site and feed this morning. This interview with Rattrak and The Pink Rat is likely the longest you'll hear from the Cache-A-Maniacs at about an hour, but we had a blast chatting with them and hope you'll enjoy listening to them. I just finished listing to the first interview, well done! I think I will enjoy listening to Cache-A-Maniacs, as much as I enjoy Podcacher. Thanks Jim Kc8bdr
  11. You might want to check out the link below. I believe it might be just what you are looking for. http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/
  12. I have been trying to get in to the site for about a half hour, no luck keep getting “Server Too Busy” Jim Kc8bdr
  13. Add me to the list of people that would smash the noise makeing device. if not the cache. I do not enjoy having the He** scared out on me. Jim kc8bdr
  14. I also have found names in the log book that had not logged on line, that does not bother me if that is how they want to play the game fine by me. I have never verified an on line log, not worth my time. (Time best spent getting a few finds of my own ) The way I see it an online log says that the cache was in place with out any major problems (Unless otherwise noted in that log) so a fake log has the potential to be misleading, both to me as the cache owner and the next finder.
  15. I think the best thing to do is rate it for wheelchairs, I figure that anyone in a wheelchair that is capable of propelling themselves by turning the wheels by hand will be able do the cache you describe (Able to work the lock and sign the log). I think that to be a true train 1 the location needs to be reachable in a hand propelled wheelchair. Weather the cache can (Or can not) be retrieved while seated in the chair is more a reflection of the difficulty rating of the cache. I think if it is not reachable from the chair a note of some sort could be put in the cache description (i.e. If in wheelchair raise cache difficulty to 3 (Or what ever number you chose)) I am trying to figure out what other handicaps that a cache rating system might help with, other that the mobility issues (i.e. needs wheelchair, walker, or crutches) I have heard of at least of one person who is blind (I Read in the forums here) that would cache with others, I regrettably do not recall the details at the moment. I do have a vague idea for a cache for a blind person that would require the cache to emit a sound (Possibly triggered by a radio) Jim Kc8bdr
  16. For what its worth, I have IE 7 and see the icons. I installed IE 7 about a month ago, so far no complaints. Jim Kc8bdr
  17. I will echo the thoughts on GSAK it is a great program, and as said before well worth the 20 bucks. I use it to load waypoints to my Magellan among many other things. Also Clyde is always updating, improving and adding new thing to GSAK al the time. Jim Kc8bdr
  18. I am not getting in at 4:22P.M. wanted to get one or two before dark, Looks like no such luck. Jim kc8bdr
  19. I used my GPS enabled cell phone in this way to find my first few caches. The phone would only show my current coordinates, then only if I hit the button to update them. No arrow to point the way or other wise store waypoints. To get the phone to work like a regular GPS meant that I had to pay an extra $10 to $15 to the cell phone company. I said no thanks and continued to find caches this way until I purchased my Magellan. My very first find was a multi with a 35MM film can as the first waypoint. Looking back I am a bit surprised I found it using that phone. Jim Kc8bdr
  20. I too have just watched the first few minutes but like what I see so far. On the other hand, I know that music from somewhere? I just can not place where. Jim Kc8bdr
  21. I agree that some sort of alternate wording or additional log type would be a good idea. I have logged an SBA twice first one was over 130 miles from home, and the container was smashed & contents scattered about. I picked up everything found WiFi internet access to email the owner, only to find that they had not logged on in over a year so an SBA was logged. Some months later I looked back at the cache page to find that it had been adopted. The other was a cache that was missing there was already 5 DNF logs before my log. I searched for a good hour 50 to 75 feet in both directions from the posted coordinates (Along the shore line of a river) even finding a spot 15 feet from the coordinates that fit the clue. The owners had not logged in to GC.com in over 3 months and there email was no good. I logged the SBA and it was archived a month later, Reviewer gave the owners time to responded before archiving. So far everything else I have been able to take care of in an email to the owners. I have always been careful in the use of the SBA logs as it can be a good way to make a enemies and with friends like mine I don’t need anymore enemies. Jim Kc8bdr
  22. Twice this summer I found caches hidden in bushes. Both times there were others in the area I did not reach for either cache at that moment I elected to post a DNF each time. I did return to sign both log books on days when it was cold and raining to sign the logs. I also found a cache that had a soaked log book, I carry a hand full of replacement log books I grabbed one of them signed it and tossed it in the cache before heading home to log on line. Jim Kc8bdr
  23. I suggest posting a should be archived log. This would bring it to the attention of a reviewer. Jim Kc8bdr
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