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  1. As a premium member, I would wet myself from the excitement of seeing a premium members only cache in my area. Then I would clean myself up and go find it.


    However, I wanted the membership, so I could utilize the addition mapping features.


    And I feel it only right to support a web-site that I want to be around for a while. I like finding a the cache info in one spot.

  2. Yeah - not to shocking! My only advise would be for everyone to bid on it, and the highest bidder then refuse to purchase it. Informing the seller that they believe it to be property of Jeep, and therefore stolen.

  3. I have found that http://rtr.ca/geo works much better on my cell. The other one says it's too big to open. Its great when you forget something or when traveling.

    jeanneisme :lol:

    After getting a chance to use both websites, on my Samsung N400, I have found that the http://rtr.ca/geo to be more user friendly than the www.geocaching.com/wap.



  4. I know this has been addressed before, but I can't find the web-addresses to find cache locations via my cell phone. Sorry for bringing it up again. Any help would be appreciated.


    And how about adding them to the LINKS page?



  5. Humm..  I was out in the coastal grasslands this morning and now this topic is making me wonder if every little itch is a tick crawing on me as so often happens.  Oh well...

    Yeah! Took me about two hours to convince myself that every tickle and itch wasn't some kinda bug. "tickle and itch"? Boy, have I left myself open to some off-color comments.

  6. SPECIAL REMINDER: Ticks!! It is that season, as one of the little suckers reminded me. Be sure to check dogs, kids, spouse and yourself. Extract by using a fine-tip pair of tweezers. Grasp tick at point entry and slowly and steadly pull out. Clean and use anaspetic, cover with band-aid. Be sure to check. Of course, if any doubt seek a physician.

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