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  1. Please consider moving your caches - I am a member of the Wildlife Trust and one of the big things at the moment is the re-introduction of the dormouse into the wild - see this linky for the Cheshire project http://www.cheshirewildlifetrust.co.uk/proj_dormouse_1.htm . I would hate to see these little creatures disturbed through our game.
  2. how outrageous - good on you for going back and cleaning it.
  3. hehe - i've loved reading this thread - thanks for the entertainment x
  4. If you don't know who the us are - you must be a them. I am personally neither - as I am neither us or them, I'm just me and that's how I play my game of Geocaching.
  5. We went to a cache the other day - didnt find the cache but we did find a couple of ratchet wrenches which my hubs was quite pleased with.
  6. We have to alter our geocaching styles depending on who we are out with. When there is just the Bu's going out - we are happy to plan a 15-20 mile all day hike up Kinder Scout (the highest peak in the peak district). When we got out with our caching friends - who have a little boy aged 4, and a little girl aged 9, we chose shorter, flatter walks, and the walk is more about the caching rather than the walk. I love both syles of caching, but most of all i love the company.
  7. Congratulations hun - we don't even bother with going out FTF's now - the local hounds always get there first they love going for the FTF's whereas we are not bothered. But like someone else said - the beauty of this game is that different people play it differently and thats fab!!
  8. I like the idea of having an event - that way you can hand candy out. Call me over protective but as a mum to a young daughter I certainly would not allow her to eat anything that she took out of a cache, whereas I would be more inclined to allow her to eat something that had been personally given to her by someone I had met. My daughter is not allowed to go trick or treating to people we do not know. We always have a party with lots of fun, candy and dancing so that she doesn't misss out. Now you have given me an idea to open up our party to caching and publish an event cache mmmmmmmmmmmm (little cogs in head on overtime now).
  9. Found a large cache yesterday with only a toy car and a toy soldier in it - so we put lots of good swag in it ready for the next finders. Let's just hope the swag doesn't degrade too quickly.
  10. who cares how many others have found - have you enjoyed the ones you have found already??
  11. haha - I nearly pee'd myself when I read your post.
  12. welcome my sweet - have much fun with us in our obsession. Just remember - it will take over your life lmao!!
  13. We always leave something in a cache if it is empty - my daughter wants other children to open the cache and see something nice. The cost of the stuff is not big and the warm fuzzies my little un gets for being a 'cache fairy' is definately worth the small cost.
  14. I am sorry you feel you are being unfairly treated - but remember the written word is open to different interpretation. To be honest with you I too would be upset if you had replaced my 'supposedly' missing cache, claimed a find on it and then written a log like you did. I would have deleted your log. One of my caches had many DNF's - in a row, when I went to check it out - it was still there - just people hadn't found it. I think that maybe if you change your way of communicating, and was quicker to log trackables, and slower to jump to conclusions about 'missing' caches - you may solve your problems.
  15. my daughter loves shopping for swag ready for when she goes geocaching. She has her own swag bag that contains all sorts of things including, miniature pens and pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, bracelets, mini notepads, mini highlighters, small animal statues and marbles. She also leaves gogo's in some smaller caches. She has hundreds of them and has stopped collecting them so she wants to pass them on to other children.
  16. Thanks a lovely idea - especially if they are good ones. My daughter would be thrilled to find one. It doesnt matter what is on them as kids usually put their own stuff on them anyways.
  17. Saw this lovely Adder when placing one of our caches. The Adder is UK's only venomous snake. This beauty is our 9' boa having a paddle in the neighbours kids paddling pool.
  18. We got ours out of a cache - and have seen quite a few in caches since. My daughter collects pin badges found in caches and pins them all to her lanyard - she loves them.
  19. My daughter always goes for a marble if there is one - she has built quite a collection up.
  20. My daughter always goes for a marble if there is one - she has built quite a collection up.
  21. I think that would be really nice of you - obviously someone hasn't noticed the tracking numbers (just like you did) and just swapped it as ordinary swag. Perhaps an email to the TB owner to check that they wouldn't mind you attaching a TB helper tag may be worthwhile. I know if it was my TB I would be pleased that you are being so thoughtful.
  22. These ones are green (i think) http://www.firetacks.com/webcart.php?cat_id=1&
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