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  1. I got an email from them.. it is on their todo list in the coming months.. This will be a great additon!!!
  2. How about a BUMP for an old post.. this is exactly what I'd like to see.. the Delorme thing is great, but counties are equally important to some of us.
  3. I've had great luck with my old DroidX and our current Droid4's. with a clear view of the sky, it averages coords as well as my garmin (with an app). it does seem to give in to cover a bit before my garmin when in the woods or near lots of buildings. but I am very happy.
  4. Just got an Asus Transformer.. using NeonGeo, I can download my pocket queries right from the app and then cache just as i would with my phone (also neongeo). transformer has usb ports on the keyboard if you have it. GC.com and NeonGeo are both one stop shops. NeonGeo is also developed on top of the Groundspeak API. The developer will also ge back to you in a timely manner if you have issues. I have had great experiences with the phone. not sure i'll have my tablet in the wild, but it is nice in the car while other cachers in the car are helping the driver navigate. and with the same program on the tablet and phone, there isn't another application to learn or have different capabliities. so far it has been a Win Win.
  5. i believe google has changed the rules for caching maps.. at one time you could pan around to load the map and then go into airplane mode.. your pocket query and map would be available. with googles new licensing scheme.. that may not be possible. either NeonGeo or the official app (which still has not name) should get you there in airplane mode if you have already downloaded the PQ.
  6. AvgGPS is a good tool.. you still need to walk away 50ft or so and then average again.. this is a good practice with any gpsr or phone.
  7. too bad.. i'll resubmit in a year or so.. maybe things change.. maybe not. thanks for the info
  8. open the app.. press Settings. in advanced section press Downloading. check the box that says Auto Cache Download. below these words it says "Download caches automacically when you move". in my defense.. i pan the map around all the time looking at caches.. i also have the map set to save 2000 of them. so i can drive around quite awhile without downloading a new cache. i also tend to have a few pocket queries loaded at times as well. however, i do have the box checked to "download caches as i move" and i think it does just that. i'll look for this other thread about what GS allows and does not allow. i tend to stay away from such things. i guess when we crash into a crowd of (insert group of something tragic here like puppies, kittens or baby sheep)the paper will read we were refreshing our list of caches cause the app didn't automatically do it. oh the humanity!!! be safe and by all means have fun!!
  9. I am a premium member and cache with the whole family so we get our $30 worth and more. I don't know what tne non-member experience is like.
  10. cool article.. i'm a NeonGeo fan.. great app
  11. True. I still remember discovering the menu button though. You can use the phone a long time before you discover it works in an app.
  12. The droid user manual does not tell you that most all apps respond favorably by pressinf the menu button on the phone. Mine has 3 lines on it
  13. i have been a forum lurker and participant on many forums for years. I have discovered that there is an applicaton that will bring all my forums to one place and all then operate in the same fashion. this is great. a one stop shop for all my information gathering/sharing purposes. question is... are there any plans to implement tapatalk compability/operation for these forums? (i did find an existing topic that was locked. i used my privelages to start a new one)
  14. I have no problem with the price. A game or something i play once in awhile should be cheap. I geocache all the time. To me, its worth it. If you can afford a smartphone, 10 bucks one time isn't too bad.
  15. and let us know what they say... i'm not too worried but.. inquiring minds want to know.
  16. i guess if you make your on .gpx file you are out of luck.... I'm glad i have a DROID and a Garmin. i'm still sure there is a way to do it on the iphone, just need a different app or something. someone has developed an app with just a bit more foresight. thanks for all the thoughts and ideas.
  17. the event is the 10 Annual Texas Challenge.. there are over 50 caches made available on flash drives to each of the teams in the state... and olklahoma. they are temporary caches just for the event. us normal cachers with gpsrs and droids can load .gpx files easily from a laptop (no internet connection needed). the folks who cache with iphones, from where i sit and understand, have a problem. Apple's systems, in my limited experience, are quite closed(minded) when compared to other operating systems. i can email the file to them, but then i cannot offer any instructions on what they can or need to do with it. if i could recomment an application or instructions it'd be a huge step in the right direction or possibly a solution. it'd take more than the alotted hour to enter coords for this many caches into an iphone or any other thing a cacher might have with them. manual entry is not realestic. I'm a new team captain for our newly recongnized region and want to be able to support all the cachers on my team. even those who use iphones. i know we'll have a great time if i can show a path over this small hurdle.
  18. zig route will do it.. just drag dots where you want them.. pretty easy
  19. no problems with mine, but i'll be watchin... garmin doesn't make the screens... but they do try and buy the cheapest ones they can. i do know if you buy a new LCD monitor for your home, it has to be so many bad pixels before you can get service/replacement at most stores (last time i bought one anyway). i'd go for a swap. but that's me.
  20. Third party app is what we need. Any recommendations?
  21. We have our yearly Texas Challenge coming up in a few weeks. I need to share a .gpx file of special caches with users who i'm sure will be caching with iphones. i am not an iphone user so how do i send it to them so they can use it? is there a particular applicaiton they need to use? i have read that the official application for iphone does not import .gpx files. simple question with just about anyother device. what about the iphone?
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