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  1. Has any body heard if Magellan is going to have their Geocaching event this summer? I checked on their web site & the wording they use tends to make me feel they may not be. :unsure: I'd thought they'd make an announcement by now if they were. ;) I've tried two out of the three years & both times it was a real hoot. Anybody heard? Thanks


    I haven't heard anything. Yet! But I am waiting and hoping.


    Also, I am looking for the clues from 2005's Cleveland Cache in the Hinckley Reservation

  2. Other great points about Toledo is COSI and the Toledo Art Museum. You might, also, consider looking in the nearby Sylvania or Perrysburg.


    Also, NWOGEO meeting every first tuesdayof the month. And is currently looking at a new home for those meetings. I can't remember the name of the place, but it has something to do with a woodland rodent..........

  3. Probably already posted, but go see "National Treasure" the movie, it is the ultimate geocache, although with no GPS.

    NATIONAL TREASURE is an okay movie. If you can get your tickets for $4.00 or less then see it in the theatre. If not, then wait for it ot come out on video.


    Better yet, pull out an old Indiana Jones movie and enjoy that instead.

  4. I found a cache, that was in an unmarked ammo container (not the first, either), near school property yesterday. I think it would be helpful to have a clearly identifable label/tag/sticker with contact info on the outside. At the very least, the waypoint and gc.com.


    I couldn't help thinking from the point of view of the school staff. Who witness a lone male wandering around the perimeter of the school fence. But just in the wood line. He finds some kind of metal military style box. Opens it. Does something to the inside and rehides it.


    I know from my point of view it is all "s**ts and giggles". But from the outside looking in it has to raise suspicion.


    It, also, doesn't hurt to notify authorities and school admin.


    Anyway, just some thoughts.

  5. I love maps. Have since I was a kid. I was always intriqued by them. I love so much that I create both hand drawn and painted maps. I got started when I asked my oldest son what he wanted for X-Mas. He said, "A treasure map!" So I painted one for him. Then he was invited to a friends birthday party, which had a Willy Wonka theme. My son didn't know what to get his friend, so I painted a map of the Oompa-Loompa's home. It was a fun exercise, because I incorporated both the Oompa-Loompa's from the movie and from the book. For those not familiar with the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Oompa-Loompa's a described as pigmy's from the darkest part of Africa. The painting turned out great.


    So yeah, I love maps.

  6. I garnered my decision when I first started (April this year) on two ideas. One - I wasn't sure if it was a hobby/sport that would continue to appeal to me. Second, if I am crossing a river/creek/stream and I drop my gps, by accident, how upset would I be.


    In relation to the first, I found the Geko 101, to be a great inexpensive model to start with. However, accuracy, is only okay, with this model. But it does teach to not rely solely on the gps and rely on your own common-sense.


    I agree that the hand entering of the waypoints and coords can get to be a pain in the rear. However, it also forces you to have an eye for accuracy. Whether, you screwup entering the entry or your computer does. It is still you who needs to verify the info that goes into your gps. Also, the most waypoints that I have ever hand entered at one time is twenty. I've gotten pretty good and fast at entering info by hand. I have found that skill, invaluable when hunting multi-caches and doing contest that require you to input information in the field.


    I do have a new explorist 200, not sure if I am ready to give an opinion yet on it. I do find entering the information to be slow, compared to my Geko 101. However, that could be my own lack of experience. Also, I like the maps. But it is only, North America. So, if I want maps when I go to the UK. I'll either have to purchase a new unit or as with the Geko, just enjoy the hunt without the visible map.


    As for my second reason for the Geko vs. something in the $200.00 or more range. I am not going to get near as upset if I fumble the Geko or Explorist and break it or drown it. But you can bet I would be very upset if I ruined a more expensive model.


    In my learning curve of the Explorist 200, the one option that I have not been able to find and that I really love having is the ability to project degree and distance from a cache. In the case of a couple of the Jackson, MI caches this is a very helpful feature.


    Anyway, my two cents. Of ten cents.

  7. My gf, a therapist/social worker, has threatened an intervention several times. I figure when she gets serious about it, I'll just send her my coords and she can come find me. :anibad:

  8. I am still using my first GPS. A Garmin Geko 101. I admit for a GPS, it has a long way to go to beat these slicker models. But it has helped me to learn the sport, and to not rely entirely on the GPS to find the cache. As I have brought others into the sport, I have explained to them the necessity of putting the GPS away and using common sense to find the cache.


    The other thing I like about my Geko, is when that inevitable day comes that I drop it in a river or lake. Or drop it and step on it. Or one of my kids pulls some kind of stunt on it. I won't feel bad about being out of $160 or more. It cost me $80.00. And right now that figures to be $0.55/cache. And a whole lot a fun.

  9. http://www.lapolicegear.com/esgepalsuled.html


    This is the type of flashlight I carry. I can tell you that the $30.00 price tag may seem a little extreme for such a small package, but I have had it for over 2 years and only replaced the battery once.


    I was lucky though, I got mine as swag, when I used to work for a guy, installing Bose audio systems. When I quit, I returned the baseball cap, the t-shirt and the coffee mug, but kept the flashlight. :)

  10. From Mission 13


    Posted on 8/28/2004 12:37:30 AM by Urbanlove

    In the mail 8/27 I got a Jury Summons and a package from Thales Navigation guess which one I opened first... 1. Nalgene water bottle 2. camping cookbook 3. Hockypuck Binocs 4. Look behind sunglasses 5. 3 in 1 flashlight. Thanks Magellan! How many days does your employer pay for jury duty?


    Posted on 8/26/2004 3:13:34 PM by stampsalot87

    My mystery prizes arrived today, thanks Magellan! They included 04 tenting directory, ice hockey binoculars, 3 in 1 soft light, and sunglasses. Looking forward to next years contest. Thanks again!

  11. From a guys view point. I love caching alone. However, tend to stay away from areas where there are children. As a parent, I can tell you that a lone male wandering around an area populated by children tends make my "parental protection meter" go crazy. Therefore, I can only figure, that if I was by myself around a group of kids, their parents would see me as some kind of threat.



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